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What Is A Green Card?

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What is a green card? And more specifically, what is an EB-3 green card?

Okay, perfect. So a green card is us permanent residents basically, the reason why it's called a green card is because many years ago, the permanent resident card was green in color. But green card, immigrant visa, US permanent residents are all the same. It's when someone wants to reside in the United States and work in the United States permanently. They want to remain in the US permanently rather than short term. So whenever you hear the term green card, think of it as US permanent residents, people who are residing here permanently working here permanently, as opposed to temporary which are the temporary visas. That's basically it.

Okay, so the, the word I'm hearing coming up all the time is permanently, yes. Okay. So if you're a nurse who is sitting anywhere in the world right now and thinking of coming to America, this it should be really interesting to you because this means that you don't have to go home to your home country if you don't want to, because you will you will permanently be able to stay in in the US.