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Years of Contract Differences

Staffing has longer commitments than direct hire, because we know that that isn't true. But let's give a little bit of clarification on that. And the other one also is that in the staffing myth is that you get moved around constantly and get treated like a number. Perfect. I'll take that. So I should point out O'Grady Peyton International, not necessarily all of staffing has the shortest commitment. So if you are looking for the shortest commitment period over at O'Grady Peyton International is definitely the one that you want to choose because we have just over a two year contract compared to most other commitment terms in the staffing and direct hire models, which are three years to the myth that you get moved around, we actually do not move nurses to other locations during the assignment. unless it's absolutely necessary something untoward happens that we weren't anticipating, but our contracts with our health care facilities are with our for the assignment length, so they're for the full period of the assignment, you do not get moved, we do not believe that it contributes to your clinical success.  

So in the already paid and staffing model, we do not move you from one place to another, we also have you come to your assignment right from the very beginning, I think in some other models are you come to a location initially for orientation, and maybe some integration, our success has really been bringing you right to the health care facility having you do your orientation and onboarding right there, bringing your family with you, it's very important that your loved ones are coming with you because this this is hard that to Tanya slide, this is not easy. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. So really just coming to the place that you're going to be assigned to and having your loved ones around you so that you can support each other. If you're bringing teenage kids to America when they're fully integrated in their school in the country that you live in the kids who might have a harder adjustment than you will have. If you're bringing babies, they're going to be cold in about three months, whereas you might be happy with the adjustment. So just for you to think about that security of location in your selection process, making sure that you're coming that you're coming with your family directly to the assignment all together. Because they think that truly is the best choice. 

Thank you, Sinead. So very important shout out there not all staffing companies are the same. O'Grady Peyton is the only company in the industry, who has a two year commitment. Let me say that again. O'Grady Peyton is the only company in the industry that has a two year commitment. And there's a follow up question, Sinead, from Angrick, who saying is the staffing contract lasts for exactly two years? Or is it by hours? 

Great question. So it's based on straight time hours in some of the staffing models, they can't overtime towards your contract length, in the awaiting payment contract. It's straight time hours. So think of the regular hours that you work every week, you're paid for all of the overtime at the overtime rate based on the state that you live in. But the contract is based on the straight time hours that you work. So if you're working 36 hours a week, it would probably take you 24 to 26 months, but still compared to three years that's significantly shorter. Yeah, that's a huge, huge, huge difference. And I see this, there's so many questions in the chat. And I'm trying to get to everyone. So just for everybody to know that if we're not able to get to your question, our team are on hand also. And they will be putting answers into the chat for any of the questions that we are not able to get to today.