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Why O'Grady Peyton - Staffing Agency for International Nurses

Why did you choose O'Grady Peyton to bring you to the United States?

Yeah, it may sound you know, unreal. But, you know, during the time of the pandemic, I was aiming to work in a different country really. But the pandemic hit and my passing got delayed. And then I prayed too hard, you know, to God to give me some inside of where should I go next. And then eventually, one day, I got a message from a cousin. And she told me she was still working. We've already paid in that time. And she told me that her that O'Grady Peyton provides support with nurses who don't have NCLEX yet. So I said, of course, why not? I'll apply. So I looked at the website of O'Grady Peyton, and I submitted my application, I submitted my English examination, and then after a few days and got a word from the recruitment team, and they sent me some checklist which I filled out right away because I really, I'm very eager to process my application and to go to the United States right away. So after a few days, I got a word again, from my recruiter, Karina German asking me about dinner, I actually had a problem with my are not really a problem, but a concern with a new nurse patient ratio in my country. So she didn't give up until I get a go signal or an offer to be with OGP. So eventually, I got an offer for the pre NCLEX program, where in they will support me with my NCLEX processing and everything. So it's like a five month review. And then, after five months, I got the assessment for me to go with my NCLEX. And eventually, I passed, I passed my examination July 2021, I processed my visa screening right away. And good thing, my English examination was still valid until I got my CGFNS certificate or my visa screen certificate. And then after 10 months of processing, from the time I passed my NCLEX I was able to get my visa and stuff like good on the United States of America. So that's how quickly the processing was with me. It is fantastic, John, and tell us what it was like when you first put your stamp on the United States soil. 

You know what, when I first went to they are when I first got here in the United States ice two couldn't imagine myself. I feel so blessed to be here. When I saw the JFK, like I couldn't believe I'm already in in the United States of America. And from that day on, I said, this is what I'm doing. I dream of like having my own car, doing the job that I wanted to do. And having my own house, you know, supporting my family back home. It's just surreal like I couldn't believe up to this moment. Like, every day I wake up, I couldn't believe I'm already working here and achieving or realizing my American dream. Wow. And I know when you speaking, you're speaking John, I can just get goosebumps because I know that Sinead did when are all remembering the first moment when we stepped into the United States onto us soil, and it's just you want to pinch yourself, because it's just the best thing ever. And that's what we want for everybody. And it's possible, everybody.