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What Is USCIS Form I-140

What is the I-140?

Okay, so the petition that's filed by the employer is known as the Immigrant Petition for Alien worker. The reason why the word contains petition is because we have a petitioner, the employer is the petitioner and the nurses have beneficiary that form the immigrant Petition for Alien worker has a form number assigned to it, which is the form I-140 and that's the form that has to be reviewed by immigration, along with all the supporting documentation in order to determine whether or not if the nurse is eligible for an immigrant visa, and whether the petitioner qualifies to sponsor the nurse for the immigrant visa.

So an immigrant petition for any worker and the form number is the I-140.

I would highly recommend that a lawyer represent them and actually the lawyer represents the employer. There's a dual representation to be honest with you, but the employer is a principal client.

So typically, it's the employer that hires us to start the processing of the paperwork and then our nursing recruiting agency work with the nurse as a joint representation and responsibility to them as well. But truly the petitioner reaches out to us and then we prepare the paperwork for the nurse.