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IELTS, OET, PTE Exam Success Stories

Hello, it is Friday and you know what that means it's onwards and upwards.

I'm Ervin from 9.0 Niner. And I'm Luciana with Connetics USA we're both in for Tanya Freedman today co hosting onwards and upwards.

Welcome everybody. Today's topic is English exam heroes, everyone does that mean? For the longest time Connetics nursing agency helped nurses to go to the United States of America. And apparently we understand that English examinations are the main hurdles off nurses. That's why when someone passes IELTS, or OET, or PTE, or TOEFL or any of these English examinations that are needed to secure a US visa screen, they are simply called Heroes.

And we want to inspire every nurse around the world that it's not actually insurmountable to pass these English tests. That's what and that is. And Ervin is breaking up now. But what he was saying is that's why we have this show today, because they are truly heroes.

That is right. So shall we? Yeah, if you are watching, let us know in the chat where you're from, what's your name? We would absolutely love to hear from you. We have Zane from Dubai is joining us. We also have Sarah from Zimbabwe. Hello, Sara. Hello, Zane. What are my mother's Yeah, and Jack here from Bangladesh, people from all over the world. Let's bring in our wonderful guests our heroes today.

And I'd like to introduce her myself because she holds a very special place in my heart. Several years ago when she was still based in the Philippines. She's a former review we have 9.0 Niner. But what I can remember the most with Miss Agnes experience, she's very tenacious and determined. In fact, she goes to class regularly she transfers from one branch to another. And fast forward to 2022 She's already a registered nurse in New York, United States of America. And guess what? She's also a citizen of us as well. So Hello, Miss Anna. I miss you.

Oh, my no for Ervin. You're gonna make me cry. That's okay. Camino a long, long time. And my memory will always be in my heart. They helped me a lot in Algrim five, five, if and I will never forget for Ervin on my left is on my fifth time. I had one on one on one with him. I have a whole Arab eye for me. And I was like, hey, I want to go home by No, I'm gonna do it. And then I have a one on one with him up for a week. I have my test in kindness. And Noranda here for me here I am living my dream. What am I asked for? The Nine are held at for Irving. I hope I will say you're  such an inspiration to all the IELTS examinees worldwide. Absolutely. Absolutely. And we also have another nurse with us today. Introduce yourself a critique.

Hello, I'm accurately portrayal from Nepal. Tell us about yourself about your background. Okay. I was born and brought up here in Nepal. And currently I'm here in Nepal, and soon I'll be here. I work as a pediatric nurse here in pediatric emergency unit. So I recently gave my PTE examination two days back. Wonderful. That's so exciting. And we would love to hear more about that as well. And why don't you tell us about your background? Well, I grew up I came from the Philippines. I've been here in New York for having years now. But before in here, I have a lot of frognal I was born and I have more empowerment beats in your fare. And I help if the most challenging test of my whole life. It's very hard. I mean, I know it's only English. But no matter how good you are in vocabulary or in grammar or influenced me, you kind of really caught clear. I mean it will be very hard but McGraw Hill, a very reliable review fan or like Niner in For Ervin, my dream of working here in America, perhaps and for now, like for urban Smith, I try my best to help and inspire people, even if you're a normal people or you have a problem with the right to fail, and review can are your green crew. And now it's my only Al, we're only 20. And there's so many placements. Now, unlike before, eight years ago, it's only if you imagine how much money you spent would be off. But I always say this in the Florida when we're being recorded, will not stop will not move up. continue fighting and frankly, your American green paramedics and Niner are always there to help you and guide you. Thank you

know, what I like about Miss Anne is that she pays it forward why she's currently an admin of two of the biggest nursing groups worldwide. So Lefora has more than 160,000 members.

And all of the members are Filipino nurses looking to come to the United States just like that. But Miss Ana right here is sharing her knowledge to help other nurses to follow her path going to the United States. What about our third guests? We have another guest for tonight. You're on mute? You're on mute. Yeah. Hi. My name is Krizelle. Yeah, just introduce myself. I'm a registered nurse from the Philippines. I'm currently living here in the UAE. Hi, combination, did you pass is it i LSVT e or e g. I took PTE this month. Also, we have a mix. We have IELTS, we have PTE all of these new exams that have now been accepted so that nurses can come to the United States. Also, if you're looking to come to the United States, please apply at Connetics has a lot of open positions and specialties all over the United States. So if you would like, like one of the nurses here, please apply on our website. So perhaps we can talk about the experiences of Krizelle.

And I'm creepy, who passed their examination recently. Miss Anna passed the examination during the old policy of CGFNS. But our two nurses right here bounced examination after the announcement of CGFNS new policy so perhaps let's start with Aakriti, can you please share with us the initial challenges and hurdles when you prepared for your PTE exam. Okay, as PTE is very new examination for me, I didn't know about it at all. So I practiced for one month, I gave four or five mock test. And I found the speaking portion very challenging. And contrary to other listening was quite easy for me. And speaking part was quite difficult for me my fluency and pronunciation was not good as I am. I'm not a native speaker. And I practice the speaking portion more. I give the exam with confident. And I scored and I could score.

That's absolutely wonderful. And here in our chat, we have other nurses, it looks like that have also passed the exams are preparing glory saying that she has her English exam. Yes. We have here from Bangladesh watching genocide from perky. Also we have a question here from genocide, which is asking is easier? Who wants to take that? I think that Ervin would probably be the one to answer that one. Okay, instead of seeing which examination is easier, I bet it's more important to ask yourself which format you're more comfortable with. Because you are the kind of nurse or healthcare professional who wants topics to be related to your profession, then I would rather that you take OET, because in Oh et listening, you encounter a doctor, a nurse, a patient talking about the medical condition of the client, say for instance, whiplash or pulsar or diabetes or hypertension. And they're eating subjects of OET. The passages talk about phlebitis or inflammation.

And these are topics which are not totally foreign to healthcare professionals, especially in OET writing, you're not going to come up with an SE but you're going to write a letter or referral letter, you're going to endorse one nurse, one patient to another nurse, which means to say it's as if you are working in OET it's just that you communicate in English or throughout. Imagine OET speaking, you are performing the role of a nurse in their own state. So you are talking to a patient or a relative of a patient. Now for people who are not really comfortable when talking to an examiner, they might want to consider PTE because for PTE, you're not talking to a human being, you're just talking to a computer.

Basically, you're on your own. And then PTE is purely computer delivered, which means to say there is no paper based version for this examination for the speaking part. Number one, there's read aloud sentence number two, there's, excuse me Repeat. Repeat sentence number three retell lecture there is describe image and answer short questions. For people who want to be casual or conversational with their approach. They might want to take IELTS. Now speaking of these English examinations, what are the required band scores? If your goal if you're going to take IELTS speaking must be seven, well over off must be 6.5. It really doesn't matter.

Whatever grade you get for listening, reading and writing. If you want to entertain the idea of taking, OET, FYI, oh, Ed does not have an overall band score. That's why CGFNS decided that first speaking it must be B or 350. And because there is no overall band score, for OET, listening, reading and writing must be c plus or 300. In the case of BT II, there is an overall band score. So nurses are supposed to get 55 Overall, and for each sub tests agreed of 50. So hopefully, that overview will help our nurses from around the world to decide which English examination is most appropriate for them. What about Miss Krizelle? Right here who took the examination in UAE? Would you like to share your experience to the rest of the nurses watching the show right now?

Yeah, sure. So I became the PPE here in Dubai. Luckily, there is an exam center here for PPE, because it's not that common, unlike IELTS and a weekly. So it's quite easy. I can say, with the scheduling and taking because it's only like computer based. And it's the result can be available in just less than three hours. The hours that's  bad. Kriz, tell us why did you decide to become a nurse in the United States? So yeah, maybe most fellow RNs will agree to me that we can achieve financial stability and career advancement in the US compared to our home country. So that's the reason why I decided and it's like working for your retirement.

Speaking of the need for nurses in the United States, Miss Ana, right here is a nurse in the US and little more is going on around the US badly needs nurses. So let's verify is this true that US is indeed in need of nurses or there's an oversupply of nurses in the US right now? How real talk through for us in dire need of nourishment, like to fill in obergurgl. Everyone is leaving bedside from our fire everyone doesn't want to work anymore, or hungry who want to have told him that he made fun. That's why a mugger area or for being a nurse in the US being a problem or not working for regular nurse or hiring a learning plan. Regular staff nurse immigrant nurses problem nurse everyone hear me and go on they're all about nurse about me or being a Filipina wherever you are. Come here go get your class B il or your PTE rating. Are you when you haven't seen me have a lot of new friends.

And Anna, why did you decide to come to the Unit ed States? Number one reason you like Michelle for a female called green so I worked in the Philippines for 12 years and over in their industry and I only earn $200 a month I never paid any money were no benefits I love to eat I love my work experience but I believe we got nurses there are over war and I'm working when I'm gonna value and you want to have a family night right now I have a one year I have 100 year old daughter of course we all want the best for our well being of war Am I like I have political morale for my poor will be better my family and seems I have a lot of I have vitamins in us how free but I thought I can work for you play we have their own wife Levin. I can hardly meet so many speaking and of thriller I want to go back to school. Require I am here in the US or no green your class. I'm not gonna deny you and I am grateful I own whatever is right for now. It's happening my American dream. You know, I prevent the help of Niner. Of course, I will always be grateful for Irving.

Congratulations, Miss Anna and Miss Krizelle for your success. Both of them are from the Philippines. But we'd like to ask Miss a critique of Nepal. Isn't the situation the same in Nepal? Are the nurses over they're underpaid and overworked as well? Yeah, that's the problem here. We have to work very much but we are so underpaid. And my choice for choosing us is that for financial stability and for professional growth, and as well as they provide this permanent resident visa. So as and we're seeing that glory here in the chat is asking please with my English exam, only can I register with Connetics USA? Or should that take the NCLEX exam before I can register? That is a really good question glory. So what we do here at Connetics USA we're matchmakers and we match you with a health care center, a health care facility here in the United States, we take care of green cards, our we have partners that take care of green cards for you.

And we also help you get through the licensing as well as onboarding Circle of Support once you receive once you come here to the United States. So you're completely supported through the entire process, we do say that it is best for you to be able to get started for you to have your NCLEX exam taken done. And then we can connect you with an employer here in the United States. Now, from there, you can take the isles or the PTE or the OET exams. During this process. When you're going through immigration. When you're getting all of this paperwork done, you cannot begin you cannot start until you pass the English exams. But it is part of the process. And that's why Connetics we help you out we do have an NCLEX scholarship as well as an English exam scholarship. So make sure everyone to stay tuned to the end of the show. Because we have a special winner who is going to be at receiving our English exam scholarship. We will pay for you to go through a course we will pay for you to make sure that you get this exam pass so make sure to stay to the end of the show and we will be announcing the winner.

This is how generous Connetics is imagined back then when Miss Anna applied. I can't remember if there were employers or direct hire agencies that offered free NCLEX review free NCLEX exam free IELTS review and free IELTS exam. So the nurses right now are in a much better position with blessings left and right and I think Miss Brazil can attest to this one because the process now is a lot faster as compared to before so before I asked Miss Crisco, I want to double check with Miss Anna back then how long was the processing like did it last for two to three years several years ago hurts I'm the oldest one here but you are nervous now are very blessed where are you from? That it can be or we have no grinning higher we have no chromatic not held up a our apartment and it took a while but I waited a year.

I was abandoned on twice by my English and we have no Oh, homie Brock will help us out for what I will do. I, I bought a newspaper, and on a weekend, I'm going to cut it out. And on Monday I will apply human agency. Well before it got really hard man honey and law reform for her very mean. And like now again, everything you have available and you have or you have a point or five in nine or you know nerfed come here. I mean, I don't you have no any reason at all that you're American green.

Perhaps the reason why we asked Miss Anna to share her experiences, because we'd like to compare this with Miss Krizelle experience with Connetics, because as Miss Anna mentioned earlier, it was very difficult several years ago, but now everything is provided by Connetics to the applicants. So Mr. Rizzo would you like to share your experience with Connetics from NCLEX to IELTS or PTE visa screening and all the other support systems that Connetics offers to the applicants right now? Yeah, sure. Yeah. So once I passed my NCLEX, I immediately applied through the Connetics website.

And I know, I know someone who is already there in the US who came there with the help of the Connetics as well. So I'm very glad that I was hired by one of the employers of Connetics. So the journey, I can say that it's smooth, and they're very welcoming. And, yeah, I got my offer within a month of applying. So I was very happy. And my process, initial stages ongoing, I can say that I'm already angry, glad that the, with their help, because they're very approachable. And I can ask questions, and they will answer me through email, if any concerns with the process because I know, process through the years, it's very difficult and hard to, to learn. And they're very expert with on this. And I can say that they are very generous with providing a free IELTS or English exam review. And I was very lucky to avail one of those services. Like an epic.

It's so wonderful to hear that Rizzo. And we absolutely love all of our nurses all over the world preparing to come here and those here in the United States. And we have Jade right here in the chat who's saying I am one of the scholars for the NCLEX RN, fantastic. That's absolutely wonderful that you're part of our scholarship program. We see I don't know if I'm saying that wick and see how is asking Connetics only except for the nurses. How about health care assistance. We take all specialties, nurses, med tax, all of these positions that you can think about. We have them here in the United States, because as our guests have told us earlier in urban, that there is a nursing shortage here so we need nurses, I understand that in countries like Brazil, for example, there's a job shortage for nurses. So come here to the United States. We need you, we need you.

I'm very thrilled because when I met Miss Tanya, when she visited Manila, she told me that Connetics has employees across the United States and Connetics was recently awarded as one of the biggest nursing companies in the United States and top one for that matter. So I'd like to ask Miss Aakriti to share her experience with how responsive how professional and ethical the people of Connetics are. In order for the other viewers right now, we still don't have any or have not signed any contract with direct hire agencies in the United States. I applied Connetics after passing my NCLEX examination and I got my offer letter later after one week. And after that, the members of connected USA are very friendly and they are replying every time they are like every time very close to us. If I have any problem then they reply me immediately and I think my processing is also being very fast. I'm very happy that I get chosen by Connetics USA

Well, we absolutely are so excited for you to come to the United States in Brazil as well and hopefully you know you'll end up like Anna who just this year became a citizen which is so exciting. We have Gloria here, who is also asking, please, how long does the process take after passing? The NCLEX? It depends Gloria on where you're from, every country is different on how the entire immigration process can go has to do with the visa bulletin, checkout, Connetics, Joe says website. We have a lot of information there about immigration. So you can learn about that. And then as far as the English exams are concerned, Anna, tell us how long did it take after you took the exam to get your scores? I can't remember. I mean, three weeks a month. It's been eight years ago. I remember it.

We have Kuwait or I remember, I need it for a month. Am I right for Irving? Yeah. Right now, there is a difference between the availability of results for IELTS on the birth versus IELTS on computer because if you take the paper based version, the results are out after 13 calendar days. Or B, or D 18. calendar days. However, if you're taking IELTS on computer, the results are out in as fast as three to five days. That's why if you are that anxious type of person, you don't want to be sleepless for 13 Nights. Might as well take the computer delivered version because Voila, in just three to five days, the results are out.

And earlier I remembered Miss Krizelle saying that she got her results in less than three hours. But you know what, guys, here's a joke in the Philippines because when you take PTE, it's on the 27th floor of trading tower in Makati. So after the examination, when you go down, when you arrive at the lobby, you get to know your result already. In the Philippines in less than 15 minutes, you get to know whether you made it in the examination or not. That's how fast the results are if you're taking the tea for me and pray main arena

I love that you put that idea of an elevator I've been very nice. And then the 27th floor imagine like taking a test on the 27th floor you feel like you're on top of the world, right? You can do anything. I pretty what was a test day like for you whenever you went in to take your test. On the test day, I was really afraid. I didn't know about this exam. It was first time I was giving this exam and I reached here half an hour earlier. And I went there and it's the computer best days to I think it's like giving NCLEX it's same from that Pearson Vue. So all the official documents taking and all others things were similarly like that NCLEX and I went and that I see it on the desktop, and this and they logged the ID and my exam started. And I give my exam. And it was so crowded. We had 10 people in a single room while giving that exam. So it was very difficult for me to give the speaking exam in that repeat sentence part.

Oh, okay. Mrs. Brazil said that she prepared for the examination for just one month and we have a lot of nurses worldwide who are so busy, busy at work, they have a lot of priorities at home. So for Miss Brazil who just prepared for one month, what is your advice to people who are also in a hurry to take the examination? Yeah, so I can advise them that they can allot like two to three hours per day or every other day to practice. For example, each section. And then when you master each section, you can do the mock tests for like, straight two hours like you're doing like when the day of the exam. It's like you're doing it every time at home.

So you will be familiar, familiar, right? So familiarize and it will be confident enough to take the exam on the test day. Yeah, only you will have to know that on the exam day you will not be alone you will be with other exam examinees so the difficulty on that will be even though you have a headset on. You can hear their voices and you just have to focus on your on your own

Anna How did you prepare for the exam? What did you do I understand that you also had an extra challenge especially with the speaking part. Tell us about that and how did you prepare for the exam? Well I my final IELTS and in Europe point 14 I resigned from my job I enrolled myself in a speech therapy class for two months. And my classmates were young have a 12 year old and then I have a one on one therapy. And every morning or am I no makeup or any I will go all dry mouth at confines from sci fi. And I will review all the materials that I got from God now you never I will record myself. I hear that I'm having a hard time. Already announcement of the War of AI really any event or look for another war? Ebola army helped me a lot for the Niner I'll do it. I'll make four out for three minutes time. Or comment a real me at least I'm a mob three minutes. And then since I'm not working anymore, I wrote for all the minor run tests I ever do myself or one on one.

I'll walk over at Brent when a man for Ervin like I was doing a minor I have a blue salmon there are so many coming up real gray me. And then we will only remember a theme that was hard. I almost want to move up. I feel like Am I really gonna do it this time and I'm gonna pass it. And my parents were like calling Are you Who are you really want to work with us? I mean, I know you have Brian from a DTC or I am I can IL and whenever I feel about someone's home, I wrote it for Lara and I cry in my heart. I'm going to I'm not going Niner ever they have opening or eating except I'll go there and my final for Irving. And I'm going to events, that kindness, they have a exclusive and I forgot how I prepare a lot of times a lot of hard war that I need for refine, if I really want to pass I believe you really want to get from a you have worked hard for it. Do your 101 or friend reading and of course we're gonna write review. For I always mention it helped me a lot. Right, Ray me time to do my speaking on how I prepared for seven years ago.

Connetics recognizes the importance of an effective and structured review program. Why a lot of staffing agencies or direct hire employers do not invest in the preparation of their applicants thinking oh, there's YouTube for that there is a proliferation of materials on the internet. Why don't you just watch lectures on YouTube? The problem with this there is no communication. Because learning is one way you can ask the YouTube lecturer certain questions. And when you have hesitations or reservations in mind, you won't get the answer because you are not talking to someone who can address your concerns right away.

And that's the point of one on one mentoring. Exactly why Connetics is not afraid to invest in the preparation of the nurses. So good thing because Connetics in every month on the average produces around 100 passers for English examinations and when you pass your English test, definitely you're on the way to the United States. So perhaps we can ask Miss a creepy how the Connetics sponsorship for her PTE II review helped her in preparing for the examination without just relying on YouTube and some practice tests on the internet.

Okay. I couldn't add in the classes provided by coming to usc due to my working hours. So I practice it by myself. I gave some to do for mock test, and I keep my exam I only practice for one month. So I couldn't take the classes.

One month. My goodness, congratulations. That's fantastic. And some people take one month some people take years and that's totally fine. It's totally normal. English is not an easy language to learn. And it's not an easy language to speak in. There are all these weird colloquialisms and different ways to say things and Ervin I know that you see this all the time. Time. And also there are different sections on each of the tests. Chris, they'll tell us was there any particular section that you found the most challenging? I can say for myself that it's speaking, because I get a bit tense when I know that I am being scored when I speak.

So I practice those sections a lot. Good thing is the highest part of the speaking section is the read aloud. I am a bookworm. So I love to read. So, the speaking section, read aloud is the highest portion and you can do like practices to speak naturally, you know, normal speed. And I can say the describe image and retell lecture, I found that moderate difficulty. While in the repeat sentence, I found it very difficult for me because you have to memorize what the speaker have said. And your retention is being scored in this part of the speaking section. There repeat sentence.

Miss Anna earlier mentioned that she took the examination for five times and guess what a lot of people easily give up after two instances after three attempts. They don't want to pursue with their American dream. But perhaps one of the reasons why Connetics is doing this onwards and upwards show every Friday night is to keep that fire burning. You have to keep on fighting because it might be challenging, it might be a long and winding road, but I promise it's all worth it the moment you're granted that visa, that immigrant status in the United States that citizenship, which is your long term goal. So Miss Anna any words of advice or words of wisdom to those who have struggled and are about to give up even in just two attempts or three attempts? Oh my god no never ever give up no matter how hard how expensive or how I consuming any never give up? You're allowed to cry? Why and ran better again may Amalga plan maybe your plan is network E. me another Plan B's me smooth. Do you know what your time all right your time? Well, I really want to see my American dream.

What am I reading my American dream? Financial freedom, but you're going to be a US superfan. It will be easier for you to travel. And I believe America might not be a place but hey, I must say America is the best thing that happened to my life for my family and small group. Plan ahead. You know, we're trying you're getting tired reviewing and is very expensive. Imagine I find what I started with 8000. And then I ended up never stop from painful, but Niners never review fans are very affordable. And it's like 24/7 available. We have no all night class before I really have to wake up, get up and go out and run or I'm gonna make fun. Now I'm doing online. And for Ervin has a pug. I won't need it anymore. But I still want to review when everything's all nervousness, please never give up. One time, one time, you know, make a plan. You're working for yourself, but for your family and relatives. Call me and say I know it's gonna be easy for a normal people like me. But please always remember me whenever you feel like you're almost gonna do that. If I can make her and I can make it happen. I'll see you here.

I love the heroes. That is a hero right there talking and that is the beautiful part about the United States is that we have opportunity. And it is part of our culture, not to give up to keep pursuing to keep climbing because there is that opportunity here in the United States. And of course, if you would like to apply to Connetics USA, we're ready to go to give you a call. And we do as Anna was saying we do classes we do courses and one thing that we recently started was new show is a new show every Monday and it is called Connetics college. What Connetics college is courses for you free courses alive. Ervin is one of our English exam instructors, you and your team over there. I've been given us a just quickly about Connetics college and your new podcast for everyone watching this show right now. And for those of you who are about to watch the recorded version of this one, we are inviting you to participate every Monday. It's 8pm in the Philippines, but what about the US time? Miss Luciana? Please,

US time. It's 5am. Pacific Time 8am. Eastern time, it's 4pm in the UAE. And then even you know the time in the Philippines. Yes, it's 8pm in the Philippines. So that's every Monday. So first and third Monday, Monday of the month, it's free plus for NCLEX. Because obviously you need to pass your nursing examination, second and fourth Monday of the month. It's for English examinations. So for NCLEX we have a spire, RN and IPASS to give you free classes for NCLEX anything related to the examination, then every second and fourth Monday of the month. It's the turn off the Swoosh and Niner.

So Swoosh is in charge of listening and speaking while Niner is in charge of reading and writing. That's why please mark your calendars. Make sure to attend the October classes of Connetics college so you get to see here on your screen, October three with a Sir Paul Biluan Dr Paul and free NCLEX class. And then October 10 with Mr. Scott Johnston off Swish, October 17 Sergej Padam off IPASS mentoring Academy, and then I'll be with Sir Brian to talk about taking the IELTS online test at home. I recognize that the CGFNS right now still does not accept IELTS online test at home. But if I may share with you, if anything, if history is anything to go by, we always start with a pilot stage. So right now it's just academic exam, which you can take it home. Eventually, they will offer general training IELTS online test at home, meaning that you don't have to go all the way to the testing center. And for some people, they have to travel from one city to another fly from one region to another just to take the examination. But thank you IELTS for making this happen. Because now you can take the examination at home on your own computer. Eventually, we are praying that CGFNS will also consider this one because this is a huge help to all the applicants worldwide who have problems with finances in traveling and in allocating budget for hotel. That's why 9.0 Niner is test to talk about taking IELTS online tests at home on the fourth Monday off October.

Yes, and we understand a committee that you did a self study. But let's get on to exam day. So you're about to take your exam. Where did you take the exam? Because it's been said that it's offered so many different cities all over the world? Did you have to travel and what was it like walking into that building your exam day. Like I was really nervous that day. And my exam center was only 30 minutes away from where I stay here. So I went there. And I was very nervous because it was computer based examination and I was not sure about it. So there may be any technical either. Also, if I keep my all the best, but there could be technical ear eaters that would decrease my marks. So I was so afraid to give the exam, but somehow I managed the conference to give the exam.

So I'd like to greet Miss Meredith Stokes off Pearson, and she's also working with Mr. Mark Flores, who is the channel manager of Singapore and  Philippines. So if you're taking the examination in the Philippines, there is a promo code that you can use that entitles you to a 10% discount for DTE. And I had to say that because I saw her comment here, email us at us And they are going to give you a free practice test code for OBD II. That's very useful, especially for people who don't have plenty of time, like two months or three months a lot for the examination. So any freebie, any material that will help you in maximizing your potential of passing the test is obviously gold dust. So thank you Miss Meredith and thank you Pearson

It's gold. I'm cool. Hello, Kevin. You have it. Struggle so I don't know what the other nurses are waiting for. Somatic compare nine. Are you familiar who grabbed me Is your prime waiting time for number one me so? Well, people are jealous of you and because of where you are. And you know, Chris Zell, we understand that you are also packing your bags to come to the United States from the UAE. When you took the exam, what was your exam day life?

So, I taken my exam, like in the afternoon, so I still reviewed before I go to my examination building. So I tried to review still, well, I'm waiting for my time. So the it was like, I had to walk for 15 minutes before reaching the building. And I was gasping for air.

And my concern at that time is I will not be able to speak naturally because of the long walk. But things that I was able to prepare myself and speak naturally for the speaking part of the test and my nerves were kind of okay, and that they thank God. And yeah, so that I was able to pass the PT on the first time. Congratulations, Miss gazelle. Well, I'm just curious because Miss Anna earlier mentioned that when she was still working as a nurse in the Philippines, she only earn $200 per month. But now is it fine? Is it okay? If you can share with us how much you're earning as a nurse per month in US dollars to inspire the others who are still doubting or procrastinating and might be thinking oh, you this might not be for me. Just leave for next. The process, just arrange Well, I'm gonna hire

like me to more or less $2,000 Or like, one 1.5 1500 US dollars a month, like that. New York for that matter. I'm gonna read it to a mouth for Ervin and everyone's listening. So my aim here seven years ago, I'm a regular staff nurse, I'm earning 45 $5 per hour as an owner for 18 Every month, or $5,000 as a regular Oh, one stop nerves are working at the rug liner for a three year payment traveler. And my rate went up to $110 per hour.

So now I'm getting a weekly adds on the hospital. It depends on the need. But I thought oh our problem nerve, our range is very high and in demand. So I'm getting in between $2,500 Or rather, in a week in a week. Paying for a bit of money that big responsibility for you gotta save for it. It's all worth it for us right to point out. It's not easy. I mean, but we when you can go money coming in your hard work as an elephant an elephant, I was crying. Only $200 in a month. Well here only two hours. And then you have your family you're able to help your family back home. And we're so many drugs here. You won't want to walk up Paul, traveler news. You're gonna want to work nights or weekends. We're in an orange for every for I don't know why what are you waiting or timeout Canary. Review is minor. We have so many reforms and people will help you. I'm here or here. I'm not very painful. I want to inspire if I'm able to do it, you can do it. I mean, I love it. But we have to go where our heart belongs and for our family. Right for our

Yes Look at the exponential growth $200 per month then she when she moved to the US upon entry, she can possibly earn $200 In just four hours because back then she was earning like 40 to 50 per hour and now $200 I think she can earn that in just two hours. So guys $200 from one month to just more hours and now just two hours. So you are fortunate because everything is sponsored by Connetics, all you need to do is to believe. Because when you believe you are halfway there, it's always the first step, we take it one step at a time. But if you are on track, and with the help of Connetics, you will go to the United States mark my word one day, and I hope that it's sooner rather than later. Absolutely. And Anna, that's such a wonderful story for you to share.

But I do want to let our viewers know that the salary is based on your specialty, it is largely based on the cost of living. So depending on what city you live in, so New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. And, and California, like San Francisco is the same way. So every, every state, every city has a different cost of living. So whenever you start working here in the United States, your salary, your hourly salary, and your overall salary is based on where you are living. So always keep that in mind. Whenever you're thinking about these numbers. It is a substantial difference, though. And you can you can absolutely start a whole a whole new journey for yourself a critic, as have you already been placed? And where are you going to go to in the United States?

In North Dakota, wonderful, you're gonna be making snow angels. The White Christmas? Oh, go ahead. I was just thinking because Mr. Christie right here is going to North Dakota, while Miss Ana is in New York. But what about the experience of Miss Brazil? Was the specific state that she had in mind when she applied with Connetics? Or was it Connetics that helped her to identify a state where she wants to possibly work someday? Well, I can say like, it's like destiny. Because the message me email me that there's only one slot available for an interview. And I would like to be hired as soon as possible. So I took that chance. And I was able to pass the interview without thinking a specific state. So I passed in this, one of the employers in Texas, and I was very glad that I took that offer, because they accept the PT II as an English. I mean for visa screen. So I think that's what I meant to be. That will be where I will be going.

Chris out, when you passed that exam, the English exam and you know, had the score in your hand. What did that feel like? Because that's what got you into this state of being able to come at the job. What was it like when you got your exam results? I truly my sister was the one who took the first glance, I saw she was joking me that, oh, your score is just like this. But when I saw my stores, I couldn't believe it that one of the sections, like the listening, I got 90, which is the perfect score. And then the rest are like above 70 and 80. So I was very glad and thankful for the scores that I've got, and all the hard work paid off of this support system. And they helped by Connetics really paid off.

Well, congratulations, you are meant to go to the United States. It's written in the palm of your hands. The stars have aligned and sent Connetics to help you with the process. May I just look at some of the comments here on our Facebook Live. Let's acknowledge the responsive participative and active live viewers. Hello, Miss winsky How she said thank you Connetics and Sir Ervin for this FB Live session. It's more of Thank you Connetics for inviting me. Thank you Miss Luciana. I got her message last night less than 24 hours ago, but I can't say no to connect. So whenever there is a meeting, Zoom event, anything that has something to do with Connetics I always say yes, because Connetics has a very special place in my heart. And believe me, I'm not alone.

We have we are 1000s of people who have love and support for Connetics Okay. I said oh man, I need a co host. And I said sure. 100% Yes, without a doubt no backing up. Venetia Sardar is watching all the way from Pakistan and beneath You said, like the Philippines or like in the Philippines, the salary in Pakistan is just 200 US dollars per month. So good thing for you because there is an opportunity for nurses to go to the United States and a lot of people, especially the bashers, that attractors and naysayers, they tell me, how come you are pushing for the idea of going to other countries when you cannot even help yourself to go abroad. And I tell them if only I were a nurse, but I'm not a nurse, that means to say I'm stuck in the Philippines for the rest of my life, because I finished a degree in communication research, and they are not a lot of opportunities for me to go abroad. So look at the writers that you might be earning $200 For a month in Pakistan right now.

But this is actually preparing you for a brighter future to the United States, something that I can only dream of, because I'm never qualified to apply. So it might be challenging for now you were saying the monthly salary or doing NCLEX but you know, what you have, you are in the right profession. And with the help of Connetics, you will be in the United States someday. And we also Saira figa, from Zimbabwe, very active, because when I did the Connetics college class earlier this week, she was also present. And now four days late she's also present. So thank you for sharing the good news of Connetics to the rest of the people in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa. But Miss Luciana here's a question from Jade Dominus Bellamy for Illinois, did they accept PTE as an English exam? Should we ask representatives from Connetics to coordinate with her regarding this matter, please?

Absolutely. So right now, what's happening is that the CGFNS just about a month ago, I think it was the CGFNS is a national organization that to explain it kind of gives the rules of who can come the nurses to come to the United States and what is needed in order for them to come as far as licensing and other paperwork that you need to have before you come. So recently, the CGFNS announced that the PT E and OET exams also counts for the visa screen the immigration parts of coming to the United States, the IELTS has been accepted for quite some time. But now we also are helping nurses with their OE T and their PTE exams, because that will help them with the visa screen. Now remember, Connetics is a direct hire company. So therefore, we're not just doing a work visa for you to come we are helping you with green cards. So in order to get the green cards, you need to do the PTE, the OET, or the isles exams and make sure that you go to if you don't have your NCLEX if you don't have your English exam, that's fine. We have scholarships for you. We will help you with these courses. We will help you get through this and we'll help you achieve your American dream.

I guess I spoke too soon because after reading the comment of Miss J Dominus talk name, I failed to see the comment the next comment which came from Miss Meredith soaks up Pearson And yes, she has just verified Illinois added PTE to the lily coming in state by state we're still learning which state can go with which exam our English exam team here at Connetics knows much more about that than me. So they'll be reaching out to you and giving you more information about that and as well as Ervin. We have forming opinions from and Connetics mayhem from involved placement rate or so just in case you're interested to know which states accept this and that it's always a good idea to verify when Connetics for the latest update, but like what we've said, as months go by as weeks go by more and more states recognize the other English examinations because before it was just IELTS. Now don't be surprised if there are 18 states accepting PTE, even next week, it will be 22 The following week, who knows it might be 26 Then we'll never know maybe before Christmas, all states are going to we'll never know we're speaking to so it's just what the last day of September. But imagine in just one month a lot of State Boards of Nursing accepted the other English examinations. So definitely we welcome this as a step in the right direction.

Let's go I cannot believe that we're running out of time here this this conversation has been so fun and it's gone. So Faster. Let's do some final advice here. A critic for anyone who is preparing to take their English exam. What is the biggest piece of advice that you can give them? Oh, I think practice and consistent consistency. I don't think is pities Hi hard, comparatively, it's easier than IELTS You just have to practice and I think 15 days or one month is enough. If you practice regularly, users have to be confident while speaking. All that matters is the confidence. Second computer assisted test. S

o the result also comes within two hours of giving exam. And it's quite easy, I think. Then I else. Thank you, Mr. Crazy. What about final words of advice? or words of wisdom from Miss Brazil? Who is based in the United Arab Emirates? You're on mute because Al. Yeah. So my piece of advice is to stay motivated, keep on practicing, and have prayers really works a lot. Yeah, God will guide us throughout this journey, especially in the taking into English exams. What about you and our last words of wisdom and advice. I know I've covered a lot of things. But please, never, ever leave out never for rendering, no matter what will happen. No matter how hard how time consuming, how expensive, you're gonna be that you're never gonna be able for me to grow American dream. And you're gonna meet a lot from never to wonder her words of inspirational and motivational messages from our guests. So once again, we'd like to thank Miss a critique of Nepal, Miss Brazil, formerly based in the Philippines, but now in the United Arab Emirates and Miss Anna, a former Filipino citizen, but now a travel nurse, a citizen of the United States and based in New York.

Thank you all so much for joining us. Now before we leave. As we promised, we have the English exam scholarship winner drumroll please. And the winner is. Congratulations to male Patrick Joseph. Wonderful. You have now been officially sponsored but the scholarship from Connetics USA to take your English exam, we'll be putting you on a course and we will help you pass. Congratulations. Congratulations. We wish you the best in your exam preparation and actual examination Mr. Neal. Yes, and thank you so much, everyone who is joining us who is looking to come to the United States. Again, if you would like to apply we are standing by, we will help you with your exams, as we said, we have open here that also gives the courses with Niner. To help you. I want to talk a little bit less bring up Connetics College we have a wonderful program. As Ervin said, you've already seen this. But just as a reminder, every Monday, we have a new class for you between isles and the NCLEX classes. Onwards and upwards. As you know, we are here every Friday. Here's our schedule for our upcoming shows.

On next week, we're going to be focusing on the NCLEX exam. There is a new next generation NCLEX exam, new rules new format. We're going to be giving you all the information here. The next week, our immigration Q&A. We have our immigration lawyers jet joining us who will give you all the information you need about immigrating to the United States at answering your questions. This is your opportunity to ask your questions to our lawyers, our lawyer partners on October the 18th. We have our love for a talk show. We're going to be talking about Filipino nurse associations in the United States.

There's a lot of support here for you. And there are organizations to help you we will be meeting with them on the 21st state side because of our state sideshows. We focus on different states and everything that there is to do their things for kids entertainment, whether and we're going to be focusing on North Carolina, we did a poll we listened to all of our nurses voted North Carolina was substantially in the lead. So we're giving you what you need Tober, the 28th the RN transition, bringing your spouse to the United States is not easy. So therefore we also Want to support your spouses helping them with information about getting a job whenever they get here getting recruited? Because yes, it is about the nurse, but it's about your family as well. And so we want to make sure that we give you that advice. Thank you so much everybody for joining us. And as we say, Irvin onwards and upwards in Connetics. Thank you so much, everyone. Bye