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What’s the Weather Like in Maryland?

Let's talk about the climate in Maryland

The climate is similar to the Philippines. North East Coast has four seasons like New York, New Jersey. Maryland beaches gets warmer faster than New York and New Jersey because primarily during the southern part of America, but you will still get the same cold if one day it will be 29 degrees freezing, it can be happened to you here in New Jersey can also be happening in Boston. It's just one day that you will have more in Rochester, New York than having that possibility in Maryland. They also get snow, the kids love snow until they start cleaning the shot the driveway.

You can get that winter too, as well, we get the fall, which is just recently couple of weeks ago, it was cherry blossoms festival, which is very pretty. So we were there in Maryland, DC area that we had so it's very fun. You get all those kinds of weather as well four seasons, like North East coast. But you'd have more activities as well there like that. It's very well no cherry blossoms.

It reminds you of Japan, because in Japan, the cherry blossom season Hanami where everybody goes, and they sit underneath the cherry blossoms in the park all day. And it's the same in DC and in that area of Maryland because you have these cherry blossoms everywhere. And you sit and it's like petals of snow.

It's very wonderful to see that once in your life opportunity. You can see that, I can see that every year every day. I mean here on springtime, because we have cherry blossoms here outside to New Jersey, we just have tiny but there is just like, everywhere. It was just so pretty good to see.

It's springtime when the flowers start blooming, right? On that climate, does it get really hot in the summer?

In Maryland, it doesn't get as hot as other part of like the warm like Arizona. Miami's very hot. California parts of them are very hot as well, in Maryland, and one of the average summer season would be around 80s and 90s as well.

That's because of the breeze of the water when you're close to that but when you're more inland towards northern part of Northwestern of Maryland, then you get more lands which is dry. But when you're closer to the coastal side, then eastside then you get the breeze of the water as well. Even if you go to the water, to the beach, the beach is a little bit still cold.

That's the beauty of Maryland. If you take a look at where it's located, it is surrounded by water. That's I always say water is life. I've lived in a few cities that did not have even a river and you're like oh, I'm thirsty. Because you see that water if it's the ocean, if it's the bay, if it's a river, there's life running through there, there's an energy there.