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Fun Things To Do in New York City

Rommel, what do you do for fun?

Thank you for asking because contrary to what people are thinking of traveling outside of New York for fun, the fun is in New York, you don't need to go out to New York.

So on Fridays, people would be rushing out at by 12pm because 12 onward my work previously would require me to be staying at 12. But after job, I would be thinking of what I would do with the rest of my Friday, because I can stay at the 7pm or 8pm, that's fine. I would just go home and sleep, I should have had my dinner.

So what I enjoy most in New York is that we have 100 plus museums, I'm an artist. Museum of Modern Arts is my best friend. So in the company where I'm working at, we just need to show our ideas and we can get into this museum for free. My company's as a sponsor, so we can get in for free so that's where I spent my Fridays, Museum Fridays.

You can also get a yearly pass to the museums to a discounted rate, right?

Yeah, you can also do that and I was told you just need to donate for even for just $1 and they'll let you in. But if you don't do that it's pretty expensive though.

Tips and tricks here right there.

They have installations from time to time so they change it's not typical museum which is boring. You can see a lot of things from time to time.

Other than museum we have the Broadway in New York. So now it's open and you can watch Michael Jackson's play. We have the best restaurants in New York. We have the best parks in New York.

So in New York alone you have a lot to see and a lot to do. They're also saying we are the only state with the sea, the mountain, the lake. If you're an avid fan of nature, we have the nature for you. You love watching plays we have that in New York. If you want dining, we have too many restaurants too many dishes to try in New York . I don't really go out of state because there's too many things to do in New York. Unless it's necessarily a friend is calling something.

What about you Kaye, what are some fun time in New York or even outside of New York? What does that look like for you and your family?

It's a blessed. So New York City will bring you all the best in the world. I'd say Rommel said he has so much to bring you don't even need to go out. The only reason I went out because my again my boyfriend, my fiancé, now my husband is the only reason why.

When I was in New York City, like everybody would say who lives in Connecticut? So there's like a joke like that who lives in that area because there's nothing in there so it was just a joke, and then I eventually live there. It was funny because I got married.

So New York City when I was single, so many things you can do every summer in New York. It's one of the best times that you want to go to New York, because we always have every Friday he would see me in Summerside concerts if you go to the TV every morning.

They say Good Morning America and they will have like seven Summerside concert those are free for us. Literally, I can be there I've watched Bon Jovi there for free, Lady Gaga was there for free, the taxes - we pay high taxes but we get this in exchange. So those are the things that you want to have to look at. New York City is have very high tax burden we get. So I was walking in Rockefeller Center, they have a lot of free perks going to events. They were Free giving away free steak.

So when Netflix was starting. Netflix was part of company they were giving away free DVDs for us. Netflix with a new company that time so we would get the hold of a lot of free stuff that people are trying because of the market. The market of New York is so much they want to try products and they would bring it to New York City because of the one couple of things that I've seen there as me, I saw the the business industry in New York was crazy, really like crazy. Concert. You got your Expo, we do attend a lot of Expo there. Javits Center is one of the main international Expo there.

So then I did I dwelled into a events business myself I studied photography in New York, New York Institute of Photography. I even studied bartending, mixology just to see myself, what are the different drinks and learn from it and then eventually, I started a business, events business, dealing with events. So now we get passes as a photographer for free Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and you've seen in here, I've been a vendor for a lot of company and corporate in New York City. Majority, our fashion industry, they're one of my great events, business all year, four times a year will be American Red Cross of Greater New York, they hold it there. So it was for fun. I did it for fun. I didn't realize, hey, I'm doing something for fun. A lot of people appreciated they hired me even Oprah Winfrey Network hired me.

A lot of my nursing friends actually, when I started, they didn't see the picture of this. I said events in New York is a big thing and then they started volunteering, even the mom of my co-nurse, hey, I want to volunteer can I come to you to Oprah Winfrey Network event? Yes, sure ma'am. My friends who are NYU, a lot of them came from LA, my friends from LA came and volunteered and helped me to do big events here. So we do a lot of Expo events we're talking about more than your nursing salary this or the opportunity you can bring into yourself, nursing it's one way and then you see the opportunity that New York can bring you can be different places if you want to.