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Important Considerations Before Accepting a Nursing Job Offer in the USA

Meg mentioned some of the items that you can get in your job offer. She mentioned the pay rates, if there's any shift differentials, some of the benefits like assistance in locating housing, an air ticket, coverage of the government and legal fees, all of those kinds of things that you can expect to see in a job offer, which on the Connetics side might vary, because we're gonna have different employers, but can you tell our nurses when they can expect to receive some of those benefits? How does that work? Absolutely.

Um, so the, the support component of your offer starts immediately. So when you accept an offer with O'Grady Peyton International, the support that you receive from the team begins immediately. So you are assigned with an immigration coordinator who will walk you through every step of the process, help you fill in all of the documentation that is required, and keep you keep you updated on the progress of your application throughout that process.  

During your immigration process, you also work with Gillian's team on pre arrival education that you work with our clinical management team on to make sure that so that you have all that completed prior to arriving. And we also work with you on facility specific requirements if they if they require certain certifications, etc, depending on what unit that you are assigned to. But for the entire duration of your immigration process your relocation process. So you work with our relocation team on finding accommodations prior to you arriving here in the in the United States, as well as a  community liaison when you arrive.

So it's very important that yes, you need to look at what you're going to be paid the unit that you were assigned to the nurse to patient ratio, all of that stuff, and benefits when you arrive like 401k, dental, vision, all of that which our team will go through with you in detail. Once you once you accept an offer, because that can be kind of confusing here in the United States. I know I still struggle with it sometimes. So that's very, very important. But you know, we also do provide airfare for the nurse relocation assistance, a community liaison, once you arrive, that will take you to the hospital in your first day, for example, help you with bank accounts, finding out where the grocery store is all of that stuff is very, very important. As part of an offer that you are accepting. And I would encourage you to really research that as to the support both clinical and social that you are receiving from whatever partner you choose. 

Thank you Deirdre, I think you really hit the nail on the head with O'Grady Peyton and with Connetics USA Nursing Agecny, we really, really focus on that support that we're providing you that clinical support that social support. We know I mean, a lot of us on this on this call have gone through this process. A lot of the managers at both companies have gone through this process. We know how exciting but difficult it can be. And so we really, really try to give you that supports to help you from day one, throughout your processing and even when you're in the US. So it's important to take account of what the company is offering you not just in terms of those cold, hard, you know, the cash and the benefits like that. But also those sorts of softer benefits, the support that we're offering you.