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January 25th, 4:07 pm
Bong Siodina

Connetics USA is instrumental in fulfilling my American dream. They are exceptional and professional in delivering quality services by giving unwavering support and guidance. Kudos and many thanks to the men and women of Connetics USA and to Miss Tanya 👍👍
I am truly blessed and incredibly grateful.

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November 12th, 5:47 am
Jerome Angeles

"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours"-Mark 11:24
First and foremost, i would like to praise and thank the Lord for all the wonderful blessings. And of course without the great amount of help, support and guidance of Connetics USA Nursing team, my American dream would not be possible. Thank you very much and i really appreciate all your efforts all throughout the process. To my excellent and supportive case specialist Mary Jane Portallo, thank you very much. To my onboarding specialist Indra Abbas for taking time and effort to organize everything before my arrival, thank you, super appreciated. And to the rest of the Connetics/AMN team, thank you very much and God bless everyone. I would highly recommend Connetics USA - Nursing especially for us Filipino nurses for giving us great opportunities in seeking immigration support and employment in the USA. Connetics USA - Nursing is truly amazing and exceptional! 🥳
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May 18th, 6:51 pm
Emeka Peter

It has actually been a smooth transitioning and i must say that Connetics USA are topnotch. They will definitely fortify you with information that gives you confident and soft landing with a strong connective network of support.... See MoreSee Less

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April 10th, 1:51 pm
Bella Ciao

I am giving FIVE STARS to Connetics. I can not thank you enough Connetics for helping me reach my American dream. I am confidently recommending you to all of my colleagues and friends who want to pursue their American dreams as well. Connetics will take care of you from start to finish. Thank you Ma’am Tanya, Seiglyn, Kathryn, Anna, Clea, Joy and others, God bless you more.... See MoreSee Less

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February 28th, 1:47 pm
Joey Giron Dedel

Me and my family would like to express our sincere appreciation for Connectics USA’s service to us as one of their clients. This is going to be sort of emotional but when something’s helped you achieve a lifetime dream, you don’t hold back on thanking the people who helped you get where you are (still a fair bit to go but at least, we are in Fargo now!).

I had actually started with a different agency in trying to get me and my family into that “American dream”. Unfortunately, it took me a little time to pass the NCLEX that lead to that agency to drop our case because it was taking too much time.

So then I found Connetics USA. I’d like to think it was a birthday gift that I was with them when I finally passed the NCLEX. The road still wasn’t an easy one since I had to take IELTS a couple of times—even more than the NCLEX, before I passed it. The whole process was on hold because it was one of the requirements before we could proceed. Only this time, I was in better hands and Connetics USA really made sure we were going to get to where they promised to bring us.

Apart from the whole Connetics USA team who’s been all patient and kind and accommodating to any kind of questions we had, there were 4 specific people who’ve made a great impact in our journey from the Philippines to the US. and I especially can’t leave them out in this thank you note.

Ms. Jocelyn Butron our Case Specialist – She’s been guiding us since the start. From paper processing, to guiding us on the need to knows and requirements in our embassy interview. It was a tedious process but she’s not missed to extend a hand all the way.
Ms. Indra Abbas our Onboarding Specialist – I know it is her job to help us get through the whole immigrant’s checklist but there were times (a couple and I could go on specifics but I don’t want to make this a 5-pager) she’d go the extra mile to ensure we got to where we need to be safely and we had everything we needed.
Ms. Laurie Tupper our Concierge – Who welcomed us warmly and toured us around so we’d know the whats and wheres. This proved to be very helpful as we realized our move was harder than we thought it to be. The culture’s different, the way they do things here, the groceries, the how tos of the temporary apartment – she’s been so patient with all the queries.

Everyone mentioned above (and others we worked with on Connetics USA) has great work ethic. They are very responsible and reliable, and their willingness to flex is much appreciated by me and my family. They made sure we were heavily equipped before they let us on our own. Actually, even when we’re now settled in, Indra and Laurie still reaches out to check on us. Which is not something you can say about all companies.

Ever since we signed our contract, things have progressed waaay faster than we anticipated and I mean that in a good way. You guys in Connetics USA have provided the highest quality support every family needs on their migration journey and you are quick to resolve any issues that may arise. We really could not have done any of all this without you! Thank you for a favorable first few months of this journey, and we hope you never stop helping families get to their American dreams!

Of course, none of this would be possible without Ms. Tanya freedman, CEO of Connetics USA.

I can’t sing Connetics USA team praises high enough, really.

Cheers to more success stories!🥂
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February 9th, 7:08 pm
Kat Bugayong Cabahug

Being an OFW for years I can truly say that Connetics USA is one of the best nursing agencies I came across with. They are reliably supportive all throughout. I appreciate their concern and guidance from day one we got connected and even after me and my family arrived in the US. They are taking care of us holistically, from my work adjustment to our family settling transition. Thank you so much, Ms. Ropegene, Ms. Kim and Ms. Tanya. God bless you all more and more. We will always be grateful on helping us achieve the American dream. 🙇🏻‍♀️💕🙏🏻... See MoreSee Less

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January 30th, 12:17 pm
James Nexon

Finally I got my US Immigrant Visa! Thank you team Connetics USA - Nursing for great effort in assisting me through the whole process! I never regret choosing Connetics as my direct hire agency. Thanks Miss Sarah my recruiter and case specialist Miss January for all your effort. God bless... See MoreSee Less

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January 27th, 9:23 pm
Titina Kapongo

I highly recommend Connetics USA as they made my transition to the US as a foreign nurse as smooth as possible. Connetics USA is the best nursing agency, through them it only took less than two months for me to begin working in the US. This agency is trustworthy and truly care about your success, they were extremely helpful every step of the way. I would like to say thank you again to Tanya and Connetics USA.... See MoreSee Less

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January 26th, 9:13 pm
Monjoh Richard

connetics being one of the best of all it has to do with Medicals Nursing with Nepal nclex too
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