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What Is the Transportation Like in Maryland

Let's move to transportation

If you are around close to DC, you get your bus in there. Mot only in DC is actually a bus that goes to Maryland locally on a daily basis.

So people commute left and right between DC and Maryland and it's very doable. Now the question is, how far is the bus that from my house? Well depends, if your bus up it can be like literally right in front of you we're live in Towson, the bus literally stops by the gate, by the entrance of our apartment complex. When you have kids, the bus also stops right in front of it so the kids literally add you as a parent, if you commute, it's doable.

But majority of the town, I mean a time that if you need to go like on your daily errands, of course, it's better to use the car as well. So it's very nice to have a personal car but if you're going in and out of the DC or just in Maryland. Like metros, there are also buses in New York, I can commute to my work with the bus as well. When you live in like downtown Baltimore or even suburb of Baltimore is doable by the bus and there's also train in there as well.

You have your local train and you also have your interstate trains, if you want to go to New York, you don't even have to drive you can use the bus actually, you could go to those busy DC, New York, you don't want to bring your car. Just take the bus base on my experience I've lived in Boston, we live in New York City, we live in DC. Don't take your car in the downtown places.

But I would say and would you agree with me that it's good to have a car for your day to day. If you want to go city to city or you know ride around in the inside of the city. But all in all, and this is a good rule of thumb for any city that you moved to United States, get a car. Yes, it will help your freedom and your life and because unfortunately, the rest of the world has very good public transportation systems and very intricate and in the United States, we have very sophisticated highways and the one thing that we did do right and as this train and bus system that you were saying between all these metropolitan areas, especially on the northeast coast, right and there's what you were you were talking about.