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What is the Average Cost of Living in California

One of the things that people often ask about when we speak about California is the housing, because California you can earn very well and the rates are really high in California but it's expensive to live. Now, what people don't always realize is that there are different cost of livings even within California itself. So the cost of living for example, is in San Francisco is very different to Hanford is very different to San Diego, it's going to be a very wide range. Can you talk a little bit about the cost of living, the housing, the taxes, what you've experienced so far?

Well, in here, what I notice is that they have two types of taxes. So the state tax is different from the federal tax. So you will have two deductions for taxes and they're big, but it's still more than enough for the housing, for food, for your transportation. I am renting a room studio type in Hanford because I go back home and it's my office back in Porterville.

So it's about like $500 a month for what I'm paying for rent. But if you want to get an apartment - if you have family, it's about 1,500 a month in Hanford but because Hanford is like a bigger city. In Porterville, I've seen houses here like my sister's friends, they are renting a three bedroom house for 1,500.

There is also a small town beside Hanford, which is Lemoore I have co workers who are renting an apartment like two bedroom apartment for about $700 a month and that's like a lot cheaper in comparison timeframe. This is just 15 minutes away from Hanford.

Okay,  that's also interesting, and Cornelia, that you bring it up is that, you know they get to be differences in the different locations within California. But also, it's often the case that if you want to work in Hanford and you want to live 15 minutes away, you might be able to find something a little bit cheaper.

Yeah, so there's there's a lot of variation and I'm so grateful to you for sharing that because that can I'm sure put a lot of people's mind at ease when they think oh my gosh, California and great rates, but it's expensive and how am I gonna manage so you know, you are sharing with everybody that it's very manageable.

Actually Ms. Tanya surprisingly, I have co workers who leave like 45 minutes to an hour away from Hanford so they can manage. So 15 minutes it's not a biggie.

Yeah, exactly.