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UofL Health - Healthcare Employer in Kentucky

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA Nursing Agency: The prestigious organization that we partnered with, we've been partnering with them for many, many years. And that's UofL health in Louisville, Kentucky. And I'm going to hand it over now to the UofL health team who are going to be joining us and are going to be telling us all about this amazing organization.

Shari: Hi, thank you. Thank you. I'm coming to you from Kentucky, where it is home of Kentucky basketball, Kentucky Derby every year and home of the best bourbon in the world. So I'm Shari Kretzschmer am the Senior Vice President Chief Nursing Officer for UofL health and for UofL hospital.

Our healthcare system came together around three years ago and its 12,000 team members strong. And we have one mission, which we live and breathe and that is delivering patient-centered care to each and every patient each and every day. We have approximately 215 International nurses currently working for us. We are still waiting for 100 more to join us. We are moving forward with hiring an additional 300 International nurses. So we hope if you're watching this today that you are and you will become a UML help team member. I wanted to share with you a video about each of our facilities. They're very different. And I think this would better explain who we are. So I'm going to turn it over to the video.


The Brown Cancer Center has been a leading face of world-renowned academic research and cancer care affiliated with the U of L School of Medicine. The Cancer Center's goal is to make cancer a disease of the past through cutting edge care, innovative clinical trials and cancer prevention efforts. It is nationally recognized for the development of experimental cancer therapeutics and diagnostics and as the largest cancer trials program in the region. Frazier Rehabilitation Institute offers an expansive network of inpatient and outpatient facilities across Kentucky and southern Indiana. Its services include nationally recognized brain injury, spinal cord and stroke recovery rehab programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for rehab facilities. Frazier rehab continues to be on the cutting edge with many other rehabilitation services, such as the emergency program, which is designed to help patients with severe traumatic brain injuries. At the heart hospital at Jewish Hospital is the region's only hospital exclusively focused on comprehensive and innovative heart care. It includes dedicated cardiac cath labs, hybrid operating rooms, three electrophysiology labs and three cardiac operating rooms. Collectively equipped for TAVR, watchman flex and heart transplant procedures. More than 40 Medical heart firsts are attributed to the UFL health team, including three of the world's first transplants in cardiac stem cell procedures, along with a first-in-the-nation procedure to relieve the symptoms of heart failure to improve cardiac function and quality of life. Jewish Hospital provides leading edge advancements in specialties and services located in the heart of downtown Jewish Hospital is internationally renowned for its proud legacy of surgical services and cardiovascular care. Jewish Hospital is also home to Treyger Transplant Center, a federally designated Medicare heart, lung, kidney, liver and pancreas transplant center. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital is a full service hospital that offers a full range of vascular orthopedic, cardiac, neurological, surgical, rehabilitative and 24/7 emergency services, including a 24/7 STEMI.

It's also home to the U of L health, weight loss care and a voluntary inpatient medical detox unit. Patients will have continuity of care with trusted oncology and hematology providers along with access to the multidisciplinary care, pioneering research and clinical trials of the Brown Cancer Center. Piece Hospital is a private, nonprofit Behavioral Health Hospital. Originally founded in 1951 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth peace Hospital has been offering hope and care for children, adolescents and adults with substance use disorder or CO-occurring behavioral health disorders. Peace provides a full continuum of psychiatric and substance use services for patients, including specialty programs for children to geriatric patients who have complex treatment needs. Shelbyville Hospital is located on the colonel Heartland D. Sanders medical campus in the heart of Shelbyville just 30 minutes east of downtown Louisville since 1906. This hospital has served the people of Shelby and surrounding counties with exceptional personalized care. Shelbyville hospital offers a full complement of inpatient and outpatient care, including 24/7 emergency care. Shelbyville hospital is proud to say that through the years, they've been voted as one of the best places to work. The hospital also provides diagnostic imaging, diabetes and nutrition Care, General Surgery, ICU, pulmonary services and sleep medicine. Through Frazier rehab Institute physical occupational and speech therapies are also available. You have ill health is investing in the health of Bullitt County with the opening of South hospital. The hospital will accommodate acute care inpatient beds, expanded emergency room capacity, cardiac cath lab, dedicated Intensive Care Unit and grow surgery capacity. You have a hospital is an academic teaching and research hospital in the heart of the Louisville Metro area. It offers a second to none Cancer Center, a world renowned trauma team and a uniquely streamlined nationally accredited stroke center. The latest innovations in a history of world class care. You have a hospital is the only adult level one trauma center and home to the only dedicated burn center in the state. It is also a designated Baby Friendly birthing facility by Baby Friendly USA. And its level three NICU is one of the largest in the region.

So as you can see from the video, there is plenty of opportunities for you to go into a specialty that you are most interested in. The other things I wanted to make sure that you were aware of we do have tuition remission. So what does that mean? So that means when you come to work at U of L how we will pay for your college education to receive a bachelor's degree. Now with that we also will pay for your spouse to receive a bachelor's degree and also your children to receive a bachelor's degree at the University of Louisville through our program, this is a program that we started about eight months ago we have close to 900 employees that are using this benefit not only for themselves but for their children and for their spouse to go to school. The degree does not have to be in nursing or medical, a medical profession it can be in. It can be in anything to be honest with you. So it's a really exciting opportunity to change the trajectory of your family and, and for teachers to come. University Hospital, our level one trauma center just received magnet two months ago. So super excited Jewish Hospital is on their magnet journey and peace hospital, our psychiatric hospital has just started their pathway to excellence.

So good opportunity to be part of a growing system that's innovative, does research thinks outside the box and is willing to step out there to do things differently. From an were nursing, one of the things we're working on right now that's innovative, and that is getting national attention is we're piloting a new care model where we are actually putting pharmacists embedding them in the nursing units with nurses. So why is this different because in the state of Kentucky, pharmacists can administer medications. So they are assisting our nurses in just the daily medication passes. It's a little bit different than an LPN RN model. But super excited to see what this research shows. And this is a potential care model for the future. So with that, I'm going to stop but want to make sure I have time for questions.

Tanya: I think we have just under a minute on the on the clock, Sherry, but that was an awesome presentation. So many interesting things. I'm just looking at the chat. People are saying so grateful. I'm here. Wow, it was a great presentation of each of the hospitals very interesting. I'm not sure if there's any specific questions here for you Abell. And can you maybe tell us Shari, just a little bit about the community that are already there. We have hundreds of nurses.

We do. And it is a great, I mean, it has become very robust. As we continue to add more and more, they're from all over the world. And they have created their, their neighborhoods, so to speak. They support each other, we support them. It has been it's fantastic. It really is.

Well, it's certainly been a joy to work with you as well, as well as all the other organizations that did presentations today on Connetics Career day. And so thank you, Sherry, for joining us. And we are really so proud and so inspired by the presentations today