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Why is OET for Nurses a Good Test of English Language Proficiency?

Our international nursing agency will help you figure out with the OET exam, the leading global English test for nurses, has recently been recognized by CGFNS International for VisaScreen®. This means you can use your OET results when applying for visas as well as registering for a nursing license in states across the US.

Many nurses already know about OET exam and the benefits it provides them when proving their English language skills. But, for those who do not know about it, take a look through this article to learn about its structure, what makes it unique and the benefits it provides nurses.

What is OET exam?

OET is the leading global English test designed for nurses. Developed over 30 years ago in Australia, the test is now recognized around the world, including in the USA, UK, and Ireland. It’s actually available in 12 professions, including pharmacy and medicine.

The Nursing test assesses all four communication skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) using nursing-specific scenarios and tasks. It takes about three hours to complete, while the Speaking sub-test can sometimes occur on a separate day.

You can take OET exam on paper or on a computer at one of their 300 venues, which can be found in over 60 countries.

What makes OET exam unique?

Unlike general or academic English tests, OET exam is healthcare specific and profession specific. This means that if you’re a nurse, you will be assessed in Writing and Speaking using tasks that use nursing language and scenarios pulled from real life.

The benefits of OET exam are:

·        The real-world healthcare scenarios help nurses feel at ease when they’re sitting OET exam

·        Nurses learn the skills they need in their future nursing role in an English-speaking environment

·        Taking OET exam can build your confidence as you practice and learn the language you will need in nursing roles.

It’s easy to see why so many nurses choose OET test but to help you get a better understanding of the beneficial test format, let’s take a look at Writing and Speaking.

Writing sub-test – A referral letter

The Writing sub-test requires candidates to produce a letter, such as a referral letter or a letter of discharge, based on case notes and other documentation. For nursing, this is a better test of English than writing an academic essay.

Speaking sub-test – A role play

The OET Speaking sub-test is a role play between you (playing a nurse) and an interlocutor (playing a patient or patient carer). It reflects real-life interactions, which you might have already encountered before in your current nursing role.

If you’re looking to take an English test specifically for nursing, then make sure you take OET exam. It's available at over 300 venues around the world and can be used by 18 states and counting.

Find out more at the OET information page on their website.