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US Nursing Shortage

So I've heard a couple of questions, actually, in the last few shows that I've done from a lot of nurses that are really worried that there isn't going to be enough room for them in the United States.

You know, foreign educated nurses are only filling a small piece of the shortage that there is in the US, they are not educating enough nurses in the US to fill the need.

So the need for international nurses is not going away. It is around and it's going to be around, I would say, for decades, at this stage, we have a lot of nurses who are going into retirement, and we aren't producing or educating and graduating enough nurses, and we just don't have the education programs enough slots to to produce our own nurses here.

So the need is not going away and like I said, if the if the cutoff date is within two years,  it's really not taking that much longer than it has been. We just were we're bringing nurses a lot faster during COVID Because there were a lot more visa numbers available because they weren't bringing any other categories in. But please get in line and the need is not going away. As you can tell if you read the reports and the articles, the shortage is here to stay on fortunately, and we need nurses.