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What Is the Climate Like in Texas

Let's talk about the climate and both of you are saying that you like the climate. Ivan, was that what you expected because you've been there for longer and you've had more experience with the different seasons.

It's similar to Abu Dhabi. We came from Abu Dhabi, it's hot and it's humid. In New Mexico, it's hot but it's dry.

Texas is like California the weather is very unpredictable, you can have four seasons in a day.

So when you wake up, it's so cold then at morning time it will become like autumn time, then the afternoon it will become so hot. It's just unpredictable the weather and last February, we experienced one of the worst snowstorms. So it rarely happens but it did last February, and they were issues regarding the power outage. They're trying to fix those issues in the future. Whenever it will happen, then they will be able to address those issues.

So it does happen but it's more unusual for something like that happens in a state like Texas.