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Tips for Filing the Immigrant Petition (I-140)

I wanted to share some insider tips about the finding of the immigrant petition.

When interviewing with a potential US employer ask if they will pay premium processing because we've learned from today's show that premium processing can make a huge difference to the timelines of the consular green card.

Another insider tip, ask if the employer has completed the prevailing wage and posting. And if they have done the prevailing wage and posting that means immediate filing, which is another way of shaving some time off the the timing of the EB-3 Consular Green card.

Another insider tip, reputable agency or lawyer will provide you with a checklist of the required documents beforehand. This is important. We're dealing with the government. So there's some things that we have no control of over from a timing perspective, that we can control what we do. And that's where getting information beforehand of the documents that you need can be very helpful from a timing perspective.

When interviewing, ask if the employer will file the I-140, before you've passed the English exam, if applicable. In other words, if you have if you live in a country where you are not trained in English, and this is important, because some employers will not allow this and some will, of course, you need the the English exam and the visa screen by the time you get to the consulate. And beware of offers that don't assign you to a specific fixed location at the time the offer is issued

So if somebody says to you, oh, we have positions all over, don't worry about it. That is something to worry because you want to know where you're going to be working. And the last one is complete all sections of the I-140 form and don't forget to sign because your form will be rejected if there's any missing information. So those are just some insider tips to help our nurses provide for prepare for that second stage of the process the filing of the I-140 petition.