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What Is the Weather Like in New York

Rommel, what is your weather experience been like? 

I'm in the Philippines right now so I have a deal with my manager. So I said, I'm not gonna sign another contract if you want me to stay on winters in New York, so I should be out of New York on winters so I was able to haggle staying in the Philippines on winters. Saying that I was cringing when I saw the Facebook pages of my friends. And yours Kaye just recently, like, what's going on? It's like, weekly thing now, like the storm and the snow is like a weekly thing now.

So it's crazy It's knee deep sometimes and the worst part is when they get so muddy. I don't want to step on them. Summer, spring, and fall is pretty awesome in New York and if only for that I would really be retiring in New York, if not for the winter. So New York is beautiful except for winters. I don't know if Kaye. You love it? I hate winters.

I'm a photographer so I love going to Central Park when the snow started to fall. I always go there. I'm not far from Central Park where I used to live in Upper Eastside, it's just like a five blocks away. So as soon as it goes down, there's a lot of kids in there. It was nice picture for family really very nice.

But Luciana the first job I ever took as a traveling nurse was in Rochester, so when I went there as from New Yorker, I have all my my nice coat, my top of the knee boots, I came in like really like fashionable and dirty New York City. Everybody would come in with their nice, winter clothes. But when I went to Newark, New York is the place there. People would just come in with a regular, jogging pants, and just coat and I felt like, okay, I've been living so long in New York City, I didn't realize that people look at me, like, where are you going? I'm going to the hospital working, why are you with all your nice trench coat or nice winter coat, boots, my high heeled boots, that's my usually New York, everybody would come in the winter in New York City, they would be dressed up it's so and they would have their work shoes in their bag.

But when they go to work, they have their high heeled boots, nice coat, nice scarf, and a nice hat and then I said, okay, this is just here in New York City and you see that people, you just get a feeling, hey, I like to dress up to sometimes, it's nice. And I started traveling nursing and seeing different how people live outside New York City and I said, okay, I think I like to be simple.

But actually winter in New York is very fun for kids I say for Ben for very kids If you're living in New York City, what I saw difference living outside is in New York City, we don't clean. We don't have to clean the snow, which is good. The city cleans it very quick, very quick, very fast. As soon as it dropped, they put salt a cleaner, make sure nobody gets into an accident on the street.

Outside New York City, you have to clean your own, you have to shovel, you have to clean our own and I'm like, I need to go to work and the road is cleaned, and I'm like in New York City this will be cleaner ready at this point. So those are pros and cons of living and winter. Winter when it comes to New York and outside. In New York City you don't have to worry about shoveling because the government will clean the road for you already. And quickly, very efficiently. Make sure all the subway stations are clean off so nobody would fall off the stairs.

I have to admit, though, that New York is magical on the first fall of snow. I have this experience and I have to tell you, it's pretty magical. I was working on the third floor of a facility and it's near LaGuardia Airport. My desk as a staff nurse is facing a huge door facing LaGuardia. There was this one time I think it's the first January. So the door is open, it's wide open in the fluff of snow started to fall, and all of the residents and it's really pretty awesome. It's pretty nice.

Also, there was this one time my friends visited us, and we were in Times Square. If you can imagine, it's there like cotton balls falling and the huge LED screens in Times Square - it's playing, it's pretty, pretty magical. But only in the first two or three days. On the third and the fourth where it gets muddy, get me out of New York.

Kaye, do you skate, can you?

I do. We actually we just skated in Brian Park last Sunday with my daughter I was teaching her how to do it. So it's there you know all the fun Central Park has it, Rockefeller Center has it, Brian Park has it. It's everywhere in New York City that's one good thing. Winter is great.

Fall - you see in Central Park, everything is orange, it's so pretty too. Summer -  I don't want to take subway on summer, that's one thing. New York has a bit a lot of homeless people and sometimes they use subway, that's the only thing what I don't like with New York City is, sometimes they use subway as their shelter and majority of this people they don't have to take care of themselves and you know the feeling, we all nurses you know the feeling of somebody a person who doesn't take a shower for a long time, it's not their fault it's just because their homeless. For me, summer will be my off limits when it comes to Subway. There are better options, you can take bus will be your better option there, but again, overall experience is great.