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Can a Nurse Live Comfortably in California?

Hi everybody and welcome. It's Friday so it must be Connetics USA weekly show, Onwards and Upwards. Everything that a healthcare worker needs to know about coming to live and work in the United States. I am your host, Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics  USA, the number one company for direct hire for nurses or healthcare workers coming to the United States. Today's topic is stateside once a month we look at a specific state and see how that state is different to other states. And today is a very popular popular state. So if you are joining us now please keep watching. Today we are talking about California, California, one of the most popular states in the in the United States. This is the land of Hollywood, Napa Valley, Yosemite Rodeo Drive the Hollywood sign Disneyland, one of the most fun states to live in, and we're going to learn learn today what it's like to live and work in California. Please, if you are watching today, put into the chat your name and where you're watching. I see we have some viewers already chiming in. We have a letter saying hi Blinky saying Hi, can I work in California? So Blinky? We're going to talk about that today. And we're going to be joined by our guest. Today we're going to be talking about their experience of living and working in the United States as an RN. So I asked you to welcome nurse vino and nurse Estelle, who are joining us today. Welcome Vino and Estelle!

Good morning. If you are watching joining now and you want to learn about California, please put your questions into the chat for nurse vino and Estelle and I'd be happy to get through as many questions as possible to learn about what it's like to live and work in the United States. If you're interested in coming to the United States, please apply to the Connetics USA international nursing agency website. And our team are standing on hand right now to see if which state and which position is going to be the best fit for you. We have hundreds of positions in California as well as many other states. So now is your chance. Okay, Miss Estelle and Miss vino welcome. I think let's start off by having you introduce yourselves. Ladies first Estelle.

 Thank you, Tanya. Good morning, everybody. My name is Estelle dethleffs. I'm a registered nurse from South Africa. I moved to California last year on the first of April. So I've been here 18 months and I currently live in Bakersfield in California. I work for Adventist Health.

 Wonderful Estelle. So we are excited to have you on on the show today. And of course, Estelle is from my home country. So a special place in my heart for all nurses coming from South Africa. And nurse vino, do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself?

Hello, everyone. My name is Vino a registered nurse here in Golden State, California. I've been a registered nurse for more than a decade and different areas including or management, retail services, my career spanning different countries and of course, in the Philippines, then emigrated to New Zealand and then Australia, then right now I'm in America. I think it's my personality, I move everywhere. Like I go to places where my feet take me. And I'm currently working at level one trauma hospital here in California. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in business administration, and I'm doing businesses aside.


Okay, nice Vina a very interesting story lived in many countries. So we're going to be digging into that today. How is New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, different to the United States. So we can't wait, wait to dig into that and hear more about your experiences and what it's like to live in California compared to other places in the world. And please check out those Vinos YouTube channel. He has an amazing channel where he shares information with nurses around the world about his experiences, pointers and tips. So please check that out. We want to give you a shout out. Nurse vino. Thank you for doing that and paying it forward for other nurses. Okay, so let's see we have Jason in the Philippines. Angie say hi TJ from Nigeria and as in saying hi, Lebanon from Ghana. I love seeing everybody around the world physeos watching from Kuwait I want to know NCLEX RN for Pakistani process opened or not fazia Yes, you can take your NCLEX you cannot take it in Pakistan, but you can definitely take your NCLEX in other states and I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible because we have many jobs all over the United States. joylynn from Philippines talent from Saudi or lien from China. Make. Eric is asking where you live. So Erica that the panel has shared, saying is asking, Is he a travel nurse? You know, I think that's questions for you. Are you a travel nurse?

No, I'm working in hospital. It's a trauma unit hospital. I mean, a level one trauma unit hospital, here in Sacramento.

Okay, perfect. All right. So I think, um, let's start off with step number one is Dell, did you always want to come to America?

And Danya Yes, I mean, we, when we traveled all over the world, you know, but my kids really loved America. And I think we, we, when we visited, we saw that people had very similar value systems to what we had, and that really sealed it for us. And then we made the decision that if we wanted to make this big step, America would be the place. It's also a big benefit for us that they don't discriminate against age, you know, that being a little bit older already. In America, you were still very welcome. We, Australia and New Zealand had a cut off, especially Australia and Canada had cut offs in terms of age. So that made us even more attractive. So age is not an issue.  And vino, did you always want to come to California specifically?

The answer there is yes. Actually, when I was studying nursing, my really my goal is to really go to California and in the US. And when I moved here, my friends were like, Hey, wait, are you going there because when you move your it's, it's the time of COVID It's a surge of COVID in New Zealand is a country that maintain zero COVID For a long time. So when I moved here, that's what what my friends keep on telling me, but I'm determined to go to America, because I think this is where you're gonna be. And this is what I wanted to be.

 Okay, so you also like Estelle, and many viewers all over the world, have always had that dream of coming to America. And if you're starting this journey, and don't know where to begin, I would suggest you look at the Connetics USA website, and look at our success path, because it gives you all the steps that you need to take in order to get to number seven, which is enjoy and prosper, which is where Estelle and vino are right now. So check that out. If you're don't know where to start, and are looking to come to the United States, like the you know, like Estelle, and live your American dream. And vino, had you been to California before you came here? Specifically? Yeah.

 Before moving here, I really need to test the water, or do you need to see how it is? Do you know at this visit, so before I really decided myself, I want to go there, I want to see you the USA, the California how how you live in California, I first visited California.

 Okay, so that's fortunate that both of you had that opportunity. But for many people, it's really expensive to travel. And they may or may not have had the opportunity to come here firsthand and see what life is like here. So that's where to show today's show is really so helpful for so many nurses around the world or healthcare workers around the world because we're going to share what it's like to live and work in the United States and specifically in California. All right, let's talk a little bit about where you live. Specifically. I see. Eric is asking that question. Estelle, can you tell us you said that you were living in? Yeah, we got a map there of the United States. So for everybody who doesn't know California is kind of on that far. Left hand side of the of the United States. It is one of the biggest states in the United States and one of the most populated and Estelle, can you tell us a little bit about Bakersfield? What it's like to live there? Where's the nearest airport? What do you do for fun? What are the quote the closest cities or attractions?

 Well, you know Bakersfield is amazing because it's so centrally located. We two hours from Los Angeles and Los Angeles has the biggest airport. Although there is an airport in Bakersfield with quite a number of flights in you know, in the USA. But most of my family members when they visit, they'll fly via Los Angeles, which is two hours away. What I really love about Bakersfield is that it's so central you, you come over the mountains from Los Angeles and you go into the valley, the San Joaquin Valley and we are two hours from from the ocean, we can also decide to go the other direction. And then we two hours from the mountains. And we four hours from San Francisco, which is also amazing to visit. So even though the Central Valley is mainly agriculture and sort of a flat area, we're surrounded by some amazing places, you can go on a wine route, which we've done before to San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. And you can go and see snow if you want to. So everything is accessible. Bakersfield is also quite a big city. I don't think if we ever eat in a new restaurant every night that we will finish it, you know, visiting all of them. So it's a big city, but it feels like a small town people are really very friendly. It's very accessible. I live 15 minutes drive from the hospital, I never have traffic from where I'm going. So I really like that I like the fact that you've got all the attractions of a bigger city, but you don't have the traffic and the challenges like that. So Bakersfield really central, centrally located.

 Okay, so lots of things to enjoy. And lots of things to like, about Bakersfield. Is there anything that you don't like about Bakersfield?

 And I initially didn't think it was the prettiest place, you know. And when Americans ask me where I'm from, and I save South Africa they like so why did you move to Bakersfield of all the places in the States I don't think Bakersfield is famous for its natural beauty and environment. But but you know, I came from a small town in South Africa. So which was also a mining town, it wasn't the prettiest place as well. But it's what you look for. To me, the beauty lies in the fact that I've got a squirrel in my backyard, you know, that visits me and there's plenty of beauty. Also in in the people around you the diversity of the people around me the friendliness. So we've just decided that happiness comes from inside and it's what you decide it will be. So I think these areas in Bakersfield, you know, if you go more towards the east, that might not be as safe as the area where we live in. You do occasionally see your reports of gangsters or issues like that. But I think that's probably true of most places. There's no place that only has beauty and only has been a you know, every town has its challenges. But I do feel that they adequately address it. Yeah. And I do think that the town is very well maintained. The roads are good, the sidewalks is clean. It's wonderful. It's safe. We go walking at night, and we feel safe. Yeah. Which is wonderful.

 That's fabulous to hear. And I think you're so right to sell because there's no place on earth. That's perfect. And if you live in a city anywhere in the world, there's going to be some element of crime or some element of my good areas and bad areas. But generally speaking, I think you correct it, it's, you know, it's a really safe, family friendly kind of place to live. Thank you for sharing all of that. Vino, can you tell us a little bit more about where you live and what that's like and how it might be different to Bakersfield or what might be the same as Bakersfield.

 So I live in the capital of California, of California, the business Sacramento, we're just an hour and a half away from San Francisco. And also we're closest to Lake Tahoe. So basically, I'm living in the city. And also, if we wanted to experience something like Bakersfield, we're just going to travel north and then we're up Lake Tahoe. So the closest airport in San Francisco insect in Sacramento is the Sacramento airport. And if you're traveling to international there's San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco top, the highest paid for nurses here. I can say in the country. And however I heard that the cost of living in San Francisco is huge. The housing there is huge. So a lot of people were like doing their work in San Francisco and then they live in Sacramento. They just traveled to San Francisco which is really feasible. You're here in Sacramento. I think I'm always close to nature, a nature lover, especially I'm from New Zealand and in the Philippines. So I want I want a combination of two, which is busy and laid back kind of living. If you traveled to South, then you're going to Bakersfield you're here. You'll be in LA, this Latin Universal Studios. If you're a nurse out there, I think you're gonna love California, Sacramento, and cities around the Sacramento Roseville out girl vineyard. You're gonna love it here.

 Okay, good. Well, I love the enthusiasm from both Estelle and vino and vino, what what would you say is the biggest difference that you experience living in the Sacramento area as opposed to living in New Zealand or in Australia.

 Okay, so apart from being an adventurous person, because when I was in New Zealand, I went there with a working holiday visa. So basically, it's just a tour, and you're allowed to work there for just three months. And then you have to move for to another employer for another three months, something like that, but you're a tourist, it's just you get a chance to like feel the how to work there and how to live there. But I fell in love with the country. And then I stayed there, I never got, I never come back home, my mom was upset. But yeah, as I said, I am adventurous person. And then I moved to Australia. I didn't want to move to Australia, I didn't kind of like it there because I was sent in kind of isolated place, went back to New Zealand. And then that's when I decided to I want to see America because I was young. But back then I was in my 20s. And then now I can compare that the News, the news that you see are just exaggerated. So America, I think it's the best place to live and work in terms of salary in terms of work life and balance, especially that I'm just so blessed that I'm here in Sacramento, that sky's the limit. There's a lot of opportunity for nurses, I believe that Universe is big. And there's a lot of there's abundant opportunities than people. So that's what I can say that here in America, in Sacramento, there's a lot of opportunity in New Zealand, it's a little bit limited, because it's it's just a small country. So if you get to like see on the map, the sacrum, the California is as big as New Zealand, or at least comparable. And California is just a state. So in America, you have 50 states to choose. So you can travel everywhere. If If like me, hey, I want to go back to chi to our laid back living that I just I just gonna go somewhere, somewhere like Montana or in another state. So yeah, I think America is a good place to live for young individual.

 Yeah, I think so. I think there's a, I think what you're saying is there's an enormous amount of opportunity, where there's in California itself within America, nurses are highly valued, highly paid is a great work life balance. And I think the thing that is very apparent, though, is for many nurses, especially if they've never had the opportunity to travel like you and Estelle, you know, is that they don't realize how different the different states can be. And even within a State Bakersfield might be different to Sacramento. So that's where onwards and upwards I think is so helpful because this is where people can learn about the differences and what is the best fit for them. Okay, let's play some California trivia. Who knows about California? So if you are wanting to play, and if you know, what is the nickname of California? Is it the Sunshine State? Is it the Golden State? Or is it the Pine Tree State? If you know the answer to this question, please put it into the chat. And we'll see who is the winner of this trivia question. What is the nickname of California we and for those of you who have been watching stateside you will know that one of these is wrong. Ah there we got Gn is saying the Golden State is GN right. Let's see the answer. Gn is correct. Well done. Angel is correct to CJ good. Ayesha. Ayesha can look at our one of our shows that we did on on Florida. That's the Sunshine State Golden State. Great everybody well done. Okay, let's do another one. California is home to the capital of the world to the word capital of the world. Is that the avocado capital, the Apple capital or the orange capital? Which one do you think it is? Avocado, orange, or Apple I think everybody's probably on the phone right now googling there we go again. GN you're on a roll is it's the avocado. Lucy's got the avocado. What's the right answer? Avocado. Every year in Fallbrook, California holds an avocado festival to celebrate this is one of my favorite, favorite foods. And avocado toast I actually learned when we were preparing for the show is actually is known from comes from California. So there you go we the avocado state. Okay, let's do one last one. What is the national animal of California? Is it a cougar? Is it a bald eagle? Or is it a grizzly bear? Let's see who gets this one first? Is it a cougar bald eagle or a grizzly bear? We want to see who's going to know which is the national animal of California. And hopefully nobody sees this one in real life because that could be scary. Cat Jen's got a cougar. And anyone else coming up. And I share is saying also a cougar on the INS got a grizzly bear. Let's see the answer. Eric has got the Quizlet There we go. It's the grizzly bear. Such fun. Thank you everybody for playing along with us on our trivia quiz. That was fun. All right, let's talk about climate in California. Estelle you and I know because we both come from South Africa that California that the climate in California is similar to South Africa. Tell us a little bit about what you've experienced in terms of the climate.

 I think that's one of the reasons people always also say Do you know is Bakersfield a good idea because if you're not used to a warm climate you might be surprised Bakersfield can be quite hot in summer you know? I've got into my car where it was 110 for night so it can get hot but it's it's geared towards it. There's a conditioning the houses are air conditioned and in general you cope quite well all the shops are cold we we wait jackets mainly when we go to mostly when we go to the shops so in winter it's also quite similar to South Africa quite a mild winter. We don't get snow in Bakersfield it snows on the mountains around us but not Bakersfield itself. So it's chilly but it's not. You know you can manage. But if you love warm weather and you love long days, the sun sets quite light. So after you can really go for a nice stroll in the afternoon. It's really pleasant. We enjoy it. Okay, good.

 And vino is the climate I don't know if you've been to Vegas feel but is it different in Sacramento to what Estelle has just described in Bakersfield and never been to Bakersfield but Sacramento and Bakersfield. I think they're kind of similar. So Sacramento ranked as having the best climate in the world. Sacramento is synonymous with Sunshine, sunshine and great weather. Though. This past few weeks, it's been raining but my my workmates and my colleague telling me that it never happened and rarely happen. And one of my colleagues said it happened. The last time it happened was 20 years ago. So I really like that the Sacramento and Northern California is a sunny and sunny place to work because I love sun. I don't like snow. I don't know if that is exact, but most of the people here love the weather. I can't complain. I know,

 California is known to be you know, sunny, very nice weather tend more temperate. There are places obviously that you can go for the snow if you go to Big Bear or you know to some of the locations in California. But typically you're gonna find that it is warm. And as Estelle said when you go inland, it actually gets warmer like I live in San Diego, which is right near the ocean. So it tends to be cooler than where Bakersfield and Sacramento are because if you look at the map that kind of inland in California, so they tend to get a little hotter in the in the wintertime I sorry, in the summertime. Okay, so let's talk about California fun. Let's talk about the places that you visited. I know we have some pictures that we can show our viewers of places that you have visited in California and Estelle, do you want to share with us what has been your favorite places that you've been that you've visited? You mentioned some of them earlier, but Some other places that you've visited that you really enjoyed in California specifically.

 So, Danny, I think you you live near San Diego if I'm not mistaken. And we've been there and really loved it. It's beautiful. It's such a wonderful place to visit. And so we've been there, we've been to San Luis Obispo that you see the Hearst Castle that we visited. We've been to Los Angeles a few times sometimes to go and watch sports sevens, rugby, things like that. And then my favorite place I must say is the forest you know Sequoia National Forest where you can go and see the redwoods the tallest trees in the world and it's such an amazing place. So we try and our weekends go to a place we've never been. We love Santa Barbara. We've been there a few times. And when family visit we take them to some of our favorite places we've discovered it's really it's beautiful around us. There's some amazing places we often will go for a walk you know nature go visit a local place where we can go for a walk just to enjoy the mountains and the nature around us.

 I love that Estelle so much to see so much to do and next time you come to San Diego you need to help me so you can come and visit Vinod, you want to share with us some of your favorite places that you've visited in California?

You know, Tonya, I didn't I did not know that. You're from San Diego. Oh my god. I love San Diego. I love the iconic statue. They're like the nurses kissing the sealer. Oh, I love you to come visit us.

 Yeah, I did. Fun time. And then I think there's a lot of places to go there. So I get to come and visit again. You know, I'm such a traveler, and I go almost to every beaches and iconic places here in California. My favorite place here is Solvang. As you can see in the photo that's in so van you will feel the vibe of being in Netherlands a Dutch mill and beautiful sceneries, the shapes of the building. They are spectacular and a lot more to see. I also love the Lake Tahoe so as you can see on the photo on the where I was sitting on snow that's in Lake Tahoe and then on the other side, the it's summer. There's still Lake Tahoe. I love Lake Tahoe. It's close to Sacramento. It's it's really not a long drive and relaxing nature is a spectacular. Yeah.

 So, so much to see so much to do such a fun place to live. It really really is. Let's talk a little bit about the food in California. I know. You know sometimes people say well what is California known for the Mexican food avocado toast as I said, that's one of my favorites. Can charter sushi craft beer and wine. Estelle, what are some of your favorite foods in California?

 Danny, I think you've just mentioned them. I feel hungry just listening to you. These I love pokey nachos. I don't know if I pronounced it right. But I love it. And I love I love the fact that people say that's one of the benefits of California is that you really get real Mexican food. Yeah, you know, it tastes like Mexican food. And I think if you can, you can really enjoy any kind of cuisine that you like. We've visited some amazing itallian restaurants and the wines amazing as you can see on the picture. California wines really good. We've got some nice breweries we've we've really been tasting it. I think the biggest challenge is keeping my weight under control. Sampling everything that I can see.

 It's tough when you come here in the beginning, especially because the portions are big. So we're coming from South Africa specifically, it's not as big as it is in America. So you gotta be careful. And do you know tell us a little bit about your What are your favorite foods?

 Oh my goodness, Tanya, you know, Filipinos are always fun of food. You like to bring food to work and eat out. Send the photos use your soul evolution. Like I was hitting me and then I put so much. Here is fantastic. Yeah. You know as the and Tanya. My favorite place here. I don't know if you guys been there but it's a Boiling Crab where you're going to eat a lot of seafood. I like it. And me. Coming from New Zealand. I really have a good town talk Time on steak. Ah, yeah. And when I moved here, I was looking for steak. I thought it's not comparable, or California steak or comparable to New Zealand steak. I love steak a lot.

 That's a good that's a high recommendation. We know because New Zealand is known for its steak. So it's good to hear that that's fabulous. What about ethnic food, your food from your home country because I always find it so interesting. And I love myself into this category. You know, people spend such a lot of time, money and effort coming to the United States, especially as a nurse, it's such a difficult process. And then when they get here, the first thing they want to do is find their ethnic foods like, you know, foods from South Africa, or like the chocolates or the you know, the jolly V or, you know, whatever is is your ethnic foods. Have you been able to find that in California? Is Dell?

 Yes, yes, I've done. You know, we make our own, like things like Bolton, which is like jerky, we make our own. And we I visited one of our local world markets where I could get you know, sometimes you just crave something from home, I think it's more about being homesick, you know, just a familiar taste. And then of course, when family visit they bring, I've got a list that they need to bring, but it's quite accessible, you know, and you can order online as well. It is a little bit more expensive to do that. But I find that most of the things that we really need or want is accessible and available to us. Yeah. I just want to say for those who are not that used to online shopping, it's absolutely amazing. There is nothing you cannot find. And it will be delivered to your door. So I've been I've been doing that a few times,



can be a bit dangerous system. I'm a chocoholic. I have to have chocolate every single day of my life. And I love the South African chocolate even though I've been here for 22 years. So it can be a little dangerous, especially for the waistline. Vino, what about you? Have you been able to find it? Filipino food?

 You know what I love here in California is I feel at home. I feel like I'm just in the Philippines. Filipino restaurants are everywhere. Like you mentioned with Jollibee Oh my COVID just 10 minutes away from where I live to Jollibee I also Yeah, and also the island. The island foods the if we're were like missing the it's Bianca or the the delicacies the rice delicacies we have here we just go to Filipino grocers. It's everywhere now.

 Wow. So so a lot, a lot too much to eat sometimes. And but definitely something that's really, really fun in California. And the one benefit of being in California, obviously, is that you can travel to other parts of the United States Estelle, have you traveled to other states yet?

 I've a few years ago, I was in Atlanta and Georgia and Florida. But since we've been here, we haven't traveled across borders yet. I've been to Texas before as well. It was part of my decision of where we wanted to live once we move here. So that's what I've seen, but I'm looking forward to visiting few states around us as well. Okay, so lots of plans in there. And I've been to Las Vegas have obviously that's across the board. Mrs. Vegas.

Exactly. That's an experience in itself. And we know you are you are an adventurer and traveler. Have you traveled in the United States? And if so, what have been your favorite places to go to?

 You know, Tanya, I've traveled in almost 20 states here. And though I traveled to us even before coming here, I just love traveling there again. It is. People don't understand that America has 50 states to choose where you want to live. I love Montana. And also there's one that I really liked the Massachusetts oh my god the foliage people, people you guys listening you should go there during fall. You're gonna love the colors, the leaves falling. Also in Washington. That's another state that I really like to travel because it's just two hours drive to Canada. And I've never been to Texas, but I've been to Las Vegas. Texas is my next state that I was okay, Yeah, yeah, I just love traveling. So Arizona I was there to see so much to see so much to do. So much fun. And I think if anybody is watching this today, I am sure you can get that feel from Estelle and vino of how amazing it is to live in California, and how much there is to, you know, just so many wonderful things in your everyday life and so many good things to look forward to. So if you are interested in California, please apply to Connetics USA, our team, our handle on hand right now, we have hundreds of positions in California and all different parts of California as well as obviously, if you're interested in going to other states. So our team are waiting online right now to speak to you to find the best match for you. Okay, let's move on a little bit to transportation. This is one thing that can be surprising for people coming to California for the first time is that we don't it's not like going to New York, where you've got a lot of public transportation. And Estelle, can you share with us what transportation was like for you when you came to the United States, because this can be a challenge in the beginning?

 I think so I think it's quite difficult to navigate. If you don't have a car, I think California is has a big driving culture that my kids of course, enjoy this, my boys, you know, cars is a big deal here. And, but it does help when you've got your own transport. We live next to a university. So there's bus routes that go from, you know, five minutes from my house all over Bakersfield. So if I really didn't have transportation, we would be able I would be able to get to work and back. And many people at work have, you know, they they travel with each other to make it easier. When we arrived, we couldn't get credit, of course, because of the fact that you don't have a credit record. So we had to, in the beginning, buy a car and all three of us will work working at different times and places. So it was quite a challenge to get everybody to work on time. But we managed to do that. And then in August, I managed to buy myself a car and my son also bought himself a car. So the minute you start getting a credit record or you have a job where you can show your your pay slips for three months, credit is accessible, and that solves the problem. I want to recommend that you really try and get a driver's license as quickly as possible. I thought they recognize the internet international driver's license, and they do. But what I didn't realize is that your driver's license acts as an ID identification document, you can show your passport, but in general, people just the systems are geared towards the American ID they ask for your driver's license, and you show that and that really makes your life a lot easier. I think it's part of the the expected norm. You know, you have an American phone number and American address and American ID. And then you've got your social security number and those things you really need to get along and live life here.

 Yeah, I think that's good advice is still coming to California, there is public transportation, but it's limited in most places. I mean, like San Francisco is maybe it's more accessible. But in most places in California, typically people drive so getting your driver's license can be a challenge for some international news, many international nurses or healthcare workers, but it does get better. You know, what was your experience in terms of transportation?

 Oh, I agree to everything that esto said that. It's very convenient is it it's the most convenient thing to do is to have a driver's license to take your driver driving lesson before moving here. I think I think there is regional transport or transit for everyone here in California, and maybe scheduled, but I never tried commuting here because it's it's such a state that, you know, driving is a necessity. So I have a car and then I I drive to work, because I think that's the most convenient but there are Uber and Lyft too that you can use. It can be pricing. So what I can suggest to people for who are wanting to move here in California is to learn how to drive or my experiences. It wasn't easy because I have been driving for a long time in New Zealand and still I have to take the driving less driving test here, the actual exam here because we drive opposite. So we drive on the left side of the road. And here you're going to drive on the right side of the road in the Philippines. I don't drive. So I just learned driving in New Zealand because it's a necessity there too. So I told when I moved here, it's gonna be easy, but it's not because it's, it's a right hand driving. And we drive on the right side of the road and the instructors during the driving test. They're not they're not they're strict. They wouldn't let you pass if you're not safe to drive. I did my driving test twice. I failed.

But you bought it. Vino. That's the main challenge. It's scary. I can tell you it was one of the scariest things for me when I came here, because in South Africa, Estelle knows as well, you also drive on the other side of the road. And then one time when I first came out, I actually burned a steak. Thank goodness, there was nobody on the road, I did turn the wrong way. So it takes a while to get used to it. It's scary. I can relate. Alright, let's talk a little bit about the multicultural aspect of California. Estelle, what has been your experience? You spoke about the fact that there's no ageism in in the United States? Can you talk a little bit about multi multicultural? You found it?

 Then yeah. I mean, it's it's wonderful working at the hospital, because we are so diverse, these people from all different cultures. And I'm not the only one with an accent. But I can tell you that much. So it's wonderful. I think California is very multicultural and very accepting of different cultures. I think it's one of the benefits of the of the community. I did find when I was in Texas, especially the northern parts of Texas, that people were not, there wasn't that kind of that level of diversity. So I really enjoy that about California. If it's important to you and you like different different kinds of thinking and different kinds of, you know, different languages and different cultures. You'll really enjoy California a lot.

 Yeah, I would tend to agree with that. Vino, what are your thoughts on California being multicultural? What is your been your experience?

 Oh, California is so diverse. California is where people wanted to settle down. People are so family oriented, and focus on growing on their families. So there's, for example, my workmates, I just hear them because I, it's not my thing. It's not my cup of tea, like to attend culturals stuff, you know, like dancing and all that. But I hear them that they do guttering and they they like, watch their children, you know, do the epicness dances. And also, if you're a person that you want to meet, and see different cultures, then basically, typically go to California. It's me I like to I like to hear and the different, you know, stories from their countries. This is why I moved to New Zealand way back when I was on my 20s because that kind of visa is for just the exchange culture. And when I moved here, it's diverse. Save us where I was before. I love it.

Okay, good. So yeah, so California is really known for diversity being multicultural. And if you enjoy that it really is a good fit for you. I'm just looking in the at the chat at Ifeoma as comments who saying wow, mind blowing experience, and I think I find that many people would agree with you. And but there are other parts of California that are important to talk about as well. And that is the cost of living in California, as well as the taxes and the housing. So let's talk a little bit about the cost of living. And we have some cost calculators where we will show the different cost of living. So for example, if you look at Long Beach, which is just south of Los Angeles, compared to Manhattan, the cost of living is 60%. Higher in New York than in Long Beach. So that's kind of interesting. If we compare San Francisco to New York, though, the cost of living is 30%. Higher in New York City, so I was still higher in New York, but not as high as long beach. And we've got a few more to have a look at if we look at Bakersfield. This is interesting Estelle, the cost of living is 124% higher in New York. Did you know that Estelle use Bakersfield is actually famous that they are quite affordable and And it's an affordable town to live in California

Absolutely. So let's just look at a few more of those. And the cost of living is 20% 21%. Lower in Miami than in Long Beach. So Florida a little bit cheaper, for example, in Long Beach. And I think we have maybe one more, there we go San Francisco, the cost of living is 36%, lower in Miami, Florida than in San Francisco. And, and Bakersfield is 10% higher than Miami. So I think hopefully that will give everybody a sense of the cost of living because California is known for a higher cost of living and higher taxes. We do have to take taxes, both federal and state taxes here in California, but there is a wide variation. So for example, we Estelle lives in Bakersfield, very different to even San Francisco, which is in Northern California, is still what has been your experience in terms of cost of living and taxes.

 I think it is expensive. You know, it's tough when you when you get your salary, and you realize how much they deduct for tax. But I think they do good things with that. It's like the money is not necessarily mismanage So, even though it's difficult to pay taxes. You know, there's lots of benefits for people that live in California. I think you you can afford to live on a nurse's salary. Just be aware that of course you have to rent a house in the beginning and it can be quite expensive. The rest I think the price is comfy. Well. A lot of people are concerned about things like furniture. We just when we arrived here we were so lucky people were so generous. You know, in the beginning, we didn't even have plates or knives and forks and cups people just gave and there's a lot of people so you can find things secondhand, very cheap. And if until you have money to buy it. So we managed to settle in the beginning the house was quite empty, but it's filling up nicely. Gradually. You can you can live here you can see the picture of my husband, he bought a TV before he had a couch to sit on, you know, to sit on the floor and watch TV, but we've upgraded since. So, but it is expensive. But it's not you can afford it because the nursing salary I think in California is so much better than some of the other states where I understand so it is possible to make a living. Yeah. Good.

 Okay, vino. Any comments on that? And I see we have a question in the chat from Angie, who's asking what the cost is of a one bedroom accommodation. You know, what is your thoughts on cost of living housing. And what Estelle has just shared, and maybe if you could share with Angie, what an apartment might cost.

 Oh, so I can see that the cost of living here is just fine because the salary compensate the cost of living. So when I was in New Zealand, we pay rent weekly, and I found that it's more expensive to buy a house there than here. I initially lived with my relatives then bought a house housing here in Sacramento is not that high compared to San Francisco it's almost half the price. So I will say that a brand new house a four bedrooms with three bathrooms is around 400 to 600 but it still depends on the interest rate so the time that I bought the house it's just 2% but right now it's expensive. The interest rate is 5% now or more. So if you're moving here you don't want to buy houses straightaway and all you want one at least rent for a while for renting I think depends if I can say much because I lived with my family when I moved here but for renting I think it's visible that's what I can say because the the salary of nurses here is compensate the cost of living. Yeah,

 I think you're correct on that vino. The cost of living does vary in different parts of California but the salaries are high. So that does kind of weigh the one against the other Estelle any comments on what it would cost apartments in Calif in Bakersfield or buying a house in Bakersfield?

 Tanya? Yes, I think vino is correct by saying between 406 100,000 If you want to buy a house, I say a three bedroom two bathroom house House would probably be around $400,000. But renting I've looked at some very nice in a nice area, you could still pay about 1500 $1,600 a month to rent an apartment, but in a very good area so it's expensive. A lot of people that I know she accommodation and and I think it's good advice that we know is giving to say, rent in the beginning so that you can really decide where you want to live. If you don't know it town, you might make a mistake in renting or buying in the wrong area. So it's good to speak to locals and find out what would be the best area for you to live in that still close to the hospital and makes your transportation easier. And and I think some of the people that you work with at the hospital, we'd be giving you very good advice on that. But probably 1600 to $1,800 a month for an apartment.

Okay, so that also can give an Angie and anybody listening, some indicator of what it's like. And again, you can see the difference even between Sacramento and Bakersfield, and certainly in California, in San Diego where I live much more expensive, both to rent and to buy a house in San Diego than in Bakersfield or in SEC in Sacramento. And let's let's finish off with one or two more trivia questions because that was fun. So I think we have one or two more questions to check with the viewers. And in California Sequoia National Park and Estelle is visited there you'll find the world's largest what measured by volume is a tree is it snake? Is it mushroom? This is one of his STELs favorite places. Anybody have any guests? Which is the world's largest What is it a tree snake or mushroom? Are there a J Morris got it? At tree Marcus is saying A and you are both correct Jayma and Marcus is a tree. The General Sherman tree is the largest tree in the world. It stands 275 seven feet tall and is over 36 feet in diameter at the base. Wow, Estelle, did you see this tree when you went to the park?

 Yes, we did. And it was absolutely mind blowing to see it. It is beautiful. It's really something you should visit.

 Wow. So that's what we have for everybody who's watching today. And last trivia question. The what was born in an office in bolter Hall in the University of California, Los Angeles and UCLA in October on October 29 1969. Was it the internet, a camera or the radio? What do you think was born in October 29 1969? Any guess anybody? And if you know what it is put in the chat? Is it is it internet camera or radio? This is a this is a fun question. I don't see any questions unless there's a slight delay of people putting the answers in the chat reassessing camera. It see what everybody else says is it a camera internet or radio? Radio, GN people are trying people are trying but the right answer is actually let's put up the slide. It's a it's the internet everybody. That thing that we can't live without these days was actually first first started in 1969 in California. So that piece of history because it's California is known as the tech center of the world. So it was the internet. Okay, last question. And before we finish off is just on schooling. And Estelle or vino any comments about schooling in the United States for kids in terms of public school, private school, university, any input or feedback that you want to give viewers who are watching around the world?

 Well, I've got a grown up kids. So I don't know about schooling. But what I've heard from people around here is that that's in yet another reason why you have to choose your your area where you live, because that determines what school your your children can go to. So if you know and that's why you'll see many of the apps available for for buying or renting a house we'll talk about what schools are in the area. And so that's important. Think about that when you choose and universities, you know, there's a lot of options available for people who need to study and online or local and it's very well presented right presented the colleges and the university. So lots of options. And then of course, we've got Cal Poly and that's close by and then the University of Bakersfield, California, and is has a campus right next to us. And then UCLA in Los Angeles famous for its medical school. So if you've got a child who's considering that one day might be a very good option as well, I think it is expensive studies is expensive, but the opportunities are available.

Yeah, absolutely. And both of my kids went to both school and university in California. So there's enormous opportunity for kids, you know, anything to add on that topic?

Regarding the top topic, regarding kids schooling, I don't have kids, so I can say anything, but right now, I'm studying my Masters in Business Administration. And, um, it's, I think it's, it's visible, because there are schools that they offer per unit or per semester. So what my school right now is per semester, and it's as fast as you can go, you know, like, just do it as you can. And then you get when, for the next semester, if you can finish this number of units, then it's good. And they have staggered or installment payment as well, which is really good. Monthly. My school, I just have to pay at least 1000 per month. And one good thing is my employer, they they pay at least 4000 per year for this study, which is really good. It's helpful. So there's a lot of employer year in in California, that they support your studies. But regarding kids schooling, I can't say much but I heard from my workmates there. They are public schools that are really cheap. And also Catholic schools and private schools too. So there's a lot of options.

 Okay, good. And we know I see you got your fan club here in the chat. Chris is saying proud of you vino. Cute. And okay, we almost at the hour. And I see we have some questions in the chat about the California Board. The California Board is well known to be a little bit more tricky for nurses in terms of getting the California license. And Estelle Albini. Any comments about the California Board and getting a California endorsement that you'd like to add?

 I think Danya you're right, I mean, I got a Texas nursing license. And that's how I got to write in clicks. Because the challenge with California is that you cannot apply for a license until you've got a social security number. And you can't get the social security number until you write the NCLEX. And you get into the into the state. So I immediately when I arrived in April started applying for endorsement. There was a delay from the California Board where they requested additional documents from my school of nursing that they had to send which we've done. And I should have an answer soon. We were lucky for a while because of COVID that California and allowed you to practice as a registered nurse, even though you have a license from a different state. But I think that arrangement is probably coming to an end at in February and you have to have your nursing license. So it does take a while to get an answer back from them.

 Yeah, it's not an easy state to navigate Connetics have our own license endorsement team that helps nurses to get a license in California and endorsement to California. As Estelle said, You cannot ride through California when I started doing this many years ago, you could actually take the exam through California, because you didn't need a Social Security to take it. But these days, it's more difficult. We know anything to add on the California license. Yes.

 Yeah, so that's actually an advocate for nurses. And if you guys wanted to ask about license endorsements, so I have videos on my blog as well, and then follow me on my instagram. So I just asked me about license endorsement, because I think that's, that's one of area that I'm really, I really know. So when I did my license endorsement, I was really lucky because I moved here, November 2020. That was a search of COVID-19. And by that time, oh my god, that license was just given away. So yeah, so yes, I got my license just after I won, or one month or two months, because initially January I got my license over Ready to apply? November or December? I can't remember. But it's, it's really something that you guys eat while it's hot. Because, you know, the nursing board, they're unpredictable so they can change the law anytime when they want. I was like expecting that when I do my license endorsement here in California, I need to study courses. Because most of my college batchmates they were asked to study med surg, and OB, and they'd have to spend at least 10,000 to $20,000 for just to get those courses. And then I thought I'm gonna do that. So I thought I wouldn't be able to do my license endorsement here in California. But I was so surprised that the board were so generous, but back then, and I think there are so right now, though the endorsement is expensive. It's $750. It's something that you guys need to make money.

 Yeah. Right. Yeah. Thank you for sharing that, you know, so, yes, please check out and Vinos YouTube channel, his Instagram, thank you for doing a lot of hand holding and helping nurses with that. And just to reiterate, for everybody who's watching Connetics , have our own licensed endorsement, specialist team within Connetics to help nurses with the California board because it can be a more difficult board to navigate, but we we do know what to look out for and how to help nurses to get the license endorsement for this for the state. And not everybody would be eligible, but you know, we can help advise you how to navigate it. Okay, with that said, we are at the end of the show. We went a little bit over time. But I want to thank everybody for joining us today. This was such a fun, interesting discussion. We love speaking to Estelle and vino and thank you for joining us today. Before you leave, just important to remember that we have the Connetics college every Monday, and these are free classes upcoming shows. So on the first Monday, we have an NCLEX caused by our esteemed partners via on the second Monday we have an OT NP PT E class from our great partners Swish, third Monday we have iPass who is doing a fabulous class on NCLEX. And our wonderful partners nine is doing an IELTS class on the fourth so please check this out. Look at the time zone converter. And because we have lots of free material for you also check out our every Friday our upcoming shows at 7am. Pacific Time check the time zone converter in your location on the 27th we have buying a house. On the third we have a showcase for one of our clients in Florida very prestigious client adventhealth. On the 10th. We have part two of our spousal support program on the 24th our usual segment immigration q&a with the legal experts. On the third our stateside segment will be Texas. So today we looked at California on the third of March we looking at Texas on the 10th we talking about next generation in place the 17 budget for us arrival the 24th we have another client showcase and on 31st March immigration q&a Also once a month before a talk show on the 14th we have a fun show for a Love Game Show for Valentine's Day and on the 14th of March we have our intellects heroes, so lots of information coming your way. Connetics initiatives, free aisle scholarship for all English for all Connetics , nurses for the NCLEX scholarship for selected nurses $1,000 referral fee, our podcasts, check out our new season and latest season of our podcast. Stateside, this is Season Five nursing in America. And then we also have if are not Connetics initiatives. We have our show onwards and upwards don't retire Connetics college and also allied needs. Well, that was a lot of talking on my site. So please, if you are interested to come to Canada, to the US and to California specifically or anywhere in the United States apply to and our team on how to find you the right match. And we wish everybody a great weekend. Thank you for joining us and onwards and upwards everybody. See you next week. Bye bye. Thank you.