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When Does the Nurse Need a VisaScreen?

Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA Nursing Recruitment Agency: When do we need the VisaScreen?

Atty. Michael Hammond: From a legal perspective, you need the Visascreen at the time of your interview at the consulate.

As a practical matter, it's going to vary a little bit from facility to facility as to when they want you to, maybe not have the visa screen in hand, but have the English test already passed and some are going to want that before they're going to file your I-140 others or not. But from a legal perspective, the visa screen is referred to as an entry or an admission document, which means you needed at the time of the interview and obviously at the time of entry.

Tanya: One thing just to mention, remember, if you are not trained in English, in order to get the VisaScreen, you need to have passed an English exam. On the 1st of August, the CGFNS changed their ruling and they have now added additional English proficiency exams that you can take if you need to take the English test in order to get the visa screen please check out shows again on that topic because that gives nurses more choices of the different English tests that are available and accepted by the CGFNS.