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What the National Visa Center (NVC) Does for You

What is the National Visa Center?

I always describe the National Visa Center is a secretary responsible for scheduling the appointment at the US Consulate.

Oh, I love that. I've never heard that analogy before.

So basically once the immigrant Petition for Alien worker the form I-140 is approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Immigration will notify the National Visa Center of the approval. And basically if the nurses priority date is current within one to two months of the I-140 being approved, the National Visa Center will contact the attorney, the employer and the nurse to inform them that it's time to move forward with scheduling.

The appointment which will require paying a fee bill will require completing a form DS-260 and will require the nurse to provide their biographic documents and police clearances and medicals. So again once the I-140 is approved within one to two months, if the nurses party data's current, they will receive an email from the National Visa Center letting them know we're ready. Go ahead and pay for the GI Bill. And once the GI bill is paid for you will receive you will complete the DS-260 and send us the documents by courier the documents again being the medicals a police clearance, their biograph, their passport, birth certificates, etc, for the principal applicant, and the immediate relatives, the spouse and the minor children. Okay, so the nurse was must first pay for the fee bill for each family member including themselves, and then complete a DS-260 for each family member, and then submit documentation for each applicant.

Then the National Visa Center will receive the documents and they'll start processing the paperwork. And then within I would say I mean, it's hard to predict how long it'll take to schedule the appointment at the US Consulate. But typically within three to four months, I would say, though, be scheduled for an interview. If all goes well, because like as Chris mentioned, they're just back logged right now they the embassies don't have enough staff to support all these interviews. But at least once the nurse receives that email, it's a good sign that the government is moving forward with scheduling there. The National Visa Center is the one that will assist them through that process.