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Fun Things to Do in Kentucky

So when you're not working in Louisville or in Prestonsburg. What do you like to do on the weekends, what do you like to do for fun in the city or in the town?

To be honest, I always look towards the theatre because I like cool tourist stuff so I like orchestra, I like musical so I love to go to those places. So I like to buy tickets for that to do during the weekend and also I like to go hiking in the parks here.

We have really great parks here in Louisville so they are big, and they have a lot of fun stuff to do there. So it's a good thing to do If you have kids, like go for a picnic there or go for hiking with your family. It's a good thing to do.

On the Christmas time we had one of the parks here I think was Cherokee Park they decorated the whole park with Christmas lights. It was like a spectacular thing to go so you just go like driving the park where you usually hike and they had like Christmas songs and Christmas lights all over the sides. It was pretty, it's a nice place.

So lot to do and a lot of fun things. Nurse Juan, tell us what you like to do for fun where you live or what you do over the weekends?

Normally, during like on our day off we usually go for food trips. So we normally go out of Prestonsburg so sometimes we go to West Virginia in Huntington. So that's the closest area we're in. There's a lot more food choices it's kind of like Louisville, almost like a city type. But fewer things to do there versus Louisville. It's either food trip or sometimes we do the partying like we walk with our dog and like hike. So yeah I think that's pretty much it.

Good quality of life, which is good.