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Why Getting a Car Loan Is Important

Can you maybe share a little bit with the viewers why getting a car loan is so important just as it how it relates to credit?

Yes, so being with a financial institution like Advancial Credit in the US is super important every decision that is made as far as large purchases, getting an apartment later on, your credit is looked at.

So getting a car loan versus a lease, that loan will go towards building your credit once you get your social security number, the benefits of Advancial as we do not require a social security number to get that car loan, which is amazing. It is a wonderful product or service that we offer.

However, once you get that social security number and you update it with us, you start building credit and that credit is so important to start building. I highly recommend you get your social security number as fast as you can and then update us as well.

So Advancial going back a little bit, we do offer our inbound USA program. It is special to our our select employer groups like Connetics nurses recruiting agency, and we offer this service of getting your car loans to people newly arriving in the US and as easy as possible without that social security number, which can cause a lot of headaches with a lot of other providers as well.

Thank you, Nicole, and really important information shared. I often tell the story of when I came to the United States and went with my husband and two little kids to buy a car. The salesman was very excited and then he went back and checked our credit came back with a very, like long face. Not very happy with us he said you have no credit and we were like "What is that? We didn't even know as immigrants that credit existed." So, if you don't know what credit is, please check out some of the shows that we've done on onwards and upwards. They are on our social media on our website, and we'll explain what credit is and how to build your credit.