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NCLEX Process for International Nurses

Understanding the NCLEX RN for Internationally Educated Nurses For an international nurse preparing to move to the US, the NCLEX is a journey that must be navigated to achieve the nurse’s American Dream. This article…

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About U.S. Income Taxes

Nearly everyone living in the United States has to pay a certain amount of their income to the federal, state, and local governments every year in the form of tax. Nurses employed by American healthcare…

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NCLEX Testing Centers Worldwide

Nurses can take the NCLEX all over the world. To help you find a a place to sit for the exam near you, we’ve created a list of the NCLEX testing centers outside of the…

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Five steps to take NCLEX

Five Steps to Sit for the NCLEX RN Exam

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) is an exam all nursing students must pass to become licensed registered nurses in the United States. While nursing school exams are knowledge-based, the NCLEX-RN exam tests application and…

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Building Credit in the USA

Building credit is incredibly important in the United States. Your credit history and score will be used for a variety of important elements in your new life: assessing your application to  rent an apartment, determining…

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