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What to Eat in Texas

Let's talk a little bit about food

Back there, I think it's not that more diverse one where I came from compared to you're in Texas. So like, I enjoyed really like going to grocery shop especially like Asian markets. We have like tons of it in here in Texas. There's different Asian markets. So if you're craving with Asian foods as well, there's a lot of like, Restos, it's just near like 10 - 20 minutes away, and also Filipino restaurants. Especially for the Filipinos in here like me who's been like craving for Filipino foods and especially the Jollibee, because back in the Philippines, I don't really like appreciate it because it's just like near to our house, but moving here in in the United States that's one of the things that you'll realize that you just neglected back in the Philippines, but then here, it will be like more important because there's just like some places that there's a branch of Jollibee so that's one thing. As well as like Mexican food, everything, the people, the food, it's all diverse. So that's the good thing here.

So you can get a little bit of home and you can get that that difference with that diversity.

Ivan, what is your favorite American food to eat?

Maybe the most famous Texan food is the Texas barbecue like Roadhouse barbecue. We even travel longer than chat when we're in New Mexico we travel like for us to be able to go to the nearest Jollibee it's 10 hours for a Filipino store, Asian stores is like three hours away.

Basically, you can experience or you can try to eat anything you can eat, like any type of foods around the world in Texas. In the Philippines, we're just forced to get what we have. So Filipino food. When you eat like Japanese food it's so expensive but when you come to the United States and work in Texas or anywhere. For lunch will go to Korean, for dinner will go to Japan, breakfast tomorrow let's try African food, next day let's try Brazilian then Vietnamese. Everything basically, that's the good thing here. And the salary wise if you can afford to enjoy the food.