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What Is Transportation Like in Kentucky

Let's talk a little bit about transportation where you live, is there public transportation? is there Uber? is there Lyft? do you drive? how was it getting your driver's license? Maybe share a little bit about your experience and your knowledge.

Here in Louisville, you have buses, you can use buses I never used. So I don't know actually how it works but you can Google if you need you can just Google it and try to figure out because I have no idea how to use it. But you can use Uber, it's pretty easy and you can rent a car also.

If you're moving here, you're new here, your first days you need to figure out around the city. So you can just rent a car for a couple of days and go from there. I had my driver's license here so to get the driving license here in Louisville you have to do a test. And when you pass the test you have to do a practical test. So like driving practical tests and when you get both of them, you're good to go, you can you can get a driver's license.

So you drive? so you have a car?

Yes I have a car,  we actually bought a car here when we moved because it was going to be easier for us-  me and my husband we were both working. So it was going to be easiest for us to just buy a car but as I was saying you can rent a car. And also it has a website called Fair if you don't want to buy a car right now because you're just moved here. So you don't have like possibility for loans, you can just go to this Fair option, which is like renting a car for a long term. And they have good prices for cars there. And it will be a good option if you don't want to buy right now.

That's interesting. I haven't I haven't heard of that before at all.

I had a few friends that they emigrate also here and they didn't want to buy a car right away. Because you know, when you started here, brand new, you don't have like, money to buy a car and even to loan so they have this option like cloning a car through fair and it was a good option.

Okay, so thank you for sharing that because I didn't know about that either. For all nurses that come through Connetics USA international nursing agency, we actually set them up with a and an organization that we have an affiliation with, and they will get a $25,000 car loan. So that is perfect.

Nurse Juan, talk to us about transportation where you live?

In my area, there's no public transportation, though it says on the Google that there's like a public taxi, but those taxis are actually medical taxis. So those are only used for medical reasons. There's no Uber, there's no Lyft, there's no buses for you to use, so definitely you have to use or buy a car in order for you to move along here in the area.

Lexington and Louisville are the two places that I know that have public transportation. Other than that anywhere, I have never seen any buses or any taxis here unfortunately.