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Why Should a Nurse Work With AMN Healthcare?

Career matchmakers. Career matchmakers are experts who will speak to you find out where you are in your journey. Have you passed your NCLEX Have you passed your English exam? Have you do you have your visa screen? Do you have a friend a sister colleague in the United States where you want to go to specifically, we are the ones who will find the best fit for you.

We are the largest staffing company in the United States. And that's important because as we enter this period of retrogression. This is a company that's not going to go away in the last retrogression. A main international was the only company that was still standing besides Connetics through that retrogression period, most experience in matching condition turns to the right job.

So we've been doing this for years, we know how to find you the right fit. We know how to help you with the onboarding, we know how to help you with the clinical aspects. We have the most opportunities throughout the United States. So we're going to share a bit more information about that. And both companies have an excellent reputation. So you can really trust us to help you navigate this journey together. Many of you who watch the show know that I love Oprah. And Oprah always says surround you with people who lift you higher. And that's really what am in international can do for you. It's hard as Tom Hanks said, but together we can get you through this process.