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TOEFL vs IELTS: Learn About the Differences

Greetings to our viewers worldwide it's the fourth Monday of the month. And what does this mean? It's time for Connetics College. We are 9.0 Niner. And we'd like to thank Connetics College for inviting us to conduct free classes and there is English examinations. So there is IELTS OET, PTE and TOEFL. All four of them are now accepted by CGFNS. If you're applying for USA visa screen with me for tonight is Sir Marlon he is the head of 9.0 Niners TOEFL program. So what is it that you're supposed to expect both of us to talk about for tonight, we're going to compare IELTS and TOEFL. What's good if you join this interactive discussion. Apparently, you can ask questions related to the examination. I have taken the IELTS and Sir Marlon right here has taken both IELTS and TOEFL. Now we're going to give a free subscription to our Platinum online review program. All you have to do is to tag as many friends as you can. And just in case you have any questions regarding the examination, all you have to do is to use the comments section. Now, I'll turn you over to Sir Marlon for an overview of TOEFL. Sir, Marlon?

Alright, so, good evening to all our viewers. I should also say Good day, regardless of your donation and saying Good evening, because of course, we're broadcasting from the Philippines. And, of course, I serve and mentioned I'm here to talk about the TOEFL just to give you an idea of what it's all about. So the TOEFL, also known as the Test of English as a foreign language, internet based test is an exam primarily conducted through a computer, it is used typically by people as a proof of English proficiency. It's very popular among people who are planning to apply for student visa in the United States of America. But as of late, it's also becoming more popular because it's becoming used, or it's being used as the proof of English proficiency for healthcare professionals who want to pursue a career in the US. It's also now being used for people who want to apply for permanent residency in Australia. And of course, for teachers who want to become educators in America, the TOEFL  is also a valuable option. And similar to the IELTS It tests your four skills in English, namely reading, listening, writing, and speaking, it starts off with the reading exam, where you are required to answer questions using information from three academic passages, followed by the listening section of the test. And during this juncture of the exam, you will answer questions using information from five recordings, and then you're going to have a 10 minute break, then you're going to have to deal with the speaking section where you're going to answer four questions.

And then you're the writing section, where you're going to produce stupid outputs in response to two tasks, the overall length of the TOEFL is approximately three hours. And if you're planning to take the exam in the Philippines, the exam will set you back by 225. US dollars, the maker of the exam, accepts payments by credit card or debit card. And if you're going to take the exam, the good thing about it is you're going to answer all four sections during your test day. That means you don't have to worry about coming back to the test center. All sections will be dealt with during your exam. The end Another thing worth mentioning about the TOEFL is that we have free resources right now in the Philippines, although still limited. We have a Facebook group called TOEFL Study Group, Philippines. And I would like to invite everyone to be part of that so you can get free resources and information about the exam, and Niner. We also have the very useful book called The TOEFL speaking and writing guide, which is available in Sharpie and Amazon. It contains a lot of sample answers for the speaking and writing section. And we can assure you that all the sample answers are rated 26 Plus, because I myself have taken the exam and all the answers that you will find in the book were created by yours, truly. So that's pretty much a quick overview of the exam. Is there anything else that I should be covering, sir, anything that we should mention to our viewers?

Okay, for some of you who might be wondering, what am I doing on my iPad, I am sharing the link to various Facebook groups in order to encourage people to join our free discussion for tonight. So I heard earlier that sir Marlowe gave you an overview of the four components of TOEFL iBT. Now an interesting case in point. If you're going to the United States of America, the most important subtext is the most important subtext is speaking. So sir Marlon right here is going to discuss with you So what's the difference between IELTS speaking and TOEFL speaking, knowing that TOEFL has what we call integrated nature as compared to the isles with nearly in an independent nature? So Sr Marlon, when will you please give our live viewers an idea? What's the main difference between IELTS speaking and TOEFL speaking? Alright, so surf it actually brought up something very interesting prior to taking the TOEFL , I have never experienced seeing the words integrated into independent use in such a manner. So let's start first with the IELTS because it's very popular among healthcare professionals. So when Sir Irvin mentioned independence, this pertains to questions that you answer using your personal knowledge and experiences.

So in the IELTS exam, all of the questions are pretty much independent questions in nature, because to answer them, you're only gonna rely on the things that, you know. And for those who don't know, the IELTS is, of course, for the speaking section composed of three parts, namely, speaking, part one speaking, part two, in speaking, part three, you were in it speaking part one, you're going to be asked about stuff about you, where do you live? What do you do for a living? What's your educational background? In speaking part two, you're going to be given one minute to prepare your talking points for a specific topic, and you have to discuss it for two minutes. And then for speaking, part three, you're going to answer questions related to the topic of speaking part two. And again, all of these questions are pretty much independent. You don't have to rely on a specific source to answer these questions. Now, what about the TOEFL Speaking section? How is it different from the IELTS? So number one, with the TOEFL, you are given time to prepare your answers. Whereas with the IELTS, you have to be really spontaneous.

The moment that the examiner asks you a question, you have to respond right away. In the TOEFL, you are given at least 15, one 515 seconds to prepare your response. And then you're also given a specific amount of time to discuss your answer. The first question in the speaking section is independent. Very similar to the IELTS meaning to say you will draw on your personal experiences or knowledge to answer the question. However, the next two tasks are the next three questions rather, they're all integrated in each. What does integrated mean? The test takers will provide you with sources and you will get your answer from the sources. In Question number two of the speaking section, you will listen to our recording, and you will read the passage for about 45 seconds summarizing the content of those two sources. The same thing will happen in question three. And by Question number four, you will listen to a lecture spining for about two to three minutes, and then you will summarize the content of that particular passage.

So Sir Marlon my understanding is, if you have poor listening and reading skills, your performance in speaking will definitely be affected. Did I get that right? Yes, actually, I think that's the interesting part about the TOEFL. Whereas the IELTS focuses solely on your speaking skills in the speaking section, with the speaking section of the TOEFL. Strong listening and reading skills will also come into play. But if this is the case, I'd like to ask how come TOEFL is actually considered the second most popular English examination worldwide? For the benefit of our live viewers? There are so many English tests, there's IELTS or ETBE, TOEFL? CELPIP, there's Duolingo. There are so many. But how come TOEFL based on your observation is considered the second most popular with the second highest number of candidates taking the examination worldwide?

Well, we really do not have concrete data to back this up. But if I were to guess, I think it has something to do with the age of the TOEFL, it happens to be one of the oldest English exams out there. Not to mention that I think there are people who are more comfortable with the fact that they can prepare answers in the speaking section. Obviously, with the IELTS, you don't have to do that. And maybe some people are more comfortable with a more conversational approach to a speaking exam. But then we have to remember that there are people who would rather prepare their notes before talking. So maybe that's why the TOEFL is still popular even up to this day. And I guess another factor that affects the popularity of the TOEFL is even before we got wind that it's being used as proof of English proficiency in other countries outside the US. I think Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea tend to favor the TOEFL more than the aisles and it has probably something to do with the presence of test centers in those countries.

Thank you for that, Sir Marlon. Now before we go Continue, we'd like to greet our live viewers worldwide. Can we mention your name and dimension your location? Use the chat box or the comments section at the same time. For those of you who are already decided, let us know. Are you going to take AI notes? Or are you going to take TOEFL? And if I else why? Or if TOEFL let us also know why this is your choice. So, so far sir Marlon and I have been discussing Isles versus TOEFL. And this is an interesting discussion knowing that now you have more than one option, if before CGFNS required IELTS for US visa screen. Now, you may use your results for OET PTE and TOEFL to secure your visa screen. Now speaking of visa screen, if you are a healthcare practitioner planning to go to the United States of America, then you are on the right Facebook page. This is Connetics USA nursing agency, one of the largest in the world. And I'm not just saying Philippines I'm saying in the world. Recently, Connetics was awarded as one of the top 1000 companies in the United States of America. So kudos and hats off to the people behind Connetics. Hello there. Miss Tanya, I hope you are having a great time.

Now, we'd like to invite everyone if ever you have not made your first step in going to the United States, all you have to do is to visit this link. It's C USA dot link slash Niner. With this, all you have to do is to upload a copy of your resume or your curriculum vitae. And rest assured that there are representatives from Connetics who are going to message you and schedule you for interview so going to the United States of America is as easy as that. It all starts with you visiting see USA dot link slash Niner. Now, let's take a look at some of the comments. Okay, Miss Helina is watching all the way from Davao City. So guys, we have a 32 live viewers right now. If you have questions, feel free to use the comments section. If you have some insights you'd like to share your ideas or opinions. We welcome all of these because this is the reason why you're joining the live and interactive discussion. Obviously, the recorded version of this will be uploaded right after the Facebook Live session. But it's an entirely different story when you're joining the live discussion. Because the ask questions, we get to answer them for you. So we have talked about speaking as the most important subjects in TOEFL now or in going to the United States in general.

If you're taking IELTS for the record, that score is a seven and speaking and 6.5 Overall, regardless of your grades in listening, reading and writing. However, if you are taking OET or occupational English test, let it be known that there is no such thing as overall band score in OET, that's Fermat. Primarily the reason why if you're taking OET, you have to get a grade of B or 350 in speaking, or a grade off, c plus or 300. In listening, reading and writing, if it's PE BT is not graded from one to nine, but instead from 10 to 90. So the required band score if you'd like to work as centers in the United States, it's 55 for the overall band and at least 50 in all of the four components. What about TOEFL Sir Marlon? What is the record band score for nurses who would like to take TOEFL in going to the United States?

Well, we actually have good news for them, sir. So in the BAS nurses were required to get a score of 26 over 30 in the TOEFL Speaking section. Now, for those who are not familiar, let me just quickly explain that the difference between the TOEFL and the IELTS is that the IELTS uses a nine band scale meaning to say nine is the perfect score the highest possible score.

Obviously a zero is the lowest score, which you will attain if you did not take the test or if you absolutely did not answer any questions. By contrast, in the TOEFL iBT first section of the exam, the highest possible score is 30, the lowest is zero, and the total score in the TOEFL iBT, if you want to get a perfect performance would be 120 120. Because again, we have four sections, and the perfect score for each section is 30. Now, going back to my original point, originally, healthcare professionals were required to get a 26 over 30 in the TOEFL Speaking section. However, due to recent developments, that score requirement has been lowered. CGFNS now requires healthcare professionals, particularly nurses to just get 24 That's two points lower than the original required score 24 over 30 in the TOEFL speaking section, and how is that different from the IELTS? In the IELTS are graded based on four things when you're speaking, fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy and pronunciation, each reading criterion, you will be graded individually from zero to nine.

How about the TOEFL. You will be graded holistically based on topic development, how good are you at connecting ideas are your answers making sense. And then we have language use. This pertains to your ability to use different words and to observe the rules of English grammar. And finally, of course, we have delivery, which is focusing on your pronunciation and ability to talk without pausing. Hola. So those are the very important things that you have to keep in mind, if you want to take the TOEFL. And if you need to get a good score in the speaking section of the exam. Thank you for that, Sir Marlon. We've just talked about the speaking subjects. Now let's go to the written exams. There is listening, reading and writing. Let's begin with IELTS Listening. In the acronym IELTS letter I stands for the word International, which means to say you get to expect absence over the world in IELTS Listening. So there are native accents like American, British, Australian, Canadian, or Scottish or Irish but at the same time, don't be surprised if they are non native speakers, say for instance, Europeans or excuse me, Africans, or Latinos or even Asians who talk in English, using their local accent. That's how it is in Isles. But what about in TOEFL Sir Marlon, I heard that TOEFL is an American product. So does this mean? It's purely American accent in TOEFL listening?

If we visit their websites, or they officially say that you will encounter a range of accents from native speakers, so similar to the IELTS, you can expect people who speak in Australia, British accent, your the Canadian accent and of course, the North American are popularly known as American accent. But based on my experience, and the experience of our TOEFL coaches, of 9.09. So far, it hasn't been nothing but people with an American accent. And unlike the IELTS, where you stated that there will be non native speakers that are using English in the Listening section, here, it's purely native speakers. Why is that? The primary purpose of the TOEFL even before it got this popular, was it's used again for applying for a student visa. And that's why they try to mimic this and academic situations in the exam. therefore expect encounters with American speakers in the US if you're also going to pursue a student visa there. And having said that, that's why the people in the recordings that you will hear use mostly the North American accent.

Thank you for that, sir. No, no, before we go to reading and writing, I'd like everyone to know that you can take IELTS on paper, IELTS on computer and recently IELTS online test at home. But what about TOEFL Sir Marlon? Is it possible to take the IELTS on I mean, TOEFL on computer TOEFL on paper version, or can the candidates take the TOEFL test at home? Well, that is actually possible. So recently, the TOEFL company or ETS launched a paper based version of the TOEFL. However, it's only available in selected countries, namely, Colombia, India, Mexico, and the United States. So unfortunately, here in the Philippines, we have no access to the paper based version of the exam. For our viewers who are in the four countries that I mentioned, that option is available to you. There's also the mention of the TOEFL Home Edition. Yes, it is possible to take the home based version of the TOEFL. It's similarly structured to the mainstream version of the exam. However, according to CGFNS, at the moment, they're not accept accepting test results from the home based version of the exam. So for our medical professionals watching right now, your best option is the traditional TOEFL iBT, which is administered in test centers.

Great. Now before we move on to the reading sub tests, I'd like to encourage our live viewers to ask questions, because if you notice, sir Mr. Lewin and I did not prepare any PowerPoint presentation, why we get to think that PowerPoint presentations are relatively boring. So what's the fruit of the discussion? The heart and soul of the discussion? Apparently, the questions coming from the live viewers because we want to know what you are interested in. So keep on using the comment section. Let us know what you think of IELTS and what you think of TOEFL and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. So sir Marlon, let's go to the reading subjects. A lot of IELTS candidate Let's find true false not given any matching headings challenging in IELTS reading, but the least candidates expect to encounter true false not given and matching paragraph headings in TOEFL.

Reserving the funny thing is when I hear people complaining about the true false not given questions in the aisles. This is what I'm going to tell them. You never know through pain in a reading exam until you've taken the TOEFL. As someone who got a perfect score in IELTS Reading section, it hurts my ego, that I wasn't able to get a perfect score in the TOEFL. It's not more difficult when it comes to reading. Yes, let's admit the truth was that given can be quite tricky, but it pales in comparison to what the TOEFL offers. Alright, so the overall reading section has, like I said, three passages and you're going to answer questions within a limited timeframe. And I think what makes it more difficult than the IOC guys, we're being transparent here. We're not sugarcoating anything. But the difficulty that I'm breaking into is based on my personal experience, it doesn't have to mean that it's going to be difficult for you, but we're going to be transparent here. So the Deauville has unscored questions. That's what makes it a little bit unpredictable. Unlike the ions the IELTS has been consistent. Since its creation. It always has three passages and you have 40 questions.

That's not the case with the TOEFL there will be exams where you will get four passages. In the listening section. Typically you have five recordings, sometimes you're going to get six. If you're getting more than the standard you have what they call unscored questions. unscored, unscored questions, as the name implies, have no value. But you have to treat them like actual questions because there's no way of distinguishing them and telling which are the worthy questions or the valuable questions from the unscored questions. So this adds to the level of difficulty of the exam. Now, why do these ETS people add unscored questions? Are they here to torment my life as a medical professional? No, according to the personnel at ETS, the purpose of the unscored questions is to maintain the level of the difficulty of the exam across the board. So with the reading section, although you don't have true false not given, there could be questions that you are exerting a lot of effort into answering. But in the grand scheme of things, they don't contribute their total score. So that's number one.

Number two, the kinds of questions that the TOEFL have include what we call the inference questions, and the isles, fortunately, does not have a lot of these. So what is an inference question? It requires you to draw on solutions given from evidence as presented in the passage. Unlike the IELTS, the reading passages are very straightforward. However, you need to have the ability to recognize in an instant paraphrased information now, if that, plus the fact that the answers are not directly stated, and you have to figure them out by drawing conclusions, then the reading section does become a little bit challenging. And there's also vocabulary questions in the TOEFL iBT, which is not that nice for the IELTS. So if your vocabulary is kind of limited, well, again, the TOEFL is really going to give you a hard time when it comes to its reading section. But do find comfort in the fact that the listening and speaking sections are probably just as difficult as the ones in the aisles. And when we talk about the writing section, I have good news for everybody watching us right now.

Okay, so before we move on to the writing subjects, I'd like to thank Sir Marlon for his honesty and transparency, because most of the time whenever I watch videos on YouTube, and tick tock or whenever I attend FB Live sessions, some of the speakers then do sugarcoat the information. But here we have someone who has taken both IELTS and TOEFL and sharing his personal experiences and insights. So we'd like to, we'd like to remind everyone that these are our observations, and it's totally up to you to do your research. You can have a sample practice tests for IELTS and TOEFL. And from there, you decide before we proceed for those of you who are joining us just right now, this Facebook Live session intends to compare two of the most popular English examinations for a wide there's IELTS and TOEFL for the longest time you get to see Facebook Live sessions focusing on IELTS or OET or PTE, but we must not forget TOEFL because what's the good news? Recently, the record bands or in the speaking subjects was actually reduced from 26 to 24. And if ever you have plans of going to the United States, but you have not made your first step yet, all you have to do is to visit the link see USA dot link slash Niner. Upload a copy of your resume and curriculum vitae anytime soon. A representative from kinetics is going to reach you for your initial interview. So sir Marlon earlier mentioned that there is a good news in their writing subtext. So sir Marlon, let's hear about this good news in TOEFL writing.

So this is where everything becomes equal, if that makes sense. And this is what we tell students at Niner. There's really no easier English exam. Although the reading section of the TOEFL is harder than the aisles. I can argue that the writing section of the TOEFL, is easier than the writing section of the aisles. Why is that? Let's do a quick review. What is expected from you as a nurse. When you are answering the writing section of the IELTS, you're going to summarize information from a graph, maybe a pie chart, sometimes a table, and that involves a little bit of math. And then you're going to write an essay composed of 250 words regarding various kinds of topics. So that's quite interesting. Writing Task Two of the IELTS is very similar to writing task two of the TOEFL, writing task two of the TOEFL is known as the independent task, the difference, the integrated writing section of the TOEFL, unlike the IELTS, where you sometimes have to do some math, and you have to be very knowledgeable on academic terms, here, a TOEFL, you have the integrated section of the writing section where you're going to be given a passage, and you're going to listen to a recording. And all you have to do is summarize the content of both sources.

In my opinion, that is significantly easier than analyzing a bar graph, or a pie chart. Also worth mentioning the length of your output in writing task one of the IELTS, it's also going to be the same length of your output in the TOEFL 150. Words. So for me, that kind of sets up the difficulty that the reading section offers. And since nurses are not required to really get the specific score for any section of the exam, other than the speaking section, if your weakness is writing, the need the TOEFL is actually for you. Great, so that's the good news guys. Now, we have discussed the relative merits of these two examinations. What are the advantages if you take IELTS over TOEFL? What are the advantages if you're taking TOEFL over Isles? Now let's move on to the speaking sub test for some of the candidates who have taken other English examinations other than males. Why am I saying other than IELTS? Because for IELTS speaking is always done in an enclosed room where only the examiner and the candidate are present inside. It's just that for other English examinations, for the speaking subjects, all the candidates speak together inside a computer lab.

So I'd like to ask about this Sir Marlon in TOEFL, does this also happen? That all of this all of the candidates inside the computer lab speak all at the same time? Yes, this is actually true, sir. Because in the TOEFL, you will be taking the test together with other candidates in the same room. And it's possible that in some cases, someone could be ahead of you. Maybe they're finishing questions a lot faster than you. So maybe there's a person who's already taking the speaking section, while you're still dealing with questions in the Listening section. And admittedly, it could be distracting, but with a little bit of preparation, I can assure you, you can overcome those main challenges. Besides, you're not allowed to talk that loud anyway, in the test taking area. So find comfort in the fact that these people who are also taking the exam, they're not going to, they're not going to talk to the point where you will be totally distracted. There will be of course, systems in place to prevent other people from disrupting the experience of other speakers. Okay, so that's interesting to know. But I'd like to ask, because in IELTS on paper, the candidates some of them depending on the locations are not provided with individual headsets.

For IELTS online tests at home, all the candidates are not allowed to use individual headsets because this may be used as a venue for cheating. Well, the Proctor's of IELTS will never know if someone is whispering answers directly to your ear. But for IELTS on computer, all the candidates are provided with individual headsets. But what about TOEFL? Yes, sir. That's actually true. They will be issued their respective headsets and they will be given a chance to conduct an equipment check before they proceed with the test proper to ensure that they're given a fair chance to get the score that they want. Another thing that I would like to mention is as soon as the test is over, you will be able to see your listening and reading scores right away. So it already helps you predict if you're on the path to getting the score that you want or not. Okay, now, we'd like to check in there live viewers who have questions like what I've said kindly use the comments section. So far, it's Halina who has commented and Sir Marlon if I'm not mistaken, Halina is one of our Deauville reviews already, I'm just not sure if she has scheduled a one on one coaching with you.

Not yet, but thank you so much for bringing up one on one coaching. So this is something I'm very passionate about. It is true that some people can get good scores in an English exam without the assistance of a review center. But these people are very few. In fact, it's hard to pinpoint the successful individuals. My encouragement to anyone watching right now, while it is possible to prepare without spending anything on these exams, whether we're talking about the IELTS, the TOEFL, or the PTE, nothing beats guided preparation. Because with the guidance of an expert, somebody can tell you if what you're doing is right or wrong. It is easy to copy and learn things from a random website online. But who's to say that you're doing the strategies or you're following the techniques accurately, you need someone to watch you to listen to you, as you perform these techniques. The danger of studying without guidance is you might end up developing bad habits. This is actually the case when I'm coaching. Test takers have taken the test once, twice, three times already before coming to Niner. And now I'm going to have to help them get rid of this bad habits. I'm not complaining I just want to save people the trouble of you know flunking the exam the first time around, or being frustrated with getting rid of a bad habit. Come to 9.0 Niner.

And we will be more than happy to help you with your test preparation needs. Be in the aisles, the OET, the PTE or the TOEFL, especially when it comes to the TOEF I and my I, myself and my team are trained to help you overcome the challenges of the speaking section. Because unlike the IELTS, where you will be graded solely by a human examiner, the TOEFL, requires speakers to be observed and graded by a human rater, and a speech rater. So the speech recorder is an artificial intelligence technology that will really take note of every single mistake that you make. But at Niner we have cracked the code, we found a way to overcome the strictness of the speech rater. And we encourage you to join us with your TOEFL journey just like all our other pastors, I think sir herb is familiar with some of my recently hired TOEFL coaches, we have coach Jamie and coach Jill, who got perfect scores in the TOEFL Speaking section. So this is the caliber of coaches that you will get at nine and let's not forget, with our IELTS program, we have coaches that got perfect scores in speaking and writing as well. So save yourself from heartbreak dice, no, don't let these exams hurt you. Come tonight and we will help you and if every have begun, diets before, for several times. What did it take you on your exams? I think that would be my advice to people who are watching right now. If you have unsuccessfully attempted the ILS or the BP or the OSD, then Bopha is here. It's worth trying. Your dreams do not have to end with the IELTS. Alright, so just some word of words of wisdom for all our aspiring healthcare professionals in the US right now, or people who are planning to go to the US.

Okay, well, just in case we don't have live viewers asking plenty of questions. Well, I might have last two questions before we end our Facebook Live session for tonight. But before we do, we'd like to ask you to use the comment section. As questions, tag your friends, if ever some of them are still undecided which English test is supposed to be the best option for them, the one that's going to highlight or maximize their potential in going to the United States. And I'd like to reiterate, if you have not jumpstarted your application to the United States, all you have to do is to visit see USA dot link slash Niners. So as promised, here are my last two questions. Let's begin with the second to the last. Let's talk about statistics. So in the Philippines, because we are based in the Philippines, approximately 60% 60%. More or less 60% of the candidate is just taking the IELTS without bulk preparation. And this is statistics that IDP and British Council can attest to and how do I know well, we talk to British Council and IDB on a weekly basis. That's why we are updated with the statistics.

But is this working that around 60% of the candidates take the examination without sample preparation. No, I don't think so. Because if you look at the, if you look at the national average, Philippine speaking sub test is only 6.8. It's just that for nurses who are wanting to go to all of these countries that require English examinations, examinations, the grade must be seven in speaking. So now this is my question, sir known when some people nearly rely on podcast or YouTube or Spotify? How is this experience totally different as compared to the one on one coaching with a live instructor and makes use of an interactive learning method? Well, primarily, you will have a one on one coaching session, you have someone who will be able to pinpoint mistakes with your use of the English language, particularly Are you following the rules of English grammar, of course, we're also able to take note of mistakes when it comes to pronunciation. One of my most notable concerns when it comes to a lot of candidates is their delivery. Because the TOEFL is really very strict with that a lightweight the IELTS. So just to summarize one of the biggest observations I've made between these two exams, particularly in speaking, while IELTS has probably a little bit more, let's say focus on your lexical resource and your grammar.

With the TOEFL, it's actually focusing more on your, your delivery. So this is something that you can fix with the help of an expert. And another thing that you  can get or another benefit of being coached is that, especially for the Integrated tasks, you might have trouble identifying important information. And when you're talking, you might end up seeing something that could be totally irrelevant, or totally unimportant when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of the task. This is something that you can avoid. Under the observation of the coach. Our coaches will help you understand which things you're supposed to talk about in the integrated task will help you paraphrase these things effectively, we will help you develop the confidence to even recover from mistakes because serve and this is my experience also not only as a total coach, but as an IELTS coach, a lot of people stopped talking effectively, once they made a mistake dwelling on it. It's like a failed relationship. People have to move on. Stay on that mistake, and we will help you move forward with our coaching system at 9.0 Niner. I would also like to point out, I think I sent a link to our Facebook stream on Connectix. We have, again a TOEFL book that will definitely give you a better understanding of what an effective response should sound like in the speaking section. And now it should look like in the writing section.

Great. And as promised, I told you earlier that we have last two questions. Now I'll move on to the last question. Whenever I watch videos on YouTube, and tick tock or I listen to podcasts on Spotify, or when I'm watching Facebook Live sessions, there are online instructors who encourage the use of templates. So Sir Marlon what's your opinion on templates in passing or failing TOEFL. So while that bleeds are highly discouraged in the IELTS, in the TOEFL, we actually recommended a 9.09. And we teach speaking templates to our students to help them overcome mental block. Because sometimes, there are individuals who have a hard time even starting their answer simply because we don't know where to begin. We have templates designed to help you start talking. But of course, these templates are mere guides, they will not help you answer every single thing. And that's where practice and guided coaching comes into play. We're gonna teach you how to understand what, what to bring up, and what to mention during your test. But here's the kicker. Based on my recent research, there have been canceled scores in some Asian countries in the writing section of the TOEFL.

And this is under the suspicion of templates being used in the writing section. So, while templates can still be used, it is highly discouraged that you will memorize answers from what appear to be leak test questions. The examiners of the TOEFL are trained to identify answers that were taken from the questions. So if ever you stumble upon alleged questions, veer away from them understand that you are equipped with the knowledge and the ability to overcome the challenges of this exam with ample preparation. Please do not come to people who claim that they have the questions not only is it gonna disqualify you from the test. Sometimes these people are also scammers. If we're being honest, you know This is how these people make money. They're gonna make you these promises that you can easily pass an exam. But come on, let's be real. These test centers wouldn't exist if leak answers are readily available. But people wouldn't be taking the IELTS TOEFL multiple times, if leak answers are readily available. So please be careful when you're dealing with individuals like this. I suggest you report that yes, if ever you encounter them, and if ever you're tempted to use the questions or the answers again, there have been cases where this results have been cancelled. It could be to disqualification, you might get banned from taking the test. So no to cheating, everybody.

Thank you for your knowledge, sir. I know time flies by so fast. It's been 45 minutes since we started our Facebook Live session. So before we end, we'd like to invite you to number one 9.0 Niners free info session tomorrow night, featuring myself and Sir Brian Schatz and it's 8pm so free info session on pronunciation. Number two, so far, we only had one active live viewer for the entire discussion Miss Halina messaged me tonight or tomorrow, but I'll respond. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to give you a free subscription for IELTS platinum dashboard knowing that you're currently enrolled at our IELTS online course. So if you have any questions or clarifications, 9.0 Niner is all over social media. We have an account on Facebook, tick tock, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, you can also visit our websites Niner online And Niner Don't forget to sign up for your free trial. If you want to send us an email. It's training at Niner online Once again, we'd like to thank Connetics for inviting us every fourth Monday of the month.

So four weeks from now 9.0 Niner is going to come back here at Connetics college. But for those of you who are attending for the first time tonight, I'd like to remind you that every Monday there is a designated partner company of Connetics was going to talk about free classes on NCLEX and English examinations. So every second and fourth Monday of the month. It's the turn of English exam review partners of Connetics, but every first and third Monday of the month, it's the NCLEX Review Center partners off Connetics to conduct free classes here on Connetics college. So once again, we'd like to visit si usa dot link slash nighter to jumpstart your application to the United States. Once again, this is Coach Irvin and coach Marlo and off 9.0 Niner. We'll see you in four weeks right here at Connetics College. Bye, guys. Bye, guys. Thank you