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What Is Transportation Like in Texas

Let's talk transportation because for many international nurses, they don't realize that there are very few places in the United States where you don't have to drive. New York City for example is one but in most places, most people actually drive.

Let's talk a little bit about your experience with transportation and I know that you both lived in other places before but talk about specifically in  Texas, what that's been like, do you both drive? Do you have cars? Did your driving lessons? share with everybody who's watching your experience, Cha?

So in my case, since I came from another state, and then move in here, I have to transfer everything, my driver's license, my registration. So it's a pretty much a little bit stressful for me to do that.

I've already done everything except for my driver's license, because here's the thing, they said that, because it's in the middle of the pandemic when I move in here. So I have to get an online for those who are wanted to transfer from other states to here. So that's what I did. So I transferred my license, I have to book a schedule online. But the the earliest that I get will be next year. So I'm a little bit bothered about that, because I still have my Kentucky state driver's license.

As far as I know, when I research, I just have 60 days to process it before I can drive. So I call the DMV about it. And then they said, since it's in the middle of the pandemic, just disregard that ruling. And then just use your license and wait for your scheduled time for your driver's license to be transferred here in Texas.

So I'm still using my Kentucky your driver's license, so it's okay, until they transfer it by next year. But my registration, everything is all transferred here in Texas now. So it just a little bit takes time for those who wanted to transfer from other states to here. So you just have to do that so you can drive in Texas legally so the traffic itself because I came from the rural area. There's a huge difference in my driving adjustment, because I'm not using to  driving at a city. So like I've gotten bored many times. I got bored many times because it's really afraid of driving cars.

Back in the Philippines, I'm driving but not frequently driving, I just know how to drive but I consider so myself as a newbie driver. So like moving here in Texas, I came from Kentucky and n traffic there. Coming here in Plano, Texas, it's really congested. So city, a lot of traffic lights, sometimes I'm so confused with a traffic rules actually.

I'm getting used to it though with that two of months of staying in here I get used to it the traffic. And but some drivers are really nice, though and here, some are not,  but I think it's all over though. If you're a noob like me, I just recommend using Uber and Lyft. If you are going to the airport just wanted to travel somewhere better to take Uber. Because if you're going to drive downtown, it'll be like bumper to bumper. Especially for those who are new driver. So just my advice is, take Uber every time or going from one place to another just those times that it's like on downtown. Better to take Uber or Lyft so it'll be less stressed. And you know, it'll be like convenience as well.

We have a car in Abu Dhabi, UAE. So we're driving there and the Philippines as well so there are public transportations there. I mean, my first few days, I have no choice but to use bus. The good thing in the United States Is everything is easy to get, it's convenient. Like I've heard in other countries, it will take you years before you're able to get a driver's license here in United States so if you have a driver's license in the Philippines when I was in New Mexico, basically just brought my driver's license I gave it to them, gave it the registration, and I took the exam and we came here like March 2016  to get my driver's license. So it's not difficult so after a few days are sort of able to get my car so basically everything is easy to do here, everything's easy to process.

But definitely everybody like needs a car here except if you live in New York, probably the only place that that you don't need a car is in New York because it's very traffic congested and it's not practical to bring a car because like the the parking are so expensive.

So if you drive in the Philippines, then especially if you're in the capital country, then you'll see the difference. It's stressful to drive in the Philippines because it's very traffic. The people here are cautious , basically people here respects the lane. There are some whorish drones but I mean majority does so what happens is the traffic is controlled, it's still a traffic. In the Philippines, all of the cars would try to congest the road and they don't respect the lane. So there's probably one lane there's two cars together. So in three lanes, it's like 10 cars together. So it's very congested so it's very different driving here the people are very nice, when you go in in a stop sign, everybody stops, and everybody would give time for the cars to cross. So that's a big difference.