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How to Pass the OET Exam

I'm one of the lecturers of 9.0 Niner online. I am based in Tacloban City. So if anybody is joining me tonight, okay, if anybody is joining me tonight from Tacloban Okay, I'll be very happy to see some kababayan there in the chat. Okay. Today is National Heroes Day salute to all okay unsung heroes of the Philippines most specially to our beloved. Okay, oh if doubles us in a way you contribute so much to the economy. So salute to you all okay to look at all heroes. Okay, so I am tasked to conduct a lesson on OET. I'm going to give you some top tips for the four sub tests. So we're going to talk about oh Ethio listening or ad reading. We'll talk about some top tips to ace your examination for OET writing and then off we go to OET speaking this class will only run for one hour. Okay. And I am very sorry. Already a quarter of minute quarter of minutes late. So I probably have to speed up all these introduction. Okay, good evening, everyone. Hi, Miss. Okay. Hi, sir Ervin. Hi, Miss Em from Connetics. Thank you for assisting me earlier. Thank you for being very patient. How can I share screen? Okay, I'm just trying to figure out things here. So I'd like to share my screen. How would that be possible? 

Please answer my question in the chat. Is anybody here planning to take? OET to get to the United States? Okay. Maybe I know I have here a lot of students, okay wanting to go to the US but probably you're thinking of sitting IELTS. I'd like to tell you that you can also take OET Okay to get to some US state. So is anybody here planning to take? OET If you do, please type the word. Yes. In the chat. I will be very happy. Thank you very much. I think I know how to do it now. So I have to do it. From my computer. I have to upload a file. There you go. I'm trying to share my screen. Okay, probably IELTS is a very popular examination to get to the United States by Oh, it is also an exam that you can consider. I think okay, getting C plus in listening, reading and writing would really be something you can achieve with constant practicing and guidance. Yes, it is accepted in New York, and some other states. So if you don't know the state you want to go yet. I would probably, I would probably recommend that you take IELTS. But if you now have a specific states, okay to consider in mind then probably OET can be your passport to get there. So I'm currently sharing my, my slides I just want to check in you see it. Okay. Can you see my slides? 

Okay, that sounds wonderful. Okay, I have some questions about the states that accept the occupational English test, I'll probably just pull out one of my presentations here. Because there are not all states except OET as of the moment for nurses. So I haven't really memorized what those states are. So I'm just going to enumerate this one. So if you're thinking of going to the US using Oh, et here are the states that you can probably consider working. So Oh, et is accepted in Florida, Washington, Michigan, New York, North Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Montana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. So if you're thinking of going to those states, I would recommend that you consider booking your examination with Oh, et. In so many ways, I think our speaking sub test is much easier compared to well, just I think I may be biased because I love odd more than the other exam. So I think in that aspect, you have better chances of getting a B grade. Okay, and also Yeah, more than getting a seven band in IELTS. So if you're thinking of going through those states and you have a specific destination in mind, okay, then you can really probably consider the occupational English test. So take note, you only need to score c plus for listening, reading and writing for listening and reading. That's probably 26 to 27 points. So you have 42 questions in total, and you only need to score 26 to 27.  

If you're usually scoring around that range during your mock exams, that's probably a good indication of how ready you are. Okay to take all 80 soon. The only downside is OET is more expensive. And probably Oh, it is not available in your region, you have to travel to Cebu or Manila to specific examination or Okay, probably okay. Don't know the state yet you want to go. So I think just to be safe, you should really consider IELTS. So I'm going to talk about some common mistakes and some top tips to help you improve. Okay, getting the sports you need. Okay, thank you very much miss and for helping me I am going to share my screen. Okay, let's go to slide number two. Okay, something that I like to tell you, by the way about the occupational English test is, or et doesn't have a lot of very good materials for practicing. So as of the moment, I think there are only about 3030 practice tests that are out in the market that you can use, it really came from OET. So a common mistake that our students will usually commit, especially the new ones, is they would use all these practice tests in just one sitting. So after their enrollment in one week, they have consumed all the practice tests. So please do not do this. Use your practice tests wisely. Okay, even if you go to YouTube, and probably search odd practice tests for listening, you'll probably get a lot of I probably should say maybe this is too harsh. A lot of some, okay, scrap materials. Okay, not really have good quality, or quality, I will say that one that don't really mirror how the exam would look like. So please use your practice tests wisely. 9.0 Niners dashboard has probably 17 of these practice tests.  

And I need you to, you know, scatter them all throughout your review. So you know, you don't overuse these practice tests. Okay, just in a week, you need to be wise when it comes to using practice tests. So that's something I'd like you to know regarding the occupational English test. So another thing is during your review, please do not use headphones or drop those headphones. Because if you're going to sit the examination here, in the Philippines, you'll the exam will be conducted via tape via speakers. So if you always use headphones, that simply means you're practicing for the exam the wrong way. So please take note when practicing at home, drop those headphones don't use headphones, unless you're thinking I'm sitting at on computer where the exam is really conducted via headphones, but if it's with okay, if you're going to take the exam with the paper based module, it will really be conducted by a speaker so I need you to practice for the exam the right way. I have a question here from student lock skylight. What English exam is accepted in Illinois? Well, OET and IELTS are both accepted in Illinois. Maybe there are other English exams that are accepted there. But the occupational English test exam that I'm going to discuss tonight is accepted in Illinois, if you want to work there as a nurse Thank you very much for that question. Okay. I'd like to move to my Okay, next slide. So one important thing that you need to know about OET knowing your abilities, there are different types of skills that the person may have. And you know, sometimes students will insist on using a specific technique when in fact it doesn't work.  

For them, now, you know yourself, you know what you can do where you're struggling at. So when my students say they're not so good at multitasking, I recommend that they do another technique. So today let's talk about two techniques in OET listening part B. So in part B, you will listen to an extract, and you're going to answer a question about it. So look at this one. This is an example of a question for part D. Okay, and then here is your question. You have three answer options. So depending on your capabilities, here are my two recommendations for you. So number one, you're going through read the question, are going to understand the question. As you understand the question, you think about the topic, what do you need to listen for? What it is that you have to listen about? What's the focus of the question, and then afterwards, you will be given time to underline your key words. Now, when the track is already running, there are two things that you can do. So technique, one is when you multitask, when you read the track. When you read the extract, when you read the transcript, your question paper, and you listen at the same time, so you're multitasking, you're reading and listening at the same time. However, sometimes this can be quite overwhelming for students to do. So depending on your skill, you may consider doing technique, another technique instead. So you can instead consider listening to the track while it's running. And then reading the questions later. So you can again, multitask read while you listen. Or you can do technique B where you just listen. And then you read later. So whichever technique works for you. I'm okay with that. Okay, let's take a look at this. Okay, sample question. Just want to check, can you if I tried to play the track? 

I can play it. So I'll probably okay, do this in another lesson. Okay, but that's it, you need to know your skills. If you're good at multitasking, okay, then try to do a, you read and listen at the same time. If that's not for you, you try to do B instead, you just listen now and then focus on reading the questions later. So those are my top tips for easy listening. Number one, prepare for the exam the right way. Drop those headphones. Don't use headphones when practicing at the moment. Secondly, please do not use our practice, especially the legit ones. Okay, immediately, spread them out through spread them all throughout your review. Especially if you don't have any test date yet if you're thinking I'm sitting the exam, okay, in the future, let's say in December, you don't know when to set the exam yet. Okay, so please don't use and abuse our practice tests. Okay, by the way, thank you very much for Connetics USA International Nursing Agency for giving me this opportunity to promote 9.0 Niner and the occupational English test. So if you want to jumpstart, okay, your application for the US, I would highly recommend Connetics USA. Register for free. Okay, using this link, I'd like to send you a link here in the chat. So that's the link. There also other link spaces in the chat so you're in very good hands with them. Okay, fulfill that American dream with the help of Connetics, and of course 9.0 Niner. Okay, moving on. Let's go to some top tips for OET reading So, right after your listening examination, you will next set your eating exam. There are no breaks in between. So just imagine feeling a little bit exhausted from your listening exam.  

And now you're going to take another sub tests. So the reading exam for OET is very different from that of IELTS, because, although it's also given in an hour, so you have one hour to answer your 40 questions in IELTS, one hour, reading time is divided into two sets. You have your reading part A, and then you have your reading Parts B and C. Reading Part A is for Okay, 15 minutes and then you reading Parts B, and C is for 45 minutes. So here are some top tips. Okay, that I'd like to give you today. Tonight, I'll probably focus on your pronoun questions. So I will probably focus on some pronoun questions. Now students, can you give me an example of a pronoun? Please answer my question in the chat, sir. Okay, give me an example of a pronoun Hello Students enjoy can give me an example of a pronoun. Okay, yes, I just need you just as a very quick grammar check. Can you give me an example of a pronoun there? Okay, I have a response from student ash. As ash says she. Thank you very much for that one. What else? What other pronouns do you know about? 

Okay, there she, he and it. Okay, I have another example of pronouns from students ever. Okay, ever says he, she it, they use it. Thank you very much for answering my question. Your participation tells me that you're still here with me. And you're still listening to my discussion. So thank you very much for that one. Okay, so here, here's the tip. Now, when you have a pronoun question, and the answer is usually given before your pronoun. Okay, the answer is given before your pronoun. Okay, not after your pronoun. So look at this one. Oh, okay, maybe this got this store that somehow Oh, okay, one moment. I'll try to do something so just so it'll be clear. Okay, give me a moment. I'm just going to pull out another link up. So I can share my screen. Okay. We'll probably do that one a little bit later. Okay, let's try to do this. So, okay, look at this pronoun questions students. Okay, here we have a very short extract. So in reading part C, this is how it would look like. You have a passage to read. And you have a question with four answer options. Now, you have a pronoun question. So I need you to expect the answer to be given above the pronoun. So the answer will be above is not below this. Because it's how pro downstroke before you mentioned pro before you mentioned a pronoun you will first mentioned the noun and by understanding the grammar behind the pronouns. It will help you appreciate how questions can be answered more in a more easy way. So I need you to read this short passage. From OAP reading sample number three. Okay, this is from sample number three, and I want you to answer the question beside it. This is a simple this is a pronoun question. For reading part C, the recommended time is two minutes. So can I give you Have two minutes of reading time for this I'll turn off my camera during the time being please read this healthcare passion passage and answer my question decided Good luck I'll give you two minutes for this reading practice. 

Time 54321 Time is up I now have two answers in the chats from student Angele and from student ion I have another answer from student Chris. Everybody think it's everybody thinks it's letter D oh now Okay, so then ash says the answer is letter C. How about you other students? What do you think is the answer here okay, there I have d is a sir. Oh, okay. See? Hi, visa. Okay. Like a hello. There you go. Now I'm getting more answers. So I like it when I have activities like this during a Facebook live class because it's more interactive. Rather than me talking. I really like it when my students interact with me using the chat. So thank you very much for your active participation. Okay so I'm looking for a way if I can probably underline. So I can't do that one. Okay, but I think you can see my mouse or not, no, not as well. Okay, let's take a look at this. So you have this rule. When you have a pronoun, the answer will be mentioned above it. Okay, so the answer is above here not, you know, it's we don't expect it to be mentioned below it. So, of course, we have to read the passage to understand this much better. Broadly speaking, Dr. Souder says the ideal recipe Okay, for allergy is to be born of allergic parents, and then to have a high exposure to an allergic foodstuff. So it tells us that there's an ideal recipe for us to understand this. I need you to give me please give me a synonym to the word recipe. Why do we have the word recipe here? Are we trying to cook something? Okay, so what is this recipe? Can somebody please tell me in the chat a good synonym to a recipe. The ideal recipe for allergy what is that? What do we mean by a recipe? 

The ideal recipe are we trying to cook you know, bake a cake here today, by the way, it's a holiday, I didn't have classes, so I decided to bake a cake but was an epic fail. So, there thank you very much for those answers. I have steps needed to component. So just like when you cook something, there's a recipe and then there are ingredients right? So probably what this tells me is that there are some ingredients so I think we're looking for not only one thing, but two things. So, how many things are needed to for an allergic reaction to occur? There are two things right? Can somebody tell me what these two things are? What are these two things? What are these two things? What are these two ingredients for the successful recipe? Yep, so what are they then Sir Mark, students, Debbie, student Ray, what are these two ingredients? So it says that we patient needs to be born with okay to be born from allergic parents. And then the patient needs to have a very high exposure to an allergic foodstuff. So these two things okay, there are two ingredients to the recipe. So these two ingredients are genetic predisposition, and okay, exposure, basically, it's heredity and environment. Two popular things we probably studied in nursing school. I remember that subject very, very well. Okay, so if we go for if we go for a oh, that's only one of the that's only one of the ingredients, right? If you go for See, that's also one of the two ingredients. Basically, that's not what I need. Because you told me that there should be ingredients to the recipe. There's not only one ingredient, you told me that it's a recipe. So, in odd reading, I needed to take note of this or if the reading was made for intelligence readers, the answers are not given that easily. Like, if you probably went for a okay, maybe I need you to comprehend it more. This isn't just about matching synonyms. Already reading Part B is about reading comprehension reading, while understanding what it really means. And again, if you're planning to go to the USA, you only need to score 26 to 27 points. If you get 20 correct answers for part b, then you only need seven correct answers.  

Okay, for Parts B and C which is really, really attainable. Yeah, especially with good guidance, rationalization. Okay, critical thinking in two minutes. Yes, Rachel, I needed to know that. There are easy parts promised, especially part eight. So don't take that all away the questions are this difficult? No. But there are more difficult questions. Or eight questions are just about matching synonyms, but words, see specially it's about an in depth analysis with the text. So the answer here Well, obviously it's not a fancy. Look at now. B indeed. So the type of diet or the order of events, the correct answer is letter D. The order of events most commonly found prior to the allergic attack, right. So you told me that for a person to have allergy, okay, there should be two ingredients. Okay, I have a question from student Okay, Michelle, Coach, what about Prusa? New Zealand? Probably this is not the best platform for me to answer that question. But New Zealand accepts Okay, triple B's and one c plus for writing. Okay, so thank you very much. Oh, coach, cus boba all CB for speaking yes. If you're targeting to go to the USA using OET, you need to score c plus for reading. So since I'm talking about reading, c plus for reading, listening and writing, and then a B for speaking. So again, c plus for reading is 26 to 27 points. It's really, really attainable. Okay, and there's no overall grade that you need to get in the end. No, it doesn't have an overall grade anyway, it only has individual grades for sub tests. So basically, what this activity is, what this activity is about is for you to appreciate what oh, if you read in Portuguese about how important it is for you to analyze, critically, your extract your passage. This is not just about simple mix and match of synonyms. Okay? Please take note. Okay, now let's go to odd writing. 

So, okay, oh at writing, if I can give you a tip in no at writing, that would be to improve your grammar command. I always tell this to my students. When you improve your grammar command, when you improve your grammar skills, you improve your ability to write. In odd writing, the most important component is communication. Your ability to communicate your reader, you don't need to use highfalutin words. Well, although some interesting words are appreciated by odd special if it really matches the meaning you want to say. Okay, quite lately, okay, right. Getting a c plus for writing has been quite a challenge. Okay. Yeah, so I would probably highly recommend that you attend our classes at Niner. For writing, we have case notes analysis classes, we also have intensive lectures for writing, so. Okay. Now, if you think about it, what's the usual score of Filipinos for writing right now, during the 2022 statistics, most Filipinos get 320 for writing. This is the lowest in comparison to your four other sub tests because by the way, Filipinos usually get 370 for listening. And speaking, for writing it's 350 Before it was a 340. For writing, it's really it's at it's currently the subject with the lowest score. Most Filipinos here would usually score 320 But if you think about it 320 is a c plus grade. So if you're thinking of working in the United States using OET then the statistics tells you that most students get the score the pro at writing so with proper guidance and practicing you can really achieve the score you that you're desiring here. Okay, so there I need you to improve your grammar command. Because some students for example, say she was prescribed versus she has been prescribed. She was prescribed means the drug was discontinued. See how it would change the meaning. When you say she was prescribed Metformin, versus when you say she has been prescribed Metformin, meaning that's an ongoing drug.  

Look at this one silicone dressings have been applied versus silicone dressings were applied. So were applied meaning those silicone dressings were already removed. So you need to improve. Okay, your grammar command to improve your ability to write. This is maybe a very basic technique, but our students Some of our students probably don't see how important grammar is they, our some of our grammar classes are not that well attended. Our students love it when we give them practice tests plus rationalization. But I think we should also look at we should also consider improving the students grammar command. How can we improve our grammar skills? Okay, so well basically you should when it comes to grammar, I find it more helpful if someone is explaining it to me, rather than when I read a book about it. So when it comes to grammar classes, we have recorded version videos on our dashboard. So basically, you have to really study grammar. You really have to study grammar and you need more specially verb tenses. So you need to know the different verb tenses you can use and what they mean. Okay, thank you very much. Let's go to OET speaking. Okay, the last sub test there, I'm going to remove that one from my stream. So, one moment students. Okay, I have a question students, have you. Okay, done an odd speaking roleplay. As of now, please answer my question in the chat. Okay, how many roleplays have you done now for speaking? Okay, one moment, please answer my question in the chats how many role plays or roleplay? Have you done now for odd speaking? 

Not yet, I just want to ask why not? Okay, so, Debbie has not done it yet. Okay. Please take note, if you want to work in the US, they do not accept c plus, in right in speaking, you really need to ace this examination and get a B grade. Let me remind you as well, that as of now. Most students, most candidates get 370 in speaking. So that's the general Filipino. Now, that's okay, what most Filipinos would usually score. So, if you practice a lot and you improve your skills, then you can also get the score that you need here. Okay, let me take a look at two and I will be taking my exam next month. Okay, you can do it. So in theory, anxiety and looking for words what to say. So I'd like to tell you about anxiety. Okay, so this is a personal experience when I took the exam, if you've been wrestling for quite some time, you probably know this story. When I was when I took the exam, I was also dead nervous, just like many of you. Oh, my belly Pohanka hands so I was also really, really nervous that day. I practice a lot, okay with my, with some of my friends who took OET in the past and some of my previous coaches before, and but I was also really, really nervous. Although I have given I've been given very good feedback from my previous coaches, about my skills. I still I was still very nervous that day. So there was a question. So in OET speaking there's a warm up around, the warm up Brown is for you to feel more relaxed. So during the warm up round, this is true.  

Okay, my interlocutor asked me why I decided to become a nurse. I told her okay with a giggle. I told her that I don't know. I'm actually an English teacher now. etc. And I didn't laugh at that fact, though. I really laughed at myself. I felt like okay. I felt like I was laughing. I felt like I saw my life as to juggle my career, okay? And then the interlocutor laugh as well, that laughter was made me release my anxiety. So probably that's it, look for a way to release your anxiety during your three minute prep time. Look for a way to release your anxiety. So, for my case, that was, you know, I laugh during my three minute prep time. Like it was a really, really genuine laugh. But that laugh made me feel more relaxed. Like she said, Why do you decide to become a sensitive, I really don't know, I'm actually an English teacher. So that really worked for me. So for some students, they can release their anxiety by praying, they can reduce their anxiety by, you know, basically, some of them would drink water, minutes to further examination. So they would go to the toilet. Look for a way to ease your anxiety. Don't let your nerves get in the way. I think that's so important. Because OET is not so strict. You know, when it comes to pronunciation, you don't really need to have an accent. You don't even need to say an idiomatic expression just to get the B grade. But if you have of course, that's well appreciated by OET. So I started and then this organized my ideas. Okay, I have that comment from student ash. Raven. Oh, okay. Did you feel nervous that day? Oh, action coach, I tried once to get c plus four hours to focus on my roleplay card, you need to be focused more with your patient. Okay, then the roleplay card. So, you know, using the roleplay card and what the patient says, are two very important components in OET. S 

o you know, when you can make that one instinct, what the patient says your response and your roleplay card, I think that simply means you're doing really, really good job. So basically, that's my tip, look for a way that you would be able to reduce your anxiety if you're feeling nervous or tested. So believe in yourself, okay? Most importantly, because you need to sound like an expert, especially during your health teaching. You need to sound like you're really, really an expert. My by the way, since I've not been working as a nurse for a long time. I graduated in 2012 that reveals my age. So my worry was, what if I'm given a disease that I don't know? Thankfully, oh, et gave me two diseases. The first disease was about nose bleeding, which I clearly know. But my second topic was something I totally have no idea about. It was about HPV, and I don't know HPV that they promise. So I was just so reliant on the roleplay card, but it worked. out okay. Students tres lacks confidence. You need to be confident because you're going to speak here, you're going to do health education, and you need to speak like a nurse like an expert. Okay, so my recommendation is to free to believe in yourself to keep on practicing. Okay, Lang, Kuba Nakata answer interlocutor during so do you have to look at your interlocutor. So the exam is only audio recorded, whether you're looking at your interlocutor, or whether you're staring at your roleplay card the whole time, is something your assessor in Australia wouldn't know about they don't actually get to assess that one. So if looking at your interlocutors eye, if maintaining eye contact makes you feel more nervous than I don't recommend it.  

You know, when I took the exam, I look at my interlocutor I look at the wall. Yeah, because I felt like that's somehow also added to my anxiety. So, if you're looking for a speaking buddy, I think that's a good activity that you're doing now students that maybe one of your classmates can really help you with this. So that would be my tip. Okay. Again, students, you can use Oh et to jumpstart your career in the USA. You only need three C plus and one B for speaking. It's really rare. LEED doable. So if you're again thinking of going to these states let me okay announced the states again where OET is accepted. So if you're thinking of going to Florida, Oregon, Washington, okay Michigan, New York, North Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Montana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa, Oklahoma and West Virginia I'd like to tell you that OET is accepted in these states. So please inquire this from Connetics USA they can really help you. Okay, you're in very good hands with them. And thank you to all who attended my class today. Thank you very much as well Connetics USA for giving ICWA zero Niner this platform to okay introduce who we are to our students. I will be ending this live streaming at this point. Okay, if you have any questions please send a message to this Facebook page. Connetics USA. Okay, if you have if you're interested in on enrolling of our to our program 9.0 Niner please send a message. Okay to 9.0 Niners Facebook page and by the way, just wanted to promote that I have my own okay branch in Tacloban. City. So if you're from Tacloban Okay, please. Okay. Look up our Facebook page on Okay, yeah, look up our page on Facebook. Thank you very much, everybody for setting English with me. Good evening and salute to all heroes today on today's national heroes day. Thank you very much. Good night.