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I-140 Based Adjustment of Status

Jennifer, can you talk us through the I-140 immigrant visa petition stage? 

That's your employer petition. So your employer is basically petitioning the US government for you to come into the US as a lawful permanent resident to work for their facility.

So the employer owns that petition. So the employer completes his petition, and submits it to the USCIS, asking that they basically approve it, so you can come in and work for this prospective nursing job. The I-140, petitions are subject to something called the visa bulletin, which is released every single month from the Department of State.

So once the employer filed that petition, depending on what the visa bulletin dictates, you may be eligible to apply for your green card right away.

Thank you, Jennifer and I see we have a question from Maria who's asking about premium processing?

The employer can ask for premium processing, which would basically make the processing time down to like two weeks. So it could be a very fast process to get that I-140 petition approved.

So the pre filing the prevailing wage, the posting I-140, It's the same process for Consular process and Adjustment of Status process, correct?

Correct. I mean, it's all done domestically in the US and once that's all approved, whether you go through the consular processing route abroad, or apply for Adjustment of Status in the US, it would those two steps remain the same.