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Connetics USA is the nation’s leading foreign nurse placement company

What makes our system so special is our commitment to long-term relationships with our candidates and our client healthcare providers. With our unique placement systems designed to bring international nurses and healthcare workers to the United States, we are the long-term staffing solution of choice in the healthcare industry. We work personally with each one of our candidates to ensure they have a thorough understanding of visa and immigration requirements and their transition to working with our partners in the United States is as smooth as possible.

We specialize in medical placements, working across a range of disciplines within the medical industry, providing highly-trained nurses that meet every requirement of our client companies. Connetics USA has built its reputation on the ability to consistently recruit world-class talent as well as an exemplary record of confidentiality and integrity in the medical and healthcare fields. The result? Long term placement solutions of the most skilled men and women in the healthcare and nursing field.

Connetics USA is managed by immigrants to the United States, and that experience has been a driving factor in how we developed our own systems for placing international nurses into long term positions in the U. S. Simply put, we know how difficult it can be to make this transition and we’ve designed the processes to eliminate those worries and challenges. Just as importantly, we understand all aspects of the immigration and visa application process, so we’re uniquely positioned as a resource for ensuring the goals of our healthcare partners and our nursing candidates are always met.

We pride ourselves on confidentiality and integrity.  Connetics has been certified by the CGFNS for ethical recruitment practices and is a member of the National Rural Health Association.

Our mission is to impact and improve the lives of millions of nurses.  We obsess about how we can add value to our clients.  We aim to take the pain and fear out of the complicated process.

Built to give you more

No one knows more about healthcare recruitment in the United States. At Connetics USA, our unique expertise is handling every step of the recruitment and placement process.

Recruitment Strategies

Connetics USA was designed from day one to serve the needs of our clients – both candidates and employers. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” – we custom tailor to YOUR needs.

Talent Acquisition and Planning

We’ve always believed in the idea that success is judged by the relationships we build. As a result, our goals are long term for both candidates and employers. Our entire system is designed to place healthcare specialists in great opportunities. 

How is Connetics Solving the National Nursing Shortage?  

According to the United States Bureau of Labor, there are more than one million jobs for RNs in the United States. The challenge, of course, is that America’s schools and universities aren’t graduating enough nurses to ever fill that need. Enter Connetics USA! With a database of NCLEX-certified and experienced nurses from around the world, we are solving the national nursing shortage, one satisfied customer at a time.

Where Are the Challenges?

From coast to coast! Nearly one in four nurses aren’t satisfied with their current position and the most often cited reason is the workload, driven by staffing shortages. Connetics USA developed a proprietary system that helps our partners in the medical industry to fill open positions with direct hire nurses – experienced, educated men and women who are ready to work and prepared to make long term career choices with you and your facility.

How Long Will the Shortage Last?

With the average age of RNs in the United States over 50 there are long-lasting implications for the current nursing shortage. The overall aging of the United States population adds to the challenges as well.

Despite all this, Connetics USA is committed to solving this immense nationwide challenge. We are actively building our databases of NCLEX-certified nurses and creating systems to foster global interest in nursing careers in the United States.

How Can Foreign Recruitment Help to Solve the U. S. Nursing Shortage?

No matter what anyone says, the United States is still the powerhouse of the world with respect to immigration. All around the world, men and women who are seeking a better life dream of living and working here.

Connetics USA uses that immense drawing power to find and assist skilled nurses globally to seek their own American Dream. Our fully integrated system is designed to serve healthcare facilities and professionals throughout the United States to solve their nursing shortage. Connetics USA handles every aspect of the process – managing immigration and visa protocols, ensuring every applicant’s educational and professional standards are the highest to be found, and finally, placing them with our healthcare partners who are seeking long term solutions to their staffing needs.

This long-term solution of creating an international nurse pipeline can be of enormous benefit to healthcare leaders, challenged with balancing return on investment, patient safety, and retention issues.

This is what our nurses have said about our process

Don’t look at what we promise, look at what we deliver.

It’s been a year and the adventure continues: again, many thanks to Ms. Tanya Freedman and her crew for holding my hand through the long process of working in America as an RN. They make dreams come true!



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