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Live in the Northeastern Part of the US - Best Places, Cost, Culture, and Work

Hello and welcome to Connetics weekly show onwards and upwards. It's everything a global needs to know to live and work in the United States. My name is Luciana Da Silva. I'm your host today. Of course, if you are a nurse that's looking to live and work in the United States, please send us your application to We are ready to help you succeed and achieve your American dream here in the United States. We have a wonderful show for you today we're going to be discussing the north eastern states of the United States. And here at Connetics USA and also with our sister company, O'Grady Peyton. We're both part of the AMN healthcare international family. And we have positions available in every specialty in every state. Let's take a look at this job map that we have here. And you'll be able to see everything's color coded, direct hire, everything is in green staffing in the navy blue. And guess what there are states that have both options for you direct hire and staffing. Connetics USA is a direct hire company. And O’Grady Peyton is a staffing company. So we have all the options that you want to be able to come to the United States. Now. Let's get to our show today. We have several guests with us. We have a full house today. So it's going to be a fantastic show. Let's bring in our guests to say hello, and welcome. We have Meg Meyers, the travel nurse hacker, both no strangers to this show. Also, Cherlita thank you so much for joining us. Of course, this is an open question and answer for you to ask your question to this wonderful group of ladies about looking in the room about living in the North East.

I am tongue tied today, because I am so excited. So please put your questions in the chat. Let us know where you're from. We love seeing people from all over the world watching our show. We have let's see a LinkedIn user is saying that they just passed the NCLEX. I have the PTE scheduled for November, wonderful love and years of experience. I am not working because I live in Europe. Can I apply to Connetics nursing job agency? We have all sorts of positions available to us. So yes, once again, And we will absolutely help you achieve your American dream. And everyone here on this panel today has achieved their American dream. And they are here in the United States here to tell you about it. So let's get to introductions. Mariam go ahead, introduce yourself to our audience. Hi, everybody. Good morning. My name is Mariam. I've been an RN for the past 14 days and counting. And then my mom entrepreneur and the nurse. Welcome, everybody, to this program. Oh, thank you so much, Mariam. Kaye, go ahead and introduce yourself to our audience. Hi, good morning, everyone. Good evening Good afternoon my name is Kaye Mendoza. I'm a nurse here and in the Northeast ghosts been traveling nurse for 18 years just around northeast ghost, and operating room nurse. I am an advocate of work smart, not hard. Again, you know, we're nurses, we have to be very careful with our health. So I'm here to share everything that I need to know about that. Thank you so much for joining us, Kaye. Nzubechi I don't know if I'm pronouncing your name, but it seems wonderful. Introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, my name is Nzubechi. I'm from Africa. I got into the US through OGP has been a wonderful journey. Here in the Northeast working as a nurse and one of the biggest suites are very good for us. I'm happy to be here. I'm happy that you join us today to have your experience to ask a question halfway experience and know what to do to join us in this US pastor atlas. Thank you so much. Mag another person that is not a stranger to our show. Please introduce yourself. Hi everyone. I'm Meg Myers. I am from Connetics AMN international team. I am working with some great hospitals in the Northeast so I am not a nurse coming from another kind, but I am helping them come to some of these great hospitals. So happy to share some stuff about the Northeast today. And Jelly is saying what an exciting discussion it is going to be an exciting discussion. So let's get to it. Mariam, tell us, why did you decide to come to the United States? I have so many reasons. But one of it is I have been wanting to be in the United States of America, it has been my dream come true. It's not today, it even started before my journey of being a nurse. It has been my dream to work in one of the world I'm in and USA is the world's biggest, economical country. So it has been my dream to work in USA. And then I started the journey with OGP AMN and 2018. So my major reason also is to bring up my children so that they can be able to study in one of the biggest schools in the world.

And to train them here. So that's my reason. Those are wonderful reasons. Okay, give us a little bit about your background, and why did you decide to decide to come to the United States? Very interesting background for me, I actually did not initially become a nurse. It was an accidental application in my college, and I was pursuing my medicine, accidentally put nursing a you know what, I'm a stubborn kid, right? I said, I'll go there. And during the time I was in college, everybody's hiring coming to the United States like Joe, if everybody anybody knows Joe Korea, he said, nursing America is not your dream. It's your mother's dream to go to America. So you kinda like that happened. But I think everything happens for a reason. And when I finally got that job in New York City I said, my license was New York and employer came from New York, it was just every single Swiss cheese hole just aligned. And I landed in New York, but it's always my dream to visit New York and America, because we have a lot of family and friends. And of course, you know, the opportunities are endless in America. land of opportunity, there is a reason that phrase exists, right? And everybody there is experienced it is that you want about you, why did you decide to come to the United States? Yeah. I know that the United States, they have advanced health care system. And I want to be part of that great team. I want to also advance my education here to have my master's degrees in nursing my case, is going to be a great opportunity for me to work and school is easier for us to work on.

So you have every different opportunities that you can advance your education from different means. Also, I've been driven off coming to us to work in us. Also raise my children here in us. And I found this is very cool for me, because it's quiet is who is good at Upstate is very good to raise children. And I'm excited to be here. I've been a nurse for more than six years in Nigeria. Now I'm in USA, I'm seeing different things, see different things, different ways of practice, and higher technology. And I'm excited to be here. We're very excited to have you as well, Mac as an expert, Connetics show, say expert. You've been working with nurses for years and years and years. I want to bring up our Connetics USA Success Path. Meg, will you walk us through the overall process of what it takes to become a nurse in the United States? Sure, sure. So you'll see here on the screen, this success path. So first, foremost, passing that NCLEX exam, you know, that's the real, that's that golden ticket. So passing that NCLEX will work with you on the both the Connetics and OGP side for getting prepared for interviews. You'll be working with us through the visa processing, your immigration, the licensing, credentialing, you're going to have really a very strict guidance, I would say, to kind of get you through the process, you know, we are experts in this field. And we know how to get from point A to point B. So we want to help you getting through those pieces. We're going to then help you to get set to come into America, preparing for your arrivals, working with the hospitals on those last minute details so that we can help set you up for success. That's everybody's goal. You know, obviously, you see step number seven, enjoy and prosper. We want everybody to come to the United States, be successful, and live those American dreams.

I love hearing the stories from the nurses we have today. Because it's really inspiring, you know, you guys, everybody that does this process is very brave. And we're just happy we can help facilitate it through your process individually. You said the key word there bravery, bravery, to be able to come from your home country and come to the United States completely different culture, different food, different things to do. And we're going to be talking about all of that, especially as it pertains to the northeast. Mariam, why did you choose to live in the Northeast? I don't think I chose to live in the Northeast. I, dreamed of being in a place very calm and having a balance. I wanted to go to Virginia state. So when my application came through, because I had been an ER nurse, and during the pandemic, it was difficult to get an opening for me. And so OGP advised if I can switch a little bit, I agree. So they got Virginia opening for me at the I did interview for some openings are there and I had a friend in Maine, she really wanted me to come over to Maine and deal with her. And she's like, why didn't you come to my facility? I was I don't like to come to their knees to code because I've read a review about men is to code and there is so much today.

And okay long story short, I got an opening even though I really do not want to be there. And the first day I took my child to the post office. She was like reason she said, Mom, why did you choose men? I said I don't know. And that's really like, tears to my eyes. But today, I am beginning to see why god what happened to be made. In fact, I love being men. I even want to be in men. So men is very cool is good is okay. Very good place to raise kids. Very nice place. And that is how I came to be in I didn't choose to be here. All part of the greater plan. We have a saying here in the United States. Don't knock it till you try it. And that means you can talk. You know, you can say oh, I don't know if I want to do this and may not be so good. But then you get there. And it's just it surprises you. Yeah. Absolutely. This is you tell us about when you first arrived in the United States. What was that like? Well, my first entrance in the United States. I was excited. It was amazing. I must say that I found all the help I needed when I arrived in my community. Mariam was on graduating. My hotel was already booked and the hotel they sent out to all they came and picked me from the airport. The true to the hotel in the morning Mariam came and picked me up. We went to bank set my bank account got me a we got a phone. Everything was set on all the tests I need to do drug screening. Everything was set up. I didn't find it difficult when I get to the US.

It was pretty easy, but I must say you come with some of at least a token you must come with some dollars to do life will be easier. But everything I've ever wanted was there. I got an apartment before I came to the US. So I didn't stay long in the hotel. I spent two days OGP got a mattress for me so I didn't find difficult not at all. I didn't know anyway, I bought Marissa to cos brown who got our groceries bought kitchen utensils. We got everything we need, she took her to the hospital, we went on to the hospital to see where we are going to work. Everything was very easy. So we didn't find it difficult to adjust. Just like the weather was cool when we can we just because our country, we have a very hot labor, but we are better now we are adjusting to the way that we are destined to do everything I love, the environment is very cool Glenn is beautiful. You just have everywhere. It's very organized. You don't need to stress yourself about anything. Most of the things we stress ourself in our home country to get you don't stress yourself here in us who recall, someone will answer you and tell you what to do. And also our community region happens to set our gas and electricity. So everything was once we're at our apartment. We just started working. And we didn't feel it as if we just came to a new environment.

Thank you so much. Kaye, what did you hear about the Northeast before you got here? You've lived all over the northeast, you've lived many, many different places. What you heard about the Northeast before you got here. And then what did you learn? Yeah, correct. I move around probably move 14 times already in 18 years in the United States and all of that or north east coast or prior to coming to United States. I have no idea about like East Coast West Coast like that. But I do believe you know that, you know, New York is was like the best city they said right? The city that never sleeps. So that always like, thing in my mind that I want to go to New York, I want to go to New York and I came from Manila, which is city from the Philippines. So when I arrived in New York City, I love I love it because I'm a city girl now landing in a city. So it was what I was expecting of what I thought of America as is like that, because I always see New York City in the movies. So like my like Mariam she, it was in Maine, but for me, I was more on the metropolis of America. It was a good transition for me in because, again, I'm from Manila going to another and but I have seen a lot of people from let's say, suburban, that they also like the city life because it's not far from you know, the quiet place or residential and family.

And that's how I would see North East Coast. The Northeast goes areas just so many states, you know, together, not like some part of the US that the states are bigger in North East Coast is small, smaller insights except New York City, right. I mean, New York State. And you can be in different states in like two hours, three hours that so I like that kind of vibe, because I will see different states and different culture, different housing, different weather, different terrain, there's Beach, there's mountains, which is accessible within the next two hours. So I kind of like that. So coming from the Philippines, we have the mountains and the beach already it just like I love this place except for the cold. So we don't have winter in the Philippines. But some this is something new for us to adapt the cold, but it was tolerable for me. So I love the wearing my coat during fall time. I'm feeling like walking in the streets of Manhattan on my nice trench coat. Kind of like hey, this is cool. So it's not just my vibe. I love that you have your beautiful coat. And then you have amazing boots, and cute hat. And then you're making snow angels and as a white Christmas. So there's so many exciting things. We actually now have sure Lita joining us as well. Welcome to the show, surely to introduce yourself to our audience. Hi, good morning. I'm truly that I'm actually from Agra data. And so before coming here, I work in UAE for almost a decade. So when I came first here, I was assigned in Alexandria, Virginia. So the first time that the first time that I went, I went out to the airport and most of the person who came to fetch me from the airport told me it's somewhere here it's very hard, but for me, it's not that hard. For me it's normal because I used to live in UAE. So I was amazing the place because Virginia is like a combination of rural and urban there. So I'm a nature lover. So I like the greenery of the surroundings. And the place that I was assigned is like.

And so everything is the Walmart every store is accessible, and the Mazda is just a walking distance. So for two weeks already, we have a carbon RSS and arrived, I already went to Mazda and applied for a car loan. So what I can say in my transition, because I'm OGP, I'm a staffing agency. So they, there's some liaison officer who came and fetch me and we, they arranged some accommodation. And what I appreciate in us is in Virginia, they said we have a form of weather. So now I experienced summers. So I hope that by September is freeing and winter will come I'm ready. I have my coat with me. I already bought it in UAE. So I think the place that they put me is quite, very nice place. I really like it. And the hospital that I'm working is an ISIS, Mittal, it's magnet hospital, you know, both Mittal is one of the best hospital in Northern Virginia yeah thank you. Thank you so much. And, of course, work in the United States Connetics,, forward slash apply, send us your resume, and we're here to help you. I want to bring up a map of just the northeastern states mag, walk us through this, what exactly is considered the north east of the USA? Yeah, so northeast. Obviously, if you looked at the map straight on, it would be that upper right hand corner. We have New York, Vermont, Maine, there's Rhode Island, Massachusette, is really considered the northeast, but it kind of trickles down a little bit into Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, I mean, so you have some other areas that are in that general area. But the northeast, I would say, you know, I was listening to everybody's comments.

And one of the things that for me, I thought was really interesting. was, you know, obviously they're newer to the cold weather. But one of the things that nobody said was, and maybe you haven't been here long enough, but the leaves in the fall the Northeast has the most beautiful change of season. So if you're somewhere else in the United States, make a trip there because it is very, very beautiful to see just that change of season in that area. Thank you Meg, little surprise for everybody. Let's play a trivia game trivia game about the Northeast. So here's how it goes. And everyone at home, please put in the chat what you think the answers are, let's all play together. So what we're going to do, I'm going to show a photo on the screen. And you guess where it is? Or what it is? Number one, let's give a few you know, I think we got like 30 seconds for everybody to answer. Come to this is my home in America. This is Manhattan, New York City. It's called the Time Square in 42nd Street. It's where all of those lights are.

And the really, really tall buildings. So do they call it a concrete jungle? Absolutely. Yes, absolutely. You know, the trends are the strongest people there. We cross everywhere. Alright, let's bring up our second drum roll. Let's see where it's from. Okay, we have the building and American flags. Audience. Where is this landmark? Let's see in the chat here if we're gonna get any answers, but Navin is saying Washington. Well done. Doki has given us an lol. Really great let's ask our panel here everyone Arlene is saying the Pentagon DC Rona saying DC. Mariam, do you know where it is? Where our panel? Where is this? Washington DC? Absolute? Absolutely. Yes. That is the Washington Monument in Washington DC. So it's actually right there close to the Capitol building. It's halfway between the Capitol Building and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. If I get this right here, yeah, a lot of people are said DC. Wonderful. Number three, let's take a look. Ah, this one might be a little more difficult. Let's give everyone a few seconds. Where is this landmark? Where is this landmark? Let's see if anyone knows to. Here's a hint. It's in the Northeast. State yeah, go ahead. No, I didn't already I mentioned the state.

Yes, you did. It's two hours south of New York City. It's one hour north of Baltimore. There exactly is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That is the Liberty Bell. It's a huge landmark here in the United States. Very historic. And talk about Pennsylvania what a beautiful place to live as well. Let's go to number four. Drumroll let's see. Oh, this one if you are a sports fan. If you're a sports fan, what is this landmark and it says they're ready the name is there right in the middle just have to come closer to older people on disability to put your glasses closer. Like me I have to come go Thursday. I love this place. It's wonderful, isn't it? We are saying are seeing some more Philadelphia in the in the chats. I leave here for now. Okay, it seems like Kaye may know our panel. Where is it? Boston Fenway Park in Boston where the Boston Red Sox where you'll be able to go some American football games there. All right, we have a couple left here. Let's bring up the next photo. Oh yeah. Mariam knows that. So I may now say we have Georgia Maryland's and we are seeing Oh another Philadelphia Alright, so they say on a lobster. I think we got Allah is saying main rule is saying his own name where is this landmark?

I'm not 100% or the landmark but I want to say Cape Cod. That is exactly right. It is Cape Cod seashore. And then it's a very, very famous lighthouse. Mariam Have you been there yet? I don't know. I'm so busy right now. I'm not yet touring America. I haven't in mind to go to so many places. Yeah, Cape Cod is in Massachusetts. It's part of the shore lower part of Massachusetts. And I just got back from Massachusetts yesterday. Yeah. Tell us about your trip. Awesome. Yeah. Where'd you go? I went to Boston. Boston give us a little insight about Boston. What's that? Like? is a place like I would like to leave because I don't like life in the fast lane. Everybody running around how to schedule time is too fast for a lot of history. A lot of American Yes. Yes. History. Yeah, boss. I'm holiday. I'm gonna add there. I'm from New York City. I'm okay with the traffic. But when I went to Boston traffic, I'm like this just said Lily is traffic is worse. But I love Boston. I lived there for two years. It's a great, I think you have your educational system there. So that's one thing that I that really left in my brain. So a lot of people thought Boston is in hard work. It's not hard. Brady's actually in Cambridge, just right across the bridge. Yeah. Yes, Harvard, one of the great schools that you're yourself or your children may one day attend to because everything is possible. Miss VeggieTales? Have you done any traveling in the United States yet? Where have you been?

Not yet, but I'm planning. I want to go to Maryland, I have some friends there. I still want to visit outside not the stairs as because I have some related military. So once I have time, I'm going to visit them. Wonderful. It's such a big country, you can make friends everywhere. And then you'll visit each other. Because it may seem like it's really hard to get from one place to another. But there's a lot of public transportation, especially in the Northeast Meg, what do you know about that? Tell us. So public transportation is it's readily available in most of the bigger areas. I think in the northeast, you they've got a pretty good system down in most of those states that, you know, can really get people around. It's, it's helpful in the winter months when, you know, there's a lot of snow on the ground. But I would say in most of those states really driving is still necessary. Unless you're living in the cities like Manhattan or in the Boston. I think, you know, having a car is one of the necessities here in the United States. So getting around and traveling from your area to just a lot of different areas. There's so much to see in that area of the Northeast that you know having your own car is really probably the best way to go. But public transportation you will find in most of these states. Sherry is saying connected from Zambia. Ducky is saying hello, I'm a Connetics nurse and watching you live from Ghana. I love seeing people from all over the world who are joining us. Marian, tell us about where you live about your city. Tell us about your city. What is it like to live there? What's the transportation like give us a little bit of a feel.

Okay, I live in I live in Maine. So the first time I arrived, America, they got an appointment for me in the bands and Levant is a very beautiful quiet small town. Unfortunate, unfortunately, I can't even make orders for what I want to eat like pizza. You can't even get Uber leaves easily. If you have to apply for one then you have to be 45 minutes earlier to get one. So after a year, I decided to move away from Lebanon to Brunei. And Aruba is a little bit exposed and more like a city, just beside Bengal and the transportation there is anyway. Generally if you are living, if you're going to stay in men, you need to have your own car. That's my own advice. If you don't have your own car, I don't know how you're going to do it. Because the transportation the public transportation is not really viable. If I should go to work by 630 I can't see a boss I can't see anything. If I want to go to Walmart, I can't see a boss at my own time. So it's not really possible. You have to get your own car for you to enjoy those plays. And I thank God for OGP that really made everything easy and possible for me. I got my car just a week of arrival. I didn't find it difficult to get my car anything, nothing was difficult. So transportation, very easy. So the best thing to do is to get on and again, here in Maine being a very cold place with snow. If you're getting a car you will need to consider four wheel drive for the snow because when it's time I tell you your car is gonna slide it on the road.

Because it's no fun. I have to give you a ride on there for what they have to come pick me off because they feel like if you're not going to drive, it's no problem. We are going to help you and they are very, very hospitable. in Aruba and men in Bengal we have state, they are very hospitable. They are very friendly. They are very nice. So it made everything so easy for me. I can just put up a call and I will get a friend that can take me anywhere I wanted to be. I don't want to dispatch you tell us about your city. Where do you live? What's it like to live there? What's the transportation like, Give us an overview. I live in a beautiful city. But when I was coming to the Laowa, they think they're few blocks. And it's mainly whites. Valerie's in the lower part. Oh, it looks like we lost everybody. I was looking down and I said where did it go? I guess we lost her out in Delaware right there. Okay, well, I guess she's enjoying the weather in Delaware right now. Okay, give us an idea about Go ahead, Meg. I was just going to touch on one thing that Mariam said earlier. And that was the fact that OGP was there to support her, you know, that they really helped make her process, the best it could be. So those are just some of the things that Connetics and OGP do.

And I I'm so glad you had that experience, Marianne, because that's what our nurses do experience. So thanks for sharing that. Yeah, absolutely. And that's the name of the game here, right? Is that support? It's about that you're not alone. When you come here, you know, you're not just going to be trying to figure it all out for yourself. Right? It's that support between Connetics and O'Grady Peyton, we are here for you. And it seems like you dropped off there and is actually welcome back. We lost you for a moment. You were talking about Delaware. Yeah. Okay. Delaware is cool. Like it's not really a busy place. I really like it is a great place to raise children and it's beautiful place. The transportation here they are public transport, which I have never used before. When I came here, nearly I do use Lyft though, they say it's quite expensive, but I didn't have any choice and I use lift, it was good for me. Lifting just three minutes, four minutes, five minutes, you've gotten a lift in the lower you guys Uber also, then Uber can if you want to eat anything, you come back order actually you can make order like a Nigerian food you can make order they will pick it and come and give you your home. Also, you need a car because if you continue paying leaved to travel to go to grocery stores and other places is not going to be easy for you.

So advice, you get a car because there are different options, which you can get a car on the OGP connected. So adviser Delica so that you don't have to spend much and spend all the salary I go to. But overall, also another thing in the lower is that is a great place for new drivers is not quite busy. You can drive as a new driver that your hand is no you are not too familiar with driving is a great place because the road is quite cool. And it's not too busy. There are not many cars on the way. So you can actually drive through and from work. And Kaye, you have a lot of experience living up in the Northeast. Let's show a map here again, have the northeastern states in the positions that a O’Grady Peyton and Connetics USA have available. Can you walk us through up we have a spreadsheet here now, but I want to kind of get an idea from everyone about we were talking a little bit about the climates and you know all the places that you can travel. But let's talk about things to do really fun things to do whenever you're in the Northeast. Okay, tell us about all the fun things that you've done. And you could see here on the map. So it's like you see where Virginia is. So there and North is where we're talking about and hey, you've been all over? Yeah, I've been all over I can probably call her northeast ghost. And that's where I've lived right.

So when I started in New York City, so like other people have mentioned that they needed a car in New York City when you're living like in the metro. It's really not ideal for you to own a car when people owns the car there and means that you're rich, because you will we will be paying a car park for $300 a month, which it will eat up your entire salary. Right? We're not even talking about insurance. So when you live it, please consider not buying and using the public transportation. Same thing with downtown Boston, you know, but it doesn't mean that able to go everywhere. We're now with the New York city without a car, like Meg said that there are good public transportation so we always have like buses, subway trains, Amtrak airplanes. We have three airports in New York City that we can travel anywhere if we are going to places that will need our you will have availability to rent a car it's well within your in the next block you have your you know your useful rental companies ABS budget those things. And then you also have your Turo which is your car sharing companies. You have your Uber taxis you have your regular yellow cabs, there are so many I even have my zip cars like a membership that just swipe your card and the car will open. So there are so many options that you can use that you don't really need an own a car.

However, when I transferred do to Boston, I did not live in downtown Boston. I live in a suburb. When you say suburb in the US, it seems like you're about 15 to 20 minutes outside where to downtown is so that yes, you will definitely need a car. Although there are buses and trains and subway that you can also use in those like in Boston, in Baltimore, in Washington DC in Philadelphia, it is still advisable to own a car and when you live in suburbs, so you have more flexibility to travel around. I traveled to Maine because I love the you know the ambience of the beach is a remedy. And then to Boston, like everybody said is very historic it will very rich American history that you know huge United Kingdom pride comes to like housing with a culture. I love Boston too. There's so many Italian friends that I've had. Oh my goodness, they love drinking. They're so fun. That's the first time I got drunk first place. Drunk and my whole life. I couldn't catch up to their face but that's the culture there and it was nice to go around In  Connecticut, Massachusetts, that area is one of the best place to go for fall when back around October. We go there it was so nice. And we rented a an airplane a private plane it's not expensive. Trust me there are tourists private place that will not cost an arm and a leg less than $500 and it will take you the entire overlooking mountains that are full color. So I recommend that to everybody. You know we share the split the fees and it's really affordable.

When you come to New York, you go up traveled to Niagara Falls which is the boundary of Canada already as well. And New York has so many things to offer New York City alone will you need about seven days to go around New York City. Then we have New Jersey I love going to New Jersey no sales tax when I'm buying my basic necessities. We have the nice Jersey Shore beach area so there is a tourist attraction for a lot of Americans, especially when people who lives in the more inland so they traveled going to the east coast to go to New Jersey shores. They have nice Atlantic City their boardwalk pretty nice. Now you go down to like say Delaware area, and Maryland. So that's your calmer areas now that that's crazy. Um, so now I'm currently in Maryland. I love it here too. The reason why we moved here is also for an education and we also have access to the airports if we want to travel we have good tourist area it's one hour south of I mean one hour away from DC we're happier all your men monuments, very nice district. Um it's just so many places that I've been here north east coast in the past 18 years and I think I don't want to use up all your time but you know, in my two hours drive you can go so Mendes and we have whitewater rafting just in Poconos which we're everybody goes for those things.

Just not enough time to put in five minutes so many fun things to do. And we have someone here in the chat asking how to apply We can give you we can give you access to so many jobs in the United States all over the Northeast between ourselves and our sister company, O'Grady, Peyton. So please apply now and we want to get your dream started. We are saying get lots of comments here in the chat everyone saying hello. Glen is watching from Riyadh. Lorna is watching from Turkey Lynne is watching from the Philippines. Raha Tula saying hello from Pakistan? Manas from India Catherine watching from the UK Kevin watching from Vancouver BC. I think that we just like almost covered every single part.

JB is watching from the Philippines. Riley is watching from Canada. Yes, keep it coming. Everybody. We love seeing everyone who's watching. We were just talking about opportunities in the Northeast. Let's bring up that job map one more time, Meg, you are the experts at what Connetics and OGP have available there. So give us the you know, some sort of idea of the clients that we have in that area and where nurses may be working? Yeah, sure. So we, we do active recruitment for many clients in the Northeast. I would say, as you see every state, we have a touch there. So whether it's both whether it's one or the other. Right now I'm working with Pennsylvania. I'm working with New Jersey. I'm working with New York. I'm working with Penn, Maryland. So we've got a lot of things happening. We have a lot of opportunities. I know I just wanted to add to case thing. There was a fun fact on New Jersey. And so everybody knows the game Monopoly, right? And the game of monopoly is actually all the streets on that game are named from streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. So that was kind of interesting.

Oh my gosh, Park plays boardwalk all of that Baltic? I think Baltic plays or Baltic street or something? Yeah, all of them are streets in Atlantic City. And that's where the game was actually formed from so it was I thought that was a fun fact to share. I never knew that. I did not know that. Yeah. Well, Mariam, I'm let's get let's go back to you here. Food. Let's talk about food. I'm getting a little bit hungry now. So tell us about what's the food like and man. You know, like out if we used to say that you don't learn how to use the left hand when you are older. For me, I don't know the food, I can say that I like here. I still go for my African. Yeah, that's available there. I go to Boston actually together. So I drive eight hours to Boston to get my African food. And when I go, I go to like Alaska for like six months for a year for me. And this is my 20th month in America. So I had been to Boston to wise to get African food. And I sent a friend once. And when I went to Texas, I made sure I got an all I can to this place. So the only food here I can say that I eat is just the salad and pizza. And that's all for me. So I have not learned how to eat other foods. Even though we are I work. They do potluck like every two weeks, and everybody bring their food and everybody wants to take each other's food is an opportunity for me to try to know how to eat some food zucchini. And otherwise, I mean, it's fun. It's fun. And once I've tried out, I really like them just like I don't know their names. I don't know how to make them.

So it's basically what is the food like in Delaware? Oh, then I have different restaurants if you're just coming in for the first time. Yeah, Nigerian restaurants. I know I went to Jamaica restaurant and I enjoyed the food and I went to Chinese restaurant. It was wonderful. Then we have so many African stores here in Delaware. I've been here a couple of times. I got African food or the African food I needed I got them. Also there is other markets called farmer's market. We have one in Newcastle and we have One in new work. I got a fresh fruits like we got some of vegetables, I got fruits, I got fresh things. I even bought oddities I really enjoyed because all the food I want some most of the food, I want the African food. I got them here so I don't need anyone to start bringing food for me from Africa or anything. So I'm so comfortable because I have so many African stores I walked what I need. Good for you. Sounds wonderful. And that's a really cool thing about it is that the United States is very multicultural, and so many places that you go, you can see all sorts of people eat all kinds of food. Okay, was that something that surprised you or not? Whenever you first came to the states how multicultural especially in the Northeast? I feel like yeah, the absolutely islanded city this is like your melting pot of America. I have great friends America and Nigeria and Russian a Moroccan Puerto Rican there's so many variety of food choices. That's why you know from a city person pit city girl, I like that concept like I out and I eat whatever food I want. So like, oh my God isn't getting me hungry at all.

Yeah. Be Italian population, right? So you will see like around in Brooklyn, you will know Brooklyn is like one of the best pizza right? It's very famous for pizza. Now you have around Manhattan, which is your soul foods, your African food, your Puerto Rican Jamaican food, you will see there when you go mid down in Manhattan and get you know, your fancy French food goes out you will have your Thai food, Vietnamese, Asian food Filipino food, you know, we're everywhere. So that kind of vibe when you go near those cities. You know, it's not only in New York City, but you will also have that in Washington, DC Philadelphia, you know, Boston big metropolis then going outside? Are they still be Are they still available? Absolutely. So that's why I love the north east coast because it's just accessible to the different kinds of foods or culture cultural food that you that you want to eat. And they have Uber Eats that. Delivery in your while you're working in the hospital, you can just get an Uber Eats to deliver whatever you feel like, as a traveling nurse, I always say to all the staff, you know, that I've been working with, you know, without their help, I will not be as you know, my travel experience will not be as good as it was. So my I always have a habit at the end of my contract after three months that I will always order something that majority of the staff has not eaten yet, you know, as an introduction to cultural foods like Morgan Stanley, people will bring food and I find that very effective to reach out to my co staff to my colleagues that oh, we might be killing each other at work, but when it comes to, hey, everybody's friends, right? So everybody will dig in and they asked me Kay, what is this? I said that's a Korean, you know, Korean barbecue and then you know, that we'll discuss to them my cultural foods, you know, on the Asian part. Yeah.

The United States is the melting pot of the world, as they say so we have all sorts of food here. Trust me on that, as she in the chat is saying been to Portland, Maine. It's beautiful. Love the seafood there. Yes. Wonderful seafood. Up in Portland, Maine. We you know, we are running out of time, but I do want to go around the table here and ask, what is your piece of advice for a nurse that is in a safe Ghana? Kuwait? Vancouver, the UK? What is your piece of advice to them? Mariam, let's start with you. My piece of advice to them, especially those that are planning to come. Exactly. They have to put in all their best to do this. It's worth sacrificing for. I made the day I met with OGP the day I signed up with them. That was 2018 It was a big turnaround for me and my family. I never regretted it even till today. So they have to be ready to make the sacrifice because it's not really easy. I flew for 42 hours to and from Manila justified my exams for me to even get the visa to go to Manila I have to be in a bus for 16 hours to get the visa. So these are the sacrifices you have to make, you will read a read or read because they are gonna be aligned with you like Marianne, you haven't done this. Have you done that Miriam, I don't like this car, let's go without. It's not easy. It's sacrifice. So we have to be ready to make that sacrifice for us and for our children, and for our most importantly, so for those that are coming in, it's a good thing to do is the right decision, you are in the right place, you are not an attorney.

Thank you so much for that with beautiful words, you're in the right place. That's such a journey, such a journey that you've done. And it's not uncommon. Because if you really want something in your life, you work for it, you can get it you can achieve it just like everyone here, especially what is your final piece of advice to nurses who are looking to come to the United States, I'm just going to say that they just need to read and work hard, just be determined, you're going to get it because I know that when I was looking for my I have so many obstacles, I have many challenges, looking for visa to write my exam. But finally I'm here. Many other of my friends want to be like me today, I will just say that you should work hard. Read your book, don't get distracted. Most times you will feel like giving up. Most time you feel fed up, but you just have to keep pushing. And I will say that when they when you are done with your exam, any job opportunity, you see that is good that offers good, you just have to grab it and come over everywhere is good. By the way, the my relative talked about Delaware when I came in, I saw that Delaware is not the way they said it is a very beautiful place. And the hospital they're working in, they're so lovely. They are so kind they are teaching me they keep on call asking me what they need to do for me every day. So anytime you see an opportunity to come and work is okay to come on work or not to be specific on the stage you want to really go to. Sometimes these might be good, but sometimes the one you see might be better.

Now the more beautiful words there que final advice to all the nurses watching. Right. So my advice to the nurses coming here, you know, if you're not taking your exams yet, I always say keep on pushing for it. What if What if you fail once, keep on pushing for it, keep on pushing for it. Because I like guys, it is worth it. Coming here two days in a row, it's it will open up your world to different opportunities. And those opportunities are there for you to grab. If you don't grab it, then of course, there's no opportunity right now. And United States will bring everything to your hands, set a goal in your life, you will achieve it like thank you for showing my picture. These are my Hawaii pictures. If I was where I was and did not choose to come to the United States, probably I will not be able to achieve what we have achieved right now. I just turned 40 To the point that we have to a position that we have the choice, if we want to work or we not to work, those are opportunities for you to get if you want to do it. And for people who are here in the United States already, and they're you know, they just are maybe just about to arrive, how to pick the and how to pick a location for you is first you always have to start with your goal. What is your like a big house and like a small house? You like education system? Are you planning to have a family? You know, those are the things that you will want to ask yourself before picking. Because what other people might value is not exactly the same thing that you value in life. They might like a big house and you will see it over overall in social media. But it's for you. Maybe your big house is not for you, you know don't like it. So, again, it's always about your goals and go after your goals, not other people's goals. No, never, ever compare yourself with other people. Set up your goals. And then come here and go chase your goals.

Thank you so much, Kaye, Meg, what some final advice that you can give to nurses. I'm going to keep it short. But I would say follow those dreams. You know this is a process that only you can do. But you'll do it much smoother when you contact Connetics, and O'Grady Peyton to help you and support you through that process. So give us a call, give us, you know, send us your resumes, contact us online, and start your process. Because the sooner you do that, the sooner you get to enjoy this beautiful country. It's a process, you'll get through it. And before you know it, you're here. Want to thank everyone so much for joining us today to our panel. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us and giving our audience all over the world is wonderful information. Of course, if you are living internationally, and you want to become a nurse in the United States, we'll help you with the immigration, we'll help you with the licensing, we'll help get you trained. Whenever you arrive, we'll help you and support you set to set up your life like these nurses have all said. So that's a wonderful thing. And it's just so wonderful to hear all of your stories. It's so inspiring. So thank you so much for joining us. Again, I want to also let our viewers know that we do have a 50 states guide book on our websites, all you have to do is go to It's also in our resources area. And on our website, too.

You can go to guide books, and we have all kinds of guide books there. But this one covers all the 50 states and gives you really great information. Of course go to our website and apply as well. I saw a question here in the chat about the requirements. Right now the major requirement is to pass your NCLEX exam like Meg said, that's the golden ticket. Once you pass that NCLEX things just start happening. And so it can be a long flight right Mary home to get there and to and bus ride to get there and to do it. But you will you really well. Let's take a look at our future shows that we have coming up over the next few weeks. Next week, we are actually going to be speaking with the CGFNS as well as Niners and Swoosh about the English exams we're gonna do a one year check in. It's been one year since the PTE and OET exams were accepted for the visa screen. Still a little check in one year later. How's it going? On September the eighth? We're going to be focusing on understanding your job offer help you out with that September the 15th. Our immigration Q&A back once again, we do it every month for you your chance to ask our immigration lawyer partners, your questions about immigrating to the United States. And on September the 22nd. Another state side this time, the Great Lakes, the Great Lakes area. So another fun show coming up, as well as on September the 12th.

We have our lefora talk show overcoming challenges, working with different patient care roles that's much more clinical focused, that it's going to be a wonderful show. Of course don't forget about our Connetics College every Monday at 6am pacific standard time. You can learn all about the NCLEX all the English exams these are our partners who give their time to give you a one hour course completely free. All you have to do is just come to our to our page like you are right now. Come right back to the same place on a Monday. We will help you completely free for you to take these courses in order to help you pass your exams. Thank you so much again for joining us please go to Thank you so much from Connetics USA O’Grady Peyton. We are part of the AMN healthcare international family. We're looking forward to seeing you here set