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How Do You Use Uber or Lyft

For many decades, taxis ruled the private transportation sector. However, with the rise of the sharing economy, rideshare apps began to offer a similar service in a more convenient and less expensive format. These days, rideshare apps are an extremely common way to get around in many countries, including the US. 


What is Ridesharing? 

Whereas taxis are usually company-owned cars driven by licensed commercial drivers, rideshare apps connect people who want a ride with those with a spot in their car. Most drivers for apps like Uber and Lyft are independent contractors who drive their own cars and offer rides to others. Many of these drivers have other jobs and only drive part-time. While there are other options, the two most common rideshare apps in the US are Uber and Lyft. http://add links to the pages


Why Use Ridesharing? 

  • You can get a ride on-demand
  • You don’t have to have cash on you
  • You can track the driver’s route to ensure he isn’t taking a long route to increase the price. 
  • You can split the cost between multiple riders easily 
  • You can schedule a ride in advance 
  • You can add other people to your account, like a partner or child. 


How Do I Use an App Like Uber or Lyft?  


  • Download the app. You will need to download the Uber app from wherever you normally download apps. 
  • Create an account. You will be asked for personal information like your name and contact number as well as to add a payment method, usually a credit card. This card will be charged whenever you complete a trip. 
  • Enter your destination. When you open the app to take a trip, you will see a place for you to enter the address you would like to travel to. 
  • Select the trip type. Both apps offer various services, from basic to premium. The app will give you an estimate of how much the trip should cost based on your selection.
  • Confirm the trip. There will be a button for you to agree to this cost. You will then be connected to a nearby driver. The app will give you an estimated time when your driver should arrive as well as information like the car’s license plate and the driver’s name. 
  • Enjoy the ride! Track the trip’s progress right in the app or on your smartphone map app. After your ride is done, the app will ask you to rate your driver and add a tip if you would like. 


What You Should Know About Using Uber & Lyft

  • Make sure you are in the right pickup location! The app will use the location you are in when you request the ride as the default pickup spot. If you need to change this, do so before you confirm the ride. 
  • Just as you rate your driver, your driver rates you! Be courteous — if you have a bad rating, drivers may avoid picking you up
  • You can cancel a ride if you’ve made a mistake, but you might be charged a small fee. 
  • If you lose something in your rideshare - don’t fear! There are options to contact your driver to try to reclaim your lost items. 
  • If you have an issue with your driver, be sure to report it. Using rideshare apps is relatively safe, but at the end of the day, you are getting into a car with a stranger.