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What Is Like To Live in North Dakota

Can you tell us a little bit about what it's like to live in North Dakota?

So when I first moved here, I was a little bit really taken aback with how it's it has a very homey touch feely to it. And I was surprised because you know being in the United States I thought that it's, it's all about the hustle bustle everywhere. And especially when I moved here Bismarck for everyone's FYI is the capital of North Dakota but when you arrive at the airport you will be much surprised that okay so it's not really that a lot of people are crowded where we are compared to other states are especially if you land in California and one of the airports there at any of the airports there I believe. It's hugely crowded so that's the thing that probably prompted us to really stay here it has because it has a homey feel like I feel like I'm in the suburbs for some reason for some reason and even if I'm in the capital city, it's the best of both worlds for me. Because I'm in a capital city I have access to almost anything and everything. But as well I can get to any place like in the city wise in five to 1520 minutes tops and traffic is only during peak peak hours. So yeah, it was it was really fun and surprising to find that we're actually living here for already five years. I never thought that would happen. Ruby what was surprising for you when you came to live in North Dakota?

Well first it's just like I didn't expect anything because it's like surprise me. So yeah, I was surprised arriving at the airport we pick at outside it's like all brown because we arrived here march 2016. So it's still glitter so like it's a little brown. Much of a building or anything but I'm like okay never mind. And first I would like go get a card like in Manila or in the Philippines It's free. But here you need to pay no free I'm trying to get out the card. Like somebody told me no you need to you know pay. Oh okay never mind yeah but let's see what you learn.

You learn quickly yeah It's a good thing also about here like surprised it's very laid back. No traffic like what we're used to for them the traffic here. It's like and this is not traffic. What traffic? So it's very easy to go around like 15 minutes before seven o'clock. Like if you work at seven it's fine because there's no traffic.


That's the good thing. Like for me people are very friendly.

Oh, yes.

And that's what you said It's feels like home like people are friendly. It's an easy life it's not so congested. It's not so overcrowded but it's still a city. So the population of Bismarck is is just under 800,000 so it's not like it's a tiny play.

Wow. I didn't even know that it was that much now it doesn't feel like that much.


And it's also very clean surprisingly, during summer or spring. It's all greens and very clean winter all white.

Okay, so we're going to talk about winter in a minute.