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The Cost of Living in Texas

Anything about the cost of living in Texas?

I think it's average in Texas because we base it from a salary. Right now, we won't be able to actually feel that cost of living because we are working as travel nurses so we earn a lot right now. With our regular salary, still more than enough to be able to buy anything that we want. In the Philippines you need to save, you need to be thrifty.

So the important thing here is that you're not rich, but at least you have enough money to buy what you want. So when you want to buy an iPhone you can just go to AT&T or T-Mobile. Basically, it's easy to get it unlike in the Philippines it would be difficult.

So right now, like inflation wise so we all know that everything is rising right now. The oil, the gas are rising. So hopefully it's gonna get better next year but as I've said the good thing here is you're earning a lot. So salary wise, Texas nurses salary earns the max would be $52 per hour if you are like 25 years and above. The entry level will be probably $27 per hour so but still at that's more than enough when you work. Pay for your house bills, for your internet, for your electricity, and you still have enough to pay for three cars, four cars. So of course, we're not like advising you to get a lot.

I think that just one word of advice from one immigrant to future immigrants. I know Chan and Ivan would agree with this is best rule of thumb when you come to the United States. I know everybody has worked so hard and really wants to come here and so excited to get you here. But it's really important , It's really good advice to start low. Start small, don't go out and rush on buy houses and three cars and things like that you really want to get used to the system. It's very different when you come here, there's a lot of adjusting it can take you six months to a year to really feel like at home. Am I right? Cha and Ivan?

Live within your means that's the downfall actually of Filipinos here like in 2008, when they bought BMW, Mercedes Benz, bought house this like this. When the economy crashed and they basically live according to their overtime so they work six days a week so their lifestyle. So their lifestyle and the cost of living is based from their six days a week, which is that a regular job. So like you pay for a lot of mortgages that is beyond your regular job so when the market crash, you don't have enough salary to pay for your mortgages. Eventually they sold everything, their properties so I think that's the thing that you need to watch out, live within your means, you need to compute. This is your regular salary this is what we need to live within.

I think that's very sound advice because you know that everything in America is a consumer economy as people say. So there's a lot of very exciting, appealing, shiny things to buy. And you've got to be really careful that you don't overextend yourself and get yourself into financial difficulty. Because you just go out and don't realize how to be financially savvy and how to be financially literate so it's really important to educate yourself about that.