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October 12th, 7:28 pm
Hendrickson Pam

If you are searching for a company who genuinely care about you as an individual and a professional. Connetics USA is the company for you. As an RN and a recent NCLEX-RN passer, I was looking for a set of well trusted individuals to Guide to my dream of becoming a USRN. I am thankful that I am able to be just that! As I am about to start that journey now and I cannot thank the team enough for their diligence and for answering soo many of my questions. I must say it didn't matter the hour they responded in a professional and well knowledgeable way. Even now @Kim has been checking in and making me feel as if I'm apart of a bigger family. Joy thank you and of course madame Joycelyn she continue to be the one I lean on. International educated nurses, Connetics USA is the right company for you. To top it all off, NO RECRUITMENT FEES!!!!!!! You cannot beat that!. Thank you again!... See MoreSee Less

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August 27th, 6:09 pm
Jayron Andrew

The whole US immigration process is tedious and quite frankly, a journey of immense bureaucratic proportion. However with the help of the whole Connetics team, I was able to hurdle this journey with ease. With the whole Connetics team working in the background, you can just set aside the immigration process in the background and do about your business and expect that at the end of the day, you are one step closer to your professional goal.

With that being said, I want to thank Ms. Tanya for the help as well as founding Connetics USA that paved the way for us immigrants to further our career in the US. I also want to thank Ms. Jenell for keeping up with my inquiries throughout the many months of my immigration journey. Lastly I want to extend my appreciation to Cheryl for assisting me during my deployment process till my eventual landing and starting work, not to mention lending a listening ear when I was missing my family.

Now the real journey starts...
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August 19th, 12:27 pm
Sheba Galia Maña

Visas just issued today! Highly recommended agency!... See MoreSee Less

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August 15th, 8:37 am
Jenny Rebollido-Bao

My American journey started way back in 2018 when I came across Connetics through Ms Tanya Freedman. It was just a simple message on Facebook and then I began processing my application.

Despite the pandemic, I never gave up and was still hoping I could fulfill my longtime dream of working here in the US.

With the guidance and constant support of the Connetics USA team, I finally made my American dream a reality!🙏👏🗽🇺🇸❤️☺️

Kudos to Ms Tanya, Sheryl, Jenell, Attny Andrea, Cheryl and Lucrecia for all your help and prompt attention to all my needs and concerns as I transition into my life's new journey. Your hardwork and dedication are much appreciated. And for that - You are all making a big difference to all aspiring nurses who want their American dream come true!😘

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August 11th, 9:00 pm
Mosayeb Karimi

Connetics is not one person, it is a team. This team is great in any steps of the immigration . It is not an agency which only find you a job but also helps you get your SSN, opening bank account , and … .
Richard was great as he was helping me to get my SSN, finding information about my kids school and my kids needs. Princess helped me to process my license and my TN letter.
Thank you whole team at Connetics specially you Richard and Princess.
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"God, I used to pray for this and now it's here."

To inspire everyone, I also want to share with all of you the timeline of my US Immigrant Visa Application:

✅June 01, 2018 - Passed NCLEX under New Mexico
✅October 01, 2018 - Connetics Interview
✅January 26, 2019 - Petitioner Interview
✅February 03, 2019 - Signed with Bassett Medical Center, NY
✅July 17, 2019 - Took Ielts Speaking - 6.5
✅Aug 1, 2019 - Filed for Enquiry on Results at British Council
✅Sept 02, 2019 - Received EOR results, Speaking increased to 7
✅September 11, 2019 - Priority Date
✅September 13, 2019 - Case was Approved
✅September 19, 2019 - Started New York License Endorsement
✅October 15, 2019 - NVC Feebill
✅October 17, 2019 - DS 260 Completion
✅October 31, 2019 - Visa Screen Certification Issued
✅November 27, 2019 - Document Qualified
✅February 03, 2020 - New York License Issued
✅October 12, 2020 - Request for Case Expedite
✅November 05, 2020 - Case Expedited
✅November 05-06, 2020 - CEAC Status (In-transit)
✅November 07, 2020 - Ceac READY (Case transferred to USEM)
✅February 05, 2021 - Interview Date given by USEM Manila
✅February 08, 2021 - Got Married
✅February 26, 2021 - SLEC Medical Exam
✅March 12, 2021 0735H - US Embassy Consul Interview
*Added my Husband during Pre-screener Interview - Accompany
✅March 15, 2021 - US VISA ISSUED
🇺🇸March 18, 2021 - US VISA RECEIVED

Husband's Interview:
✅March 12, 2021 - Emailed USEM Manila for Expedite Interview
✅March 17, 2021 - Mailed hard copy request & Civil Docs via 2go
✅April 08, 2021 - Interview Date given by USEM Manila
✅April 22, 2021 1030H - US Embassy Consul Interview
*Paid the fee bill at USEM Manila with Cash (Peso)
Accepted: Cash/Card; Peso/Dollar
✅April 23, 2021 - US VISA ISSUED
🇺🇸April 28, 2021 - US VISA RECEIVED

Update: July 29, 2021 - 2 weeks already here in the USA

Every now and then when you're heading towards your dream, it's not going to be smooth. There will be obstacles you have to overcome to get to your destination. There are challenges along the way, it's simply because God doesn't want you to get there unprepared and with a weak faith. As cliché as it sounds.. God is with us every step of the way. Trusting Him is not always easy and there will be days of doubt. But here's the truth, no matter how desperate you feel in your journey, you will never be alone.

In time, you will see what He's been preparing for you. You will see everything you've prayed for — And you're gonna make it. That's why, don't ever decrease the dream God gave you. It may take months or years but what’s meant for you will always find its way to you and one day, I truly believe, each one of us here in this group will be a testimony of how beautiful and wonderful God's timing is.

With that, Here I am.. Ready for a new roller-coaster journey! God Bless our American Dream, everyone! ☝🏻🇺🇸💗

To my Connetics Usa - Nursing Family; Ms. Tanya Freedman, Ms. Jenell Bacsal, Ms. Cheryl Mital King and Atty. Denise Perez.. Thank you so much for all the help. This will not be possible without all of you. I will be forever grateful our paths crossed. Please don't stop being a blessing to us nurses!
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July 28th, 9:35 pm
Ni Hsin Yang

I have been looking for sponsorship program for a long time. It is very difficult for new grad bc of limited experience. However, I got the referral from my friend about ConneticsUSA. They help me to find the new grad program that I really want. The staffs are nice, especially Natasha, she is so supportive by my side and help me with everything, such as following up the emails and answering all the questions I have etc. I am really lucky that I found this agency!... See MoreSee Less

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July 26th, 6:34 am
Anastasia Hu

I have been seeking for agency for RN visa sponsorship for months. The path hasn’t been smooth as a new Grad. I feel really lucky that I finally found ConneticsUSA. They assisted me to find a new grad RN program and provided information about sponsorship. The staffs ( esp. Natasha) are so enthusiastic and diligently helping my needs. So excited for a new opening of my journey! I highly recommend ConneticsUSA to you if you have the same American Dream as me☀️... See MoreSee Less

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July 13th, 11:29 am
Jenetrix Tugas Leano

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7

Hello fellow Connetics Nurses ❤️ I passed NCLEX last December 2018. However, I already took CGFNS way back 2001. Waiting has indeed pushed me to my limits. Detours came along the way as I’ve worked in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 and Oman 🇴🇲 but I can say that it’s all worth the wait. Connetics has helped me to pursue my long due American Dream. They gave me hope by assisting me to recapture my PD last June 2007.

We may get a lot of hardships, sacrifices, and tears but if you really have the patience, FAITH and perseverance, nothing is impossible with GOD. I offer these achievements to my family, Paps Ryan, Ate Sasi, Rowie, my Cardiac Beshies, friends, relatives, and to our almighty God . Unending thanks to You, Father God!
As to Ms. Tanya, my case managers, Mr. Ernie and Ms. Sheryll and to VEMA STAFFING, Mr. Mike and Mr. David, please accept my sincerest gratitude for the overwhelming support.

To my fellow nurses, keep chasing your dreams. Delays don’t mean the end of it. These are just humps, God’s way of preparing our journey at the RIGHT TIME. Everyone has his/her unique path to follow.

And now I can finally say, I’m on my RIGHT SPOT, being a certified USRN, and working in American soil 🇺🇸

Praise GOD 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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July 12th, 3:59 pm
Ronalyn Garcia Galang

I am very fortunate to be part of Connetics family. I passed my NCLEX in February of 2020 but within the span of 9 months I got my visa approved! I can’t thank them enough especially Ms.Joy, my case manager Ernie and Ms. Tanya for the overflowing support that they gave throughout the process of my application.

I definitely recommend Connetics to other nurses who wants to work in the United States as a registered nurse.

My American dream is not easy but it was all worth it when you get here especially if you are with the right employer that will guide you along the way like what Connetics did to me and I am forever grateful 🙏

Thank you so much Connetics! 🇺🇸
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July 10th, 9:53 pm
Michael Babaran

I started my 🇺🇸 dream 5 yrs ago with the help of an agency🤐 they were very famous and look pretty back then. So, I complied with all their wishes. I had a good feeling but that was never enough😩. 2018- I 💔up with them. I realize we were never meant to be. I was down but still thankful that they let me go with ease. I tried to bury the past, But it was not 🚶in the park.

2019- I started to explore and found out about 🎊🎊Connectics🎉🎉- I knocked and they opened the 🚪. They gave me what I needed- A premium PD cocktailed🍸 with TLC. Long story short- June 2021 My 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 and I arrived here in the 🇺🇸. It was a tough journey but it was worth it. I am alway gratefu with the Connectics team-Jennell, Sheryl,Tanya, Cheryl and others.👏👏👏🙌

TRUST that what was meant to be yours will be YOURS.🙏🙏🙏
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June 28th, 9:21 am
Christian Louie Tolosa

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon connetics back in 2019 when i started looking for the right recruiting agency to help me reach my American dream! They truly are career matchmakers who really took into consideration my preferred states to work and my area of specialty and was able to match me successfully. They are also quick to respond to every concerns and will guide you every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Connetics to every nurses looking for the right recruiting agency! Great communication up until the end. Huge thank you to Ms. Tanya, Sir Ernie (my case specialist, kudos to you Sir!), Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Joy! 🎉... See MoreSee Less

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June 25th, 7:59 pm
Jessy Kurian

Connectics USA is one of the best recruiting agencies out there!! They made the whole process easy and smooth. They patiently guide me through every step. Their constant support and encouragement helped me pursue my American dream and helped me reach my dream state - California. I strongly recommend Connectics USA! I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team especially Tanya Freedman, Lisa,Ernie,Joy,Sheryl...God bless you all!!!❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯 😍😍😍... See MoreSee Less

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June 24th, 10:28 pm
Sergio Lau

Choosing to work along with Connetics USA has been one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career. Connetics will continuously support and help you since the day you decide to become part of the family. I would definitely recommend Connetics to all international nurses who want to come work as a registered nurse in the United States.... See MoreSee Less

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June 24th, 11:06 am
Grace Ann Abustan Porciuncula

Its been 3 months since me and my Family arrived here in California USA. I was hired by Adventist Health Handford and ConneticsUsa did a great job in handling the processing of our papers. Thank you miss Tanya for helping us and to your team especially to maam Jocelyn to whom Im always talking with.

Let us keep striving for our goals and May God bless us as we extend our Nursing Services to this foreign land.
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June 21st, 5:01 am
Renz Joyce Tiongson

June 2019 - passed NCLEX (Illinois)
October 2019 - passed Ielts
December 2019 - signed a contract with Connetics
January 2020 - signed a Job Offer from Bassett Medical Center NY
March 19, 2020 - Visa Screen Certificate Issued
April 2020 - I-140 approved and with Priority Date
August 2020 - fee bill paid
September 2020 - applied to endorse my license from IL to NY
September 2020 - Ds 260 completed
October 2020 - DQ
October 2020 - emailed NVC to open my DS 260 and add my dependent
November 2020 - husband’s Ds 260 completed
December 2020 - DQ
December 2020 - Expedite request for ID approved
January 2021 - documents were forwarded to USEM Manila
March 8, 2021 - Medical
March 30, 2021 - US Embassy Interview; 221(g) need to add the surname of husband to my nbi clearance
April 15, 2021 - Visa Issued ❤️

So thankful to ConneticsUsa Nursing for all their help from day 1 up to the end. They guided me the entire time when completing even the little details to achieve this dream 🤗
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June 15th, 10:00 pm
Jyuna Lupas

This ID is the ultimate testament that my American dream and job is here. That my prayers have been answered after waiting for more than a decade. I can not thank ConneticsUSA-Aspen enough for helping me making this dream come true. I honestly doubted and lost hope in coming in the US because of retrogression and visa denial from my previous petitioner.

To all the nurses still on the process of coming here, you're in good hands with Connetics USA.

To the Connetics team, especially to Tanya Freedman , Meg, Uhr Neeh , and Richard, saying Thank you would never be enough to express how grateful I am for your effort and help.
Thank you for making my American Dream come true.
You are all the best!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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June 15th, 8:58 am
Nelida Carmela

My American journey was never easy but it’s all worth it. I remember there were times that I thought of giving up my dream but when I met Connetics, I got inspired to pursue it. They will guide you all the way with frequent communication and ff-ups and they will reassure you that you will land in the US with a good facility. I just arrived here last week and the connetics staff were really helpful and concerned with their nurses. I will forever be grateful with connetics! To the aspiring USRNs, hang in there, everything will workout just how it’s meant to be.... See MoreSee Less

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June 2nd, 2:56 pm
Anila Thomas

Since 2005, I have visioned my journey to the USA and joined with Joy to achieve my dream. In 2007, hoped that I will travel to the USA but unfortunately, retrogation happened. Since then, passionately waited for the next 10 years for miracles to happen. Then one day through Joy, I came to know about CONNECTICS, I believed my dream is about to happen any soon. Initially, the papers were slow but gradually everything was happening on time. Miss Jenell was my comforter and a lifesaver who helped me and uplifted me ,when there were times I lost all my hopes. I flooded her with questions and queries, but she managed to answer each of them without any hesitation.

I am very much honored to Connectics for helping me to fulfill my dreams.

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