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Indian Nurses With NCLEX Without Priority Date

What about Indian nurses with NCLEX and visa screen certificates? Are you hiring nurses with Indian passports?

If they have a previously approved petition from back in 2010 ,11, 12, then we would definitely be able to recapture their priority date.

We aren't filing new petitions right now, because, unfortunately, there's an 11 year gap. And it's a long gap for us to be filing new petitions for new nurses.

But definitely we have recaptured many Indian nurses. I was still bringing nurses that we helped get NCLEX back in 2006, 2007. And they're still coming.

If you've never had a petition filed, then unfortunately, right now, we aren't filing new petitions. But if you have priority date already established, and your petitioner has abandoned, is no longer willing to bring you then please contact us at: and talk to us, talk to our immigration coordinators, our recruiters at OGP or the case specialists at Connetics Nurses Recruitment Agency. We would like to hear from you.

For any Indian nationals who are watching, if you have an old priority date, we are able to recapture that for you, we're able to help you through this process.

For our Indian nurses, I do want to sort of stress and this is for every nationality. But if a nurse has a spouse, or if the nurse themselves was not actually born in India, or even for our Chinese nurses if you weren't born in mainland China, we have many Indian nurses where we discovered when we were talking to them, that they happen to be born in Kuwait because their family had emigrated to Kuwait. But they've never had a Kuwait passport.

Remember, it's where your your nativity, so everything is based on where you were born and so if you were born in Kuwait, but you're an Indian, citizen, national, you are actually rest of world because you were born in Kuwait, or UAE or Saudi or the UK.

So and if you are married to somebody who was born in one or another rest of world country, then you're a cross chargeable to your spouse, not to a child, but to your spouse. So I just want to remind people every time about that, because that can make a difference.

That's true. It is based on where you are born and you can cross charge with where your spouse was born. So that is some good advice for any of our Indian nurses who are watching or Chinese nurses who are watching as well. That might be curious about that.