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OET Writing Tips for Nurses

Good evening. Good afternoon. Good morning to all the live viewers worldwide. Once again, this is Connetics College, an event that takes place at connect It's FB page every Monday night. So what is the objective off Connetics by offering these free classes every first and third Monday of the month? They are free NCLEX classes every second and fourth Monday of the month.

It's the turn of Niner IELTS Review Center partner of Connetics college before it was just else but obviously CGFNS announced on August one that apart from IELTS, or there are three other English examinations that are accepted when you apply for your US visa screen and they are OET PTE and TOEFL. That's why for the longest time, we just focus on IELTS, but tonight we have with us sir Philippe Turner, who has a CELTA qualification and Sir Philip took both IELTS and odd FYI 9.0 Not here is test to talk about reading and writing for the last two months Sir Brian did on the spot I have striding but for tonight we're going to do on the spot. OET writing. Perhaps Sir Philip has just finished his IELTS class at 9.0 nighter so first things first, I want to inform everyone that for tonight we are going to identify lucky live viewers. The ones are active, the ones who are participative. And we'll be giving them prices. So what are these prices? Well, number one, there is free subscription to our Platinum review package. So that one includes computering delivery practice tests brand new and original materials and monthly additional content. At the same time. We'll also be identifying lucky winners who will be given a chance to have one on one coaching with me and IELTS or Sir Philip in OET what are the mechanics for tonight we see as many friends as you can. And towards the end of our Facebook Live session we are going to announce the lucky winners. Now let's take a look at the location of our live viewers. Will you please type your location in order for us to properly greet you while we wait for Sir Philip to initially talk about the differences between IELTS Writing and oh et writing. Let's take a look so beyond Ceska Octavia Noah is from the Philippines. And she just greeted everyone watching our Facebook Live session for tonight. By the way we'd like to thank Miss Melanes is of Connetics USA Nursing agency for organizing this why this is something that we are very grateful for.

By the way guys, if you are planning to go to the United States of America and still you don't have a particular state in mind, the good news with Connetics is that Connetics has connections all over the United States of America. So all you have to do is to visit the link see USA so that's for that stands for Okay, let's take a look at the location of the other attendees answer Phillip has just joined us but before we asked her Philip to talk about the differences between IELTS Writing and Ed writing, Let's greet the other live viewers sign up moron Toronto. Toronto is watching from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So good afternoon to you over there in the Middle East. Petra salah. Tamika is watching from India. So we have participants not just from the Philippines, but also Middle East and South Asia, hyena knees just commented and she's hoping to be one of the lucky winners for tonight. So hi, nice. You know what you're going to do? Simply tell your friends, because we're going to pick the lucky winners from the most active the most participative live viewers, and you have to be with us until the end of the Facebook Live session if you want to be chosen as one of our lucky winners. Okay. We also have Anthony Cornell from the United Arab Emirates. There's Joseph Peter watching from Oman. Love Joy Garcia is from Cebu Sally Sally is from Pampanga, Philippines days Simon is watching from KSA Anthony Coronel UAE Glenda Pinocchio Abu Dhabi Hainanese is from Pasalic flow winds is from Qatar. Yvonne is from Mindanao Laura Lane Bedelia is watching from UAE they have a fellow Mindanao and over here Maria Clarissa Ramos Kaya. We also have silly farm from Bacall. we have set SC 10. Based in Canada. Thank you for joining us tonight. We also have thin from Oman. Thank you, Randy. for tagging your friend so while I share the link to various group chats, what surfing is going on do is to compare IELTS Writing versus OET writing. So who am one of the candidates are supposed to take IELTS first and who among the candidates are actually recommended to take? Oh, Ed first. So, Sir Philip, would you like to do the honors of initially comparing IELTS Writing versus OET writing before we move to the on the spot writing for Phillip take it away?

Thank you very much. It's an it's a topic that is very much the concern of a lot of candidates, that writing is the most difficult sub test of them all, whether in IELTS or OET So being able to compare and contrast these two tests is very, very useful. They imagined for a lot of people. Now, when it comes to IELTS, you may know that you're given one hour to do two things, writing task one, and writing task two, writing task one, for those of you taking academic is report writing, you're given their numbers or pictures. And you're expected to present this information in a way that summarizes the most important parts, like the you're either given statics or processes. With a little mathematics as expected, and being able to interpret naps, etc. You're expected to write for 100, you're expected to write at least 150 words for this. And you're supposed to be able to finish this report and neuron 20 minutes, it's 1/3 of your brain. In the same one hour that you're given for writing your writing task two is essay writing, you're asked to write an argumentative essay, you're given a topic about culture, or society, or technology, or current events may be or education or the environment, very broad range of topics, you're supposed to write the minimum of 250 words, and it would be a good idea to spend around 40 minutes with this. It's two thirds of your grade, it's more than double your report. So as you can see that it's a very general way of assessing your English ability. There is no limitation when it comes to content. Because the IELTS is used by a wide variety of people, by people who are migrating to other countries, people who want to study in other countries, people who want to migrate, or their countries there are it's used by with tourists, architects, engineers, students, linemen, nurses, doctors, med decks, midwives, the whole, the whole range of people, and therefore the way that they're assessed is general as well. There are four criteria in IELTS Writing, task achievement test, or task response, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy and lexical resource, which is the same vocabulary, these four things are equal. So yes, English is important and grammar and vocabulary are assessed. But at the same time, the it's also how you use the language. It's also rather the contents of what it is that you're saying, Are you being faithful to the input that's given to you? Are you able to arrange your ideas in such a way that it's easy for people to understand what it is that you're trying to communicate? So you're assessing both in your command of the language and in your delivery. And when it comes to OET writing, it's healthcare focused, healthcare focused in the sense that you are always going to be given content that is related to healthcare, what is good for 12 professions,

nursing medicine, dieticians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, red decks, dentist, speech pathologists, as I said, veterinary science and others. Writing in OET is very healthcare focused in the sense that what you will be doing is through the handover letter from you, the, from you the healthcare professional, to another member of the healthcare team. So maybe you're writing to a social worker, maybe you're writing to a surgeon, maybe you're writing to a nurse, etc. Handing over our patients to another member of the team is something that we do multiple times in a shift. This is something that happens all the time ever Reading, right. And therefore, because this is such a huge part of practice, both in the country you're in right now, in whatever country that you're going to go through. It's something that is an excellent way to assess how well you write because this is a context where you do quite a lot of your writing. So you're given 45 minutes in with your writing to read through that their first five minutes merely, you're the only thing you're allowed to do is to read your case notes. It's like a chart gives you information regarding the patient, etc. And then after the five minutes are over your you have 40 minutes to read your letter. It's your don't expect it's not a test of knowledge. So worry not if you have if maybe you haven't been practicing for a while. The whole 80 Just like the IELTS is a test of skill, rather than knowledge. So you don't have to like memorize or about the fishos. You don't have, you wouldn't have to suggest meds or whatever. But rather, you are merely supposed to rely on the input and the material and the cases that are provided. In addition, this letter will be profession specific. If you're a dentist, you will be asked to write about the dentist situation if you are a doctor a doctor situation so. So this is meant for you to be able to have a lot to give. And to be familiar with the situations that you're given in dentistry, you're going to obviously talk about teeth, which a nurse would not be as familiar with. If you're a pharmacist, you will be asked to talk about drugs than dispensing and explaining how to use them properly, which is something that the vets need to in a very different context. So in the sense, it's reassuring, it's comforting that the manner in which you're expected to demonstrate your command of the language is something that you're is going to be in a context that would not be foreign and would not be able to. Now, if in the IoT, there are four criteria in the OET, there are a lot of us that isn't the purpose of the letter immediately clear to the reader is it properly elaborated content and conciseness and clarity, two sides of the same coin. This talks about whether you're able to correctly select the information from the case notes to include in your letter, you shouldn't be missing any information that's critical to continue the care of your client. But at the same time, you should not be bombarding your poor reader with irrelevant details that distract the focus from the main content. So not too much, not too little, you should give the important information and not give not important. Another criterion is organization layout. Are you able to arrange your letters your ideas in such a way that is easy for the reader to understand the paragraph? Well, the sequence will you connect ideas? Well, genre and style is another consideration. It's a form of work letter. So not an essay another form? What a letter. It's the follow conventions? Do you avoid abbreviations unless necessary? Do you prioritize the action over the person when endorsing? And finally language? Is your use of language? Correct? Do you know how to use your web tenses your subject verb agreement or conjunctions, your voices so you notice that the criteria are vastly different writing in IELTS is geared towards a more general audience. Whereas for OET, it's a lot more specific. This This means therefore that what we do is easier than the answer to that is definitely a note.

But the best test to take the better test take is the one that you prepare for. And I think service is ready. And has shared our discussion tonight as many groups as possible.

Thank you for that introduction, Sir Philip. So Well Sir Philip is willing to choose the case notes that he will be using for our on the spot. Oh Edie right. And now let's take a look at some of the comments or questions for our live viewers. By the way. We'd like our participants to ask questions using the comment section of our Facebook Live session. So first things first, here's a question from BB than yen. Is it necessary for green card holders to take IELTS

? Let's go back to the question. What are the reasons for one isn't to take an English proficiency test. Let's take a look at these two. Number one. If you're applying for a US visa screen, that means the CGFNS means you to submit proof of your English proficiency. Before it was just failed. But now, apart from ILC have other options like oh et PT, II and TOEFL. Now, you ask yourself, do you still need to apply for a visa screen? If yes, then you need to pass an English examination. However, if you are not applying for visa screen, and you are not required to do so, then for short, you don't need to take an English test. Now that leads us to the second question for the particular state that you're going to which English test Do they require, say, for instance, if you're going to California, then it has to be TOEFL. That's why if you're going to California, we recommend that you take TOEFL from the very beginning so that you can use your TOEFL result for two reasons. Number one, your US visa screen. And number two, your California State Board of Nursing license endorsement. The good news though there are particular states in the United States that do not require any English proficiency exam. So what is the first step? We need you to coordinate with Connetics and pick your state of choice, because that State Board of Nursing is going to tell you which English examination they require. From there, you get to prepare for your English examinations. In our previous Facebook Live sessions. We objectively compared the four English tests their styles, or et PT II TOEFL. Now it's time for audience participation. Let's ask for the 120 live viewers that we have for tonight. Who among you are planning to take ales who are considering Oh et who wants to take PPE? Or who would like to take TOEFL remember, we pick the winners for the most participative live viewers so kindly make sure to use the comments section. Let's take a look at your preferred English examination. While we are waiting for a Sir Philip to choose his writing case notes so far, no one has commented yet we are still waiting for which in for which English test they prefer in going to the United States. Okay, days sino is planning to take E T. Okay. You might want to ask what's the required score for Oh Edie if you're applying for US visa screen? It has to be B or 350. In speaking, we're asked for listening, reading and writing. It has to be 300 or c plus, FYI, IELTS has overall band score, but OET does not have overall band score. Okay. It seems to me that majority of the live attendees for tonight are planning to take Oh, Ed, maybe because it was promoted that we're going to do an on the spot. Oh, et writing. But we have Andrea Jimenez, who says Oh, actually I prefer IELTS. What about the others? The rest are planning to take Oh Edie except for Andrea Jimenez and love joy Garcia. So, Sir Philip, do you have a particular lighting case note in mind?

I do assume he has. Perhaps it's time for us to share the writing case notes so that our live viewers will have an idea of the particular task that sort of Phillip has chosen for Word on the spot writing. Indeed, but we have one undecided live viewer it's Steph Basset them, well, still deciding if it's sales or Oh, et will hopefully after the Facebook Live session, we get to help you decide if it's IELTS or odd. That is appropriate for you. Have you tried to click the share button just underneath our screen?

I have, but there's technology afterwards. And I shall figure out how to make you how to do it. But yeah. It's okay because usually in class we use Zoom to teach and it's relatively new, or most of us and for someone who is not really technologically savvy like me, I do have difficulties. In sharing my screen I vividly remember The first time I did my Connetics Facebook Live session, I had to improvise by just using my mouth to discuss a simple. Click the share screen.

Oh, I am sharing your difficulties. Right now. It seems that it seems that it's appearing because I'm looking at the Facebook Live session. It's just our faces being shown to our live viewers.

Indeed, it's not yet working. I would have to take some time. But I've been has a question with the goal for California license.

The last time we checked, this was prior to the August one announcement. We have some cautious that 9.09 are currently working for us who had to take both IELTS and TOEFL simply because initially they took as for their visa screen, but then when they applied for their California B O N license endorsement they were required to take TOEFL perhaps we can double check this one with Connetics as Connetics is based in the United States and based in California in particular, we might have a better understanding if representatives from Connetics can double check this one. But if we are going to base this on the experience of our don't vote coaches that 9.09 Or who are bound for California, yes, they are nurses, but they were required to take TOEFL simply because that's the one that was required from them. Okay, everyone also reiterated that it has not appeared. Let me try if I'm going to click Share Screen. Uh huh. screenshare screensharing is easiest with in with two monitors. works best in a good computer, blah, blah, blah, share screen, or perhaps tried to share screen using Microsoft Word.

If that will do. Marian opposite. Thank you and you're welcome. Marian Jewell said I really like how the culture stuff very well. very fluent. Thank you for appreciating our efforts and that is to ensure that you are attending classes not from Fly By Night lectures. As you can see, I for one have been teaching IELTS since 2006. So it's 16 years of my life. Almost half of my life I have devoted to this examination. Sir Philip right here first. Okay, this is in 2008. And there is no turning back. He has been teaching IELTS since then. Initially, it took his first Oh Ed and 2015, which means to say he has been teaching Oh, Ed for seven years already. So in both attempts, IELTS and Oh, Ed sort of got the perfect grade in listening, reading and speaking or as for writing, and I else he got 8.0, which is relatively rare and elusive. And for odd, he got a B in writing. Now, here's a question from manually. But then how can we apply for for Florida, I have c plus in all, let me double check this one with Connetics.

But the last time I asked speaking, must be B. So the equivalent of B is 350. Were asked for listening, reading and writing it has to be 300. Perhaps you can use the registration link or the application link. That's for And from there, you can provide your information like your name, your work experience and other relevant details to help Connetics better understand your background and qualifications. And let's see if you're qualified to apply in Florida. The good news with Connetics has connections all over the United States. And recently I have read about this from the website of or from the Facebook page of Connetics, that yes, we are not one of the biggest companies, not just nursing companies, but we're talking about companies in general in the United States. Obviously, job well done. Congratulations to Connetics. Okay. Here's a question from Adele, Bristol Ramos.

Why is OET more expensive than IELTS? This was addressed several times before by the people from Connetics and 9.0 Niner can attest to this one. It is much easier to come up with listening scripts in IELTS reading passages in IELTS writing questions and speaking questions in IELTS as compared to Oh Ed, we would note because recently we have done we made our original and brand new practice tests for isles and OET all four subjects and we had a difficult time in creating content for odd. Why? Because in IELTS , it's literally anything under the sun but for all et It has to be supported by medical research. So, say for instance, if the passage talks about AstraZeneca everything related to AstraZeneca AstraZeneca must be accurate in the reading passage or say for instance, in the Listening recording, if the topic is Monkey pox, all the details related to monkey pox must be accurate and you cannot provide information which is not factual in OET That's what it takes for research. In IELTS literally anyone can come up with listening recordings and reading passages. But for OET we need people with medical background to come up with that. And for all et we were told that they do not recycle their materials, they come up with a brand new material every time an examination is conducted. Perhaps the reason why it's conducted regularly, but for Oh, et it's just twice a month process of coming up with questions is very painstaking. Sir Philip, can we try to share your screen? Maybe we will be successful this time around?

Yes. Here we go. Let's see whether it's going to be just keep on trying to answer the question of the other attendees. This one is from MK again, is there a program for all EP online review at 9.0 Niner? Yes, and I'm happy to announce that Connetics is actually sponsoring the review for IELTS or OET or PTE or TOEFL, you just have to coordinate with Miss Jennifer of OET of Connetics and tell her that you're interested in the sponsorship. So she will endorse you to us if you are qualified. And voila, we can help you prepare for your op ed and the brand of Niner. They one on one coaching literally everyday from Monday to Sunday. And that's not a feature which is offered by all preparation centers. For IELTS it's quite difficult to look for qualified IELTS and OET coaches to manage the volume at Niner. We have 109 instructors, all of them have passed the examination, and that is to ensure that the person teaching is actually credible and reliable.

Okay, let's take a look at the other questions here. From Elvin land, sir, good evening is is there a bad score difference for caregivers and nurses? Let me double check if Connetics is accepting caregivers as applicants, but one thing's for sure, Connetics is deploying nurses all over the United States. But I am not really certain if cared if there is an ongoing hiring for caregivers. To be deployed by Connetics, it's best that you clarify this with Connetics first, okay. Anthony Coronel can we take the subjects that we cannot hit for us application? It's a good thing that I met Miss Rachel Oliver, the founder of Ipass processing, and she communicated with people from CGFNS and we were told it's a combination of results is possible but for all PTE and TOEFL for now, as of August 22. Combination of results is not accepted yet for all et PTE and tofo. That is why to answer your question, if you're planning to take o EP you have to get the required band scores in one sitting. If it's if yes, combination of results is still accepted. Okay, Herrmann Bahara How can we apply after passing? Oh, Ed for Florida, so, hammock Bahara please don't forget to use this link. That stands for And from there, you just have to provide basic information like your name, your email address, and representatives from Connetics will coordinate with you and schedule an interview or consultation. Okay.

What else do we have here? What Walter can you see, said he has a concern regarding emails, maybe because the last few days where it's Saturdays and Sundays, and for most people who are blind, they don't usually work on weekends, but just keep on trying. Because whenever I talk to people from Connetics, they're very responsive and they have employees all over America. So I'm certain there are people who will be able to help you with this concern. Okay, so here's a message from Connetics, you as a nursing get matched with a US healthcare facility through direct hire, okay? Not much manpower pooling, but it's direct hire. It's Okay. Abby said thank you and you're welcome. elven lands question was answered already. J Ruby and C Augustine sir.

Good evening and I did PTE instead of IELTS for the state of Illinois or visa screening prior to the August 2022 announcement of CGFNS. I really hate this time of the day when I'm doing the Facebook Live session. Because the people collecting garbage usually interrupt me when I am teaching, but there's nothing much I can do they really collect garbage at 8:30pm. So forgive me for that when if you can hear the bell from people collecting the garbage. So going back to what I was saying prior to the August 2022 announcement, there were just four State Board of State Boards accepting OET and 15 state boards accepting PTE, but because of their recent recognition, both OET now are very aggressive and talking to us many state B O NS as they can in order to gain recognition. So don't be surprised if towards the end of the month or towards the end of the year, more and more states will be recognizing OET PTE for state BON. Okay.

Dian asking, how about midwife? I'm not entirely sure if Connetics is accepting midwives as applicants because for the longest time, the ones endorsed to us by Connetics for IELTS and OET PTE and TOEFL review are nurses and from the name of Connetics, it's Connetics, USA nursing, so I'm expecting that nurses are the primary health care professionals being deployed by Connetics and it was also emphasized by Miss Tanya Freedman when we met each other here in Makati, that the demand right now is for nurses but you'll never know if midwives also have opportunities in the United States. All you have to do is to visit the link Okay. Anthony Coronel said results day tomorrow Coach, thank you. Let's keep on praying for positive results. And hopefully, the stars will align in order for you to have more opportunities. Now that the United States is accepting OET. Sally, Sally is asking is connected sponsoring NCLEX, then OET the last time I spoke with Miss Tanya, when we met each other personally, she said that Connetics, Connetics is sponsoring almost everything, making Connetics one of the most popular not just in the United States, but worldwide, because they have applicants all over the world. So just try your luck, message Connetics and who knows you might be qualified for their sponsorship. Sir Philip, I have an alternative, I have a suggestion if we can do the on the spot or at writing. Maybe what we can do is to perhaps read a sample case no, identify the relevant details and so on, because you have that sort of brackets on vacation and he is the one who is technologically savvy and unfortunately, we don't have him for tonight to help us with the technological aspects. So instead, I'll be using his books or Ryan's or EP 350 Plus writing guide for nursing. This one contains a lot of sample case notes with various conditions. So say for instance, there's letter related to burn. Another one is related to pneumonia. Another one focuses on our throw. Lastly, I hope that I got it right. And there's a letter talking about G E R D surfen. What is gastroesophageal reflux disease.

So there isn't a acidophilus because you're right here is a nurse Well, I'm not and I don't pretend to be a nurse. That's why all lecturers and instructors have 9.0 Niner for all et are either nurses or doctors. Yes, we have coaches who are doctors, because when people like me have questions related to the jargon of the medical profession, we want our coaches and instructors to quickly and properly respond to the question. That's why we don't hire non nurses and non doctors as our instructors for the OET. Okay, we have another one that focuses on Oh, congratulations, you were able to share your screen it the one yeah, thank God after 34 minutes of figuring it out finally we were able to share this screen so perhaps asks your Phillip to read the case notes. Well, you still trying to zoom out and there you go.


I'll just mention the other topics. Included insert Brian's OET writing book. There's your retinal detachment, there's carpal tunnel syndrome. There's osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, amputation and surgical fixation. So you will notice that Sir Brian made sure he covered a lot of conditions or diagnosis in order for him to in and that's why he was able to come up with this compilation, brand new and original case notes with sample letters. But what about the case notes that sir Phillip has chosen for our Facebook Live session for tonight some of our live viewers might not be able to read it clearly. But what sort of Philippian do is to read it for you and identify which details are more important and which ones we are supposed to omit and not include in our letter? Okay, take it away, Sir Philip.

Thank you very much. Sure. You were a registered nurse working at New Newtown Community Hospital per patient Miss Mary bill is being discharged today. The patient's name is Mary bill. She's 66 years old her marital status single family nil, first admitted 24 June 2017 Newtown Community Hospital Discharge 15 July 2017. Her diagnosis or unstable diabetes mellitus and small infected left foot also for medical history, she has non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus for 15 years. Medications Gly Benkler mind grimmel five milligrams daily Metformin, diabetics 850 milligrams TDs, amoxicillin clavulanate or augmentin.

They were 4875 125 milligrams orally VD for social and family background. She retired at 65 from a managerial position last 2016. She lives alone in her own four bedroom house home income small pension much lower than pre retirement income reports. No relatives or close friends reports no outside interests. Since retirement alcohol intake has increased and dietary quality has decreased periodic problems with self administration of hypoglycemic medication, nursing management and progress medical hypoglycemic agent Glibenclamide to continue antibiotic therapy augment into a 44 review. At completion of current course, ulcer daily saline dressing, monitor wound margins, observe for signs of complications review, healing progress, etc. For the discharge plan, we have several monitor medication compliance blood sugar levels, alcohol intake and diets encourage moderate exercise program suggest the establishment of income producing activity, encourage establishment of social activities and finally prepare a letter to the community needs emphasizing the need for an overall lifestyle plan and suggesting involvement of community social worker service. Using the information given in the case notes. Write a letter of discharge to visit Jane roofdeck, the community nurse at new talent community health center informing her about the patient's condition and her medical and social needs addressed her letter to Miss Jane Riddick community nurse Newtown community

set an example of the kind of case notes that you will be presented with during your odd writing test. As you can see, it's it doesn't look like a chart, but it contains some of the important information that the chart would have. So that you would be able to make a judgment call, which parts of this are should be included in your letter, and which parts should not be included in your letter. You're definitely not supposed to write everything. In the real world. Of course, we submit everything we turn over if we're especially with if the patient is transferring to another area another practice we turned over all the documents of course, but a good way to think about the letter of endorsement that we're writing an obedient slick a cover letter, it's like a summary of the most important things that the next person in line, the one was supposed to edge we're supposed to provide continuity of care is supposed to keep in mind. So it's not your letter is not meant to contain everything.

There will always be pieces of information that you're supposed to discard, because they're just not as important here. In this patient situation right now, sir Ervin mentioned earlier that it would be good for us to identify which parts of this are important and which parts are not. And I agree with him completely. So, the, the perspective to have at the top of your mind is, the reason you're writing this letter is because you want to ensure continuity of care, you want to make sure that the other person next in line knows what to do when the patient arrives at his ends, and so that the patient doesn't get neglected, and that you don't drop the ball. So in other words, actual care, continued care is going to be the basis of what they're whether we're going to be including the piece of information, or not including the piece of information. So where do we find the care that we're asking the person to do? Usually, when there's a discharge plan, there's not always a discharge plan, because you're not always discharging. But when there is a discharge plan, your job is made a lot simpler, because you usually have a list there of the actions that you that the patient needs to receive. And here we have them, monitor mitigation, compliance and corrosion. Moderate exercise program suggests establishment of income producing activity encouraged establishment of social activities, etc. It's also quite helpful for you to look at the writing tasks. What does it say? It says here, inform her Miss Jane Dudek about the patient's condition and her medical and social needs. So you're supposed to provide an overview not only in the social, but also of the medical concerns of this patient. It's one of the first things we need to keep in mind is that is the person who were writing the letter to this is not always a nurse, it's not always a doctor. And even if it is a nurse or a doctor, there are many different kinds of uses. And there are many different kinds of doctors, after you say different things to an emergency room nurse compared to a community nurse compared to a school nurse compared to a ward nurse. And right now, as you can see, this is Jane Riddick is a community nurse. So that is supposed to inform our decision making on how on which of these things should be included, which of these actions are going to be things we're going to ask Miss Jane reading to do?

It's possible you see, or some parts of the discharge plan to not be directed towards the person who are writing the letter. Like it's possible, as you would see, in other case notes, if you take a look at them, maybe the first two actions, therefore the dentist, the next two actions, therefore the psychiatrists and then the last three actions, those are the ones for the days. So the first thing we do is to identify who we're writing the letter to, and then know her profession and then decide which of these actions are appropriate for our reader. And when we think about it, even though Yes, Miss Jane Riddick is a nurse and therefore, the first line, monitor mitigation compliance blood sugar levels, alcohol intake and diet are indeed well within her scope of practice.

All the others there within her scope of practice to encouraging the moderate exercise program is a yes, establishment of income producing activities. misgendered Riddick, as a community nurse facilitates access to community resources, and project set establishment of social activities. Though this, these actions are also done by a social worker, they are also done by a community nurse. So it just so happens not all the time, of course, but it just so happens that in this case, in this case notes, we have four actions, first limiter that encourage that suggests that encourage again social activities and continuous activity exercise program in those metaphors. Now that we've identified the actions that we're asking the person to do, we use these actions to go back. We go back here to the listing of the details of what happened to our patient. And then using the actions we determine whether to include the information or not Again, the reason why we're writing the letter is to ensure continuity of care. So if the information has missing is helps Miss Jane roofdeck understand the care she needs to perform, we include it, if it has nothing to do with the care that we asked her to do that we don't include it. So let's go through the slides one at a time. The What's this? The diagnosis of course, are important as she has a rather when she was admitted last June 24, last June 24. And her discharged in July 15. How many weeks has that been? That has been roughly three weeks. So she was in the hospital for around three weeks. And when she got admitted she add an infected left foot ulcer and unstable diabetes mellitus.

So you see here her medical history yet she has indeed non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. So that's type two for 15 years and it's been unstable. It's been unstable. And you have their her hyperglycaemic medication and technically male and diabetics, and the augmentin duo forte. My question here is, classmates, do you think that the all three medications are important? And they seem important? Yes, these are the medications that were provided during admission. However, it doesn't mean that they were provided during admission that Miss Jane Riddick would need to continue monitoring the patient's compliance for them if she's not taking them anymore. So let's take a look at nursing management and progress. According to that, what does it say? Medical hypoglycemic agent Glibenclamide Benkler might continue which means that it's only the clean bed that is gonna continue going on and no longer than Metformin. So maybe there's no need for her to for us to mention the Metformin or something like that. In addition, the it says here the augmentin duo 44 review, at completion of current course. It doesn't say here when she started the

what they call this, the antibiotics. But we do know that antibiotics need to be completed or else there's risk of antibiotic resistance. So I guess we mentioned the augmentin duo for this. And then ulcers, daily saline dressings, etc, and all of these other things to monitor. However, I think it's clear to us that there's a difference between the first action monitor medication compliance, blood sugar levels at all intake and diet versus all of these other things, the exercise income and social activities. And when we look back at the case notes, we see this difference in the nursing management and progress and the social and family back. The targeted 65 For managerial position. It's alone income, small pension, the relatives or close friends, no outside interest since retirement alcohol intake as decrease in dietary quality as decreased periodic problems with self administration that type of lacing medication. So it seems here that we they seem like diff disparate was another word for disability. They seem not interrelated. They seem not connected to each other, these details regarding the patient's social and family backgrounds. However, when we think about them, I wonder why is she? Why is she why do we need Miss Jane roofdeck? To what does that suggest establishment of income producing activities? Why are we asking her to encourage establishment of social activities? Well, in order for her to understand why we're asking her to do it, maybe we need maybe we need to explain to her why. So I guess we need to explain. She has no outside interests, no relatives and no close friends and she lives alone.

So putting these three things together, may be missing Jane roofdeck would have a better idea of why she needs to encourage social interaction and suggesting income activities. Why is that within her? Why is that important? Or And when we when we connect the dots here in the social and family background. She was a manager before retiring. And after she retired, she got much less income, she became much poorer. And what else happened after retirement, not only did she become poorer after retirement, but her alcohol intake increased, and her dietary quality decreased, it doesn't take much of it is it seems clear that if that these two things, they're related to each other, she because she got much less money after retirement. And concurrently, her diet and alcohol intake deteriorated, and we want to end we want her to have better diet and lesser alcohol. And then perhaps the root cause of that is the reduction in income. So we have to explain the misgendering and connect the dots between these things. That she was a manager before. And then because after she retired, she got a small pension much lower than before. Together with that her alcohol intake increase and dietary quality. Providing the context for this Jane Riddick to understand why we're asking her to suggest income. What is income producing activities? Hopefully that was clear. So the next question there so you put these things together? Was the question there is which one do you mentioned first? You mentioned these things, of course. But some things you don't mention the door. For example, the four bedroom home, you'd mentioned the four bedroom, if it's a three bedroom home, would anything change? Nothing would change. Right? If she when we say that, when we say that she retired at 65. Does that matter? Most she's 66. So this is a very recent change. This happened just like a year ago. And this helps situate that the situate this helps situate what's happening. Oh, by the way, I noticed that there's a question here.

There's a question. Why is it that we don't have to include diabetes medication?

So it says here, high medical hypoglycemic agent Glibenclamide. India. So this means that it is only the event that continues Yes. During admission, she was taking these three medications, lamelle diabetics and augmenting the workforce. And it says here that for her diabetes medications, it's the Glibenclamide. That would continue. So it seems met for men maybe not. Okay. Retired at 65 is not related. Oh, come. retirement, you notice your notice the word retirement? Retired, it's, it's mentioned three times retired at 65. Lower her income is much lower than pre retirement income. Since retirement, alcohol intake has increased and their quality has decreased. So you see, classmates that the seem to be interrelated. The there seems to be a connection between these different ideas. And as we saw earlier, making clarifying these connections for the person we're writing the letter to, is a huge part of why you are writing this letter in the first place, because you know the patient more than this person who's seeing her for the first time. And that's your job. So definitely. Go ahead.

Yeah, because earlier, I saw that it says you're supposed to write approximately 180 to 200 words, but what happens if the candidate or the nurse writes approximately 240 to 250? Words, are there penalties for that?

Thank you very much for that important questions, or it's a very common question. In fact, if every candidate examiners in Melbourne Um, don't conference, they don't. The recommended number of words for letter writing for odd is around 180 to 200 words around this important because it's merely an approximation, no one Khan's words, but what they count our ideas. So this means that they want to reassure candidates that if you do your job, right, if you give the information that's necessary, and at the same time, do not give the information that's not necessary, your letter would naturally fall around 180 to 200 words, 170 words, that's fine. 210 words, I guess that's fine. However, what already would like candidates avoid is going very much lower than the recommended and very much beyond what's recommended. So in your example, 240 words, that seems too lengthy.

That is a red flag, that is that signals that you probably included something you're not supposed to include. So maybe you invented information that's not there, or you included irrelevant information. The other hand, if your letter is too short, it's like 140 words or something 50 words, that's a pretty good sign that you forgot to include something that you should. So in that sense, a person who writes 240 words would be penalized, not because he wrote 240 words, but because of the ideas that he included that were not supposed to have been included. Hopefully, that was clear.

Thank you, sir. For that, well, here's my take on the matter. In IELTS, you're just provided with two sentences as part of the task description. And you have to expound on that idea that you write 250 to 350 words. On the other hand, it's an entirely different picture in op ed, because for Oh, Edie, you're provided with a lot of information, like I am seeing that the case notes right here has what, two pages, three pages filled with information, and it's up to the nurse to determine which details must be included as part of the letter in which ones have to be omitted. That's why notice what Sir Philip did, he did not write right away. What he did was carefully dissect the case notes, identify the ones that must be present in the letter, because it's easier for us today, when we know which details must be present and which ones must not be included in the letter anymore. So you have to be discerning in identifying the details that must be present in your letter.

So sorry, Philip, in OET writing around how many minutes would you recommend most candidates a lot, who read the case notes and carefully scrutinize the information,as long as it makes the point it gives candidates or forces candidates rather, to just read the material for the first five minutes, they're not allowed to write anything, though, they're very strict about it. However, they probably would not finish thinking about it in five minutes, I didn't finish thinking in five minutes. And that's an after the five minutes are over. That's when if you're taking the paper based test, you can write down notes, you can encircle keywords here in the case notes or if you dig into computer based test, you can start highlighting keywords, etc. You can cancel the ones that we know are in relevance, you can group together, the ones that are relevant, and how long that takes. It's really various some people they take 15 minutes to think about it, some people take 20 minutes to think about it. One thing to keep in mind is that once everything falls into place in your head, it's going to be much faster to write it down on paper to translate your organized thoughts in to an organized way in your paper. Of course some people don't for some that takes a long time, even though everything makes sense in their head. Oh gosh, how do I English this? How do I write this down in letter form? And that they think is where practice comes in. You don't know how long it's gonna take you to do something until you do. And this and how long it takes it varies. Some people they can finish thinking in 10 minutes, some people it takes takes them 20 minutes. What matters is that in the 45 minutes that you're given the right through that there, you're able to finish so find out so yeah,

Before we answer the questions of the set and row or row, we perhaps we can start with a whole eg on the spot writing and then address these questions later on, because maybe these questions can actually be answered while you are doing the writing task. Yes.

On that note, I would have to find out a way to write. So I think I should open excuse me again for a while, while I figure out how to do that. But but while I'm figuring out how to do that, there is a question here from Seth, about s bar, as part is way of writing documentation in healthcare, in the health care document, as far as appropriate in some places, in some situations, it's inappropriate in some other situations. The key takeaway here is that you cannot, you cannot make decisions about the format of your lead ahead of time. It doesn't work that way. There is no generic patient. They don't exist. One such thing. There are only unique people with unique circumstances that we must consider when writing or letters. Is it an emergency case that maybe we should prioritize the patient's current condition before what happened three hours ago. But if the patient is perfectly fine, and we want to start the story at the beginning, then maybe we should start at the beginning in this case, instead of at the end. So if as far as one way to do things, but it's, it's definitely in the only way to do this, because if there was one way to do it, then then we would all documentation would be the same, which I think we agree is not the case. So when I think So fortunately, I have Oh, there I think I got it, I do it it's a trial and error for two non techno savvy instructors.

Yes, this new platform is touching go. Okay, so let me increase the font size, so that you guys would have an easier to see this. Please.

So while you're figuring out on how to adjust the font size, here's a common from Tobias, new arrow. Well, it looks difficult, but with time it will be assimilated. Especially the freshers. And I agree with Tobias, because it's just a matter of exposing yourself to the material. Read models don't just read case notes, it's important to have an idea how the finished product must look like. So many suggestions for you to improve your writing, ladies and gentlemen, read copy and write. What are you supposed to read? Read case notes and read model letters. Don't just read model letters don't just read case notes. You have to read both. Number two, copy what are you supposed to copy? Not necessarily word for word, but the structure, which ones are proven to get at least B or 350. And the actual examination? Yes, US accepts 300 Or c plus in writing. But it's a lot better if you're aiming for 3050 So that if you fall short, then still you're able to get the requirement of the United States. But if you're only aiming for 303 100 is the requirement of us, if you fall short of your expectation 290 means paying another 587 Australian dollars to take another ODT examination and obviously there is no substitute for practice. So right because you cannot improve in writing without writing. So ladies and gentlemen, what are the three easy steps if you want to improve your writing? Applicable not just for OET but also for IELTS, PTE and TOEFL read, copy and ride there you go. So Sir Philip, perhaps you can proceed with your on the spot writing right now.

Ian, thank you very much for those some important reminders that can only improve in writing by writing, there is no shortcut to it. And it's good to have guidance in order to guide your writing. We begin with the name of the person who are writing the letter to ministry and reading, and then her position. And then her location where she's based New Town community health. So somebody asked a question regarding the data usage. Well, I believe in your case notes there are, there's an explicit line there assume that today's date is here, we can assume that the date is perhaps a discharge date. And that's why I wrote 15, July 2007. After that you have read, which means regarding what they're supposed to be two pieces of information here on the patient's full name, and then the patient's birthday. Normally, there's a birthday, in this case there isn't. So we just read her age 66 years old. And after that, if we note the name of the person we're writing to, in this case, we do we just write her name, I thought if in case we don't know this Rubik's name, then hear we hear That's right. The OB doesn't really care what afterwards just go with what you're used to. So you're going to notice that everything here is copy paste, we're just going to literally copy these pieces of information in your from your case notes. So in your first paragraph, oh, by the way, this needs to be invisible. Of course, is it possible for you to have here gray here perfectly fine. What matters is that these pieces of information usually helpful for you to have like one sort of format to follow so that whatever it is, so that you don't waste brain cells when you're writing letters making these decisions the sticker format makes like after you after these preliminaries you begin with purpose the purpose paragraph this makes it very clear to the reader what this letter is it's good for this paragraph to be short and sweet. So maybe two sentences the first the job of the first sentence is to introduce patient begin to marry admitted let's use for diagnosis and states are unstable on insulin on insulin What's another way to say that I guess that's not insulin dependent. Is that type one classmates or is that

I'm guessing it's type two that would be unstable and small. That some words are paraphrased and some are not. It's a good idea for you to paraphrase as much of the language as you could if there if it is not the best way.

But sometimes the way that it's written down in the case notes it is best to relay this information and if that's the case, then don't worry about paraphrasing because it will be your examiner's. So after to see here in the first sentence, we introduced the patient for full name. We thought it's clear whether this is urgent or not urgent. It's not urgent because I didn't say it's not I would like to urgently do repairs. refer to. And when you say refer that means that patient and reader are meeting for the first time. If, for example, Mary Belle and Jane already knew each other, then we would say I would like to return to work transferred back to your care. But I didn't do that. So here it's worth communicating several pieces of information in the very first so that we don't waste the time of our of our future. So after the first sentence, we have, we have a very clear purpose statement, what what what kind of care are we want? What kind of care do we want this person?

You're going to notice that we repeated the word care twice, and we repeated the word care in despair.

I would like to refer Miss Mary, as admitted to our hospital lest you notice that this little intervention has made our paragraph The goal is to communicate the information in the least amount possible, because less wordy and more focus on the details. So we have our first does anyone have questions at this point? It may be good for us to do.

So let's answer a question for us. He Jing is asking, sir, is it really correct to skin the heavy like miss this in some cultures, they have a dot after Mrs. or Mr. or Dr. Attorney? Some cultures they have nothing? If not there is that you are consistent in whatever form JR We jump is asking sir, just regarding about the word count, I believe it is only the body of the letter this being counted. Is that correct? That is absolutely correct. The, for example, the word count starts in I would like to refer in this letter, everything before it is copy paste. So it's not language that you created. But rather it's language that came from. So you're being assessed in your ability to create your own. And that can be seen by counting your body. Not all of those declarations that make it the purpose paragraph, we have our situation paragraphs. These are the ones that let us know what happened to our patient. And as we discussed earlier, we have two main issues or medical issues and her her medical issues and her more if there's social and admin issues, which do you think is more important? Right? which you think is more important? Classmates, the social or the medical? Sometimes it's the social, sometimes it's the Well, let's take a look. Maybe you're thinking about so the medical, according to Mary and Julian. Seth says it's the social that's more important. Medical, medical, I agree with you, it is the medical. Both are important. Of course, that's why we're going to include but we have to make a decision which is more important, because we need to decide which one we mentioned. So because the sequence in which you present information that matters. So here is the medical outcome, the medical, because your antibiotic treatment is not yet done. And we're not yet sure whether it's gonna work whether or not as you've been taking the antibiotics we've done Hello but what we do though is that she's not yet when she's doing so let's talk about that she so what are the pieces of information that we are doing she ones that were identified she has been taking parenthesis justice she has been taking antibiotics augmentin five five milligrams twice turns 50 It would be good for us to summarize the information or to put these things together so she has been taking several medications and then we can have a poll which is the way for us without missed we don't need to mention the info to offer Why did we say twice a day because oh well the case notes or not yeah sorry about that. Thank you very much. We would love to share with the case notes and that there are whatever we're working on here with Zoom and that's why we're we don't know how to split the screen here on the screen and comparing much is the taking several medications report them etc and then telegrams we mentioned the Metro should we mentioned the Metro let's think about what she needs to keep what she needs to keep monitoring and watching what you need to keep monitoring the left doesn't she doesn't she has just mentioned she has been taking several medications

There we go. And then we talked about all of these other things that the third one is redundancy and dressings, monitor the merger or sense of complications would have to we would have to summarize because we can't detail because if we do so much detail and too much diversity so how do we summarize ulcer dating so you didn't dressings monitoring? Monitor observe for signs of complications well the I would use what are all of these things we have for most revealing single dressings observe their sense of complications she it's all about the wound because she came here because

Yep, these are interventions and they're all about row has a question. Is it okay to use abbreviations using the case notes? That depends. That already says that we shouldn't have to learn it because it starts to look like a chart so we can only use them when they're appropriate you're going to notice I avoided rather DD because I don't want to have an abbreviation it's not necessary so it's better for apps in district so in these steps is correct these are interventions regarding boom we can summarize it then we skip to the seemingly more complicated which is her social situation which is another great thing she lets connect the dots that's what's more important that she retired and then we explain the process of retirement or should we prioritize the negative effect of retirement and then move backwards that's a decision that we have to make and because we should put first things first let's go with a second regarding their social situation experience oh sorry it's like for me already as I as I usually start my day at 6am apology session for you regarding her socialist she has she Key window know that's important it's me Eric relationships close friends you see that potential which was indicated for the decrease in quality it's also important for us to mention until we connected the dots Oh hold on there's reasons. In addition to Now after that in their very last which is the details of care that you're asking him to begin with appreciate so let's look at what it says here preparing letter to the committee and placing the overall lifestyle and suggesting involved community social so it's good for us to include this in the in meeting follow up as you transitions would be appreciated and this is where it should be because she has a patient. Use let us know that because when we go to the this this is not the only way to write it I'd like to emphasize that there was only one way to then your examiner's will have much less judgment to see how well the work incentives are responsive periodically. It's possible for you on some allowance we're done Hey, Ruben, how are you? Are you still okay?

Here's a question from row or row with the Guzman, is it okay to use abbreviations used in the case notes?

As I answered this earlier, it's okay. Is it the abbreviated version? The reader will understand the agreement. And if they're not doing then, for example, the imply is what you say instead of body. What can we say hypertension, and not really each or HDL? So it's a judge if defense if.

Another question for Margie Marge, is it acceptable that instead of writing the medications, we will just mention attached are the list and dosage of the medications?

Anything think so? Because part of what's being assessed is your ability to communicate these pieces of information in a way that's easy for the reader.

Okay, so, initial, that's how the finished product looks like. Basically, it's the language in between which is being assessed, obviously, they don't assess the information presented in the beginning, because it's something that you've just copied from the case notes at the same time, towards the end. Obviously, that's not included in the word count. But like what surfen emphasized earlier, the examiners in Melbourne do not necessarily count all the words in the writing test, instead of counting the words, word for word, what they do is assess the information that you have presented. Okay, so any questions from our live viewers, by the way, let me just check the fourth Monday of August, and that rather fourth Monday of September, that's September 26. And that time, what we'll be doing is is reading versus E T writing versus PE writing because like what I've said, Our turn here at Connetics college is every fourth Monday of the month. Now, before we end our Facebook Live session, any questions and we're also going to announce the names of the two lucky winners for tonight. And hopefully, they're still here. So they get to pick which which of the two prizes they want to take home. Is it the subscription to the platinum review package or in there already subscribe to that they can have one on one coaching with me and I'll sport with Sir Philip in op T. Okay, so may any more questions? And for those of you who have not jumpstarted your application, or don't forget to visit C USA that's So you just have to provide basic information like your name, your email address, and expect representatives to coordinate with you and schedule your consultation or interview. Okay, here's another question. This one is from Adele, or Ido Ramos. Can we write the whole letter in all caps like in IELTS where all caps is allowed? Perhaps some people normally write in all caps and already without what penalized

Okay, another question this one is from Hi gang sir which one is better to indicate just the need not to indicate the name of the patient in each paragraph or pronouns will do it's better to use the name of the person at least once in the paragraph and if you have to refer to the patient, you refer to the patient using

okay eg in your wrote his own version and please evaluate if this is correct. This letter is a referral for Miss Mary bedded who was admitted for unstable type two diabetes and a small infected ulcer off the left foot she is now stable and requires a follow up care following her discharge from our hospital. Your take not paragraph Sir Philip.

Sounds good. However, I think by definition of her being discharged from the hospital that she's stable. So this is information perhaps that doesn't need to be explicitly mentioned. Because you want to discharge an unstable person. So maybe remember the goal is communicating the same message in as few words as possible. So not from but it could be improved in level.

Okay, so, the question of Miss Yvonne, or Yvonne was answered already. Yes, even actually right in all caps. Okay, so if there are no more questions from the live viewers, allow me to mention the names of our two winners. Okay? The first one consistent from beginning to end. It's Marian Jewell just message me tomorrow. Not tonight, because I've been working for 16 hours already and everyone deserves a rest too. So maybe message me tonight, but I'll respond tomorrow. Choose which one you'd like to have as your price. Would you like to have the platinum subscription or one on one coaching with me and IELTS or with Sir Philip and at the end, the second winner for tonight, Jr. with Junko? Okay, he also commended from beginning to end and thank you for your participation. Perhaps we can answer the last three questions. Another one is from women among say, Can we please call after the medication? Sure. Okay, so the answer is yes. Mr. De Guzman says question, can we use best regards or respectfully yours or truly yours in our signature closing remarks?

Maybe? We're not sure. But what we are sure of is that if you know the name of the person you're writing to yours, sincerely is okay. And if you do not know, Yours faithfully is okay. Sometimes it's informal. The other form sometimes it's okay, we don't want to guess. So you might as well stick to the ones that we are sure. Why gamble.

Okay, the last question is from Miss Ramos. If ever I permit relevant information, will I be penalized?

Definitely. If you don't mention what needs the information than the person you're writing to, would not be able to perform the care that needs to be.

Okay, it's been one hour and 41 minutes. We started just before 8pm. Hopefully we did not waste your time ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, you have to follow the Connetics Facebook page, because there are a lot of information that you can get by simply following the social media account of Connetics. We also have podcasts. And every Friday there is the Anwar onwards and upwards show featuring Miss Tanya Freedman and there are a lot of inspirational stories of nurses deployed by Connetics to the United States of America. So don't forget to follow the Facebook page are connected. So we'd like to thank everyone Connetics for inviting us to do this every month in us especially to Miss Melanes, who takes care of the technicalities during our live sessions. Once again, this is her urban answer Phillip of 9.0 and I will see you next month for Connetics College is vs. vs. E or it Good night everyone. God bless.Bye, guys. Bye