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Who is AMN International?

Who is AMN international, Dierdre? Can you tell us a little bit more about AMN. And the numbers, the size, the stability of AMN. 

Absolutely. So thank you, Tanya. So while we're waiting for this slide to come up. There's a lot of numbers on this slide. So don't let that so they but really, what's important about these numbers is that it's really important as you choose a partner to come to the USA, that it is. It's really sorry that as I said, I'm in a hotel room and housekeeping just came in. So I apologize for that. It's live, it's a live show these things happen. But what's really important is when you when you look at these numbers, combined, we have over 40 years of experience in assisting international nurses and their families transition to the US. We have helped over 10,000 International nurses come to the US and look at that 12,000 plus hospital facilities or other health care settings that we currently work with. So what does that mean to you, that means opportunities, it means choice, it means that whatever is important to you, Sinead mentioned pay geographic location, we have the opportunity for you and your family.

And we want to make sure that when you work with us, we are your career matchmaker, and we will get you where you want to be. So we are the top ranked us nursing staffing firm, and the staffing space and the direct hire space. We have over 60 clinical support specialists that are working with you to make sure that your transition is seamless and successful. We are the first joint commission certified corporate staffing firm. So that's very, very important. Because we hold ourselves to a very high standard, just like you hold us to a very high standard. We have a 4.7 satisfaction score on a five point scale. So that is phenomenal. And we're also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. So why is that important? Particularly in this? What we're in retrogression right now, that's very, very important when you consider you want to choose a partner that has stability that has longevity. So I know I've given you a lot of numbers. I'm excited to take your questions at the end. But I'll hand it back over to Tanya. 

Thank you Deirdre. And I think the message here everybody watching who might be familiar with Connetics and O’Grady Peyton, but not necessarily aim in international is for you to be able to see that this is a player that will be able to help you with your journey. So we're not going anywhere. I am an international listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This is a $4 billion company. We have both direct hire and staffing, great choices, more choices than any other any other staffing or WTO player in the United States, and really some way where you can have peace of mind to know that we're going to be with you along in this journey.