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The Purpose of CGFNS to International Nurses

Give us just a little synopsis of what is CGFNS? Yeah, great question, Holly. So for those of you who are not familiar, CGFNS is the organization that does credential evaluation for nurses and other Internationally Educated healthcare professionals who are coming to the US. And so we do that for two purposes. So one is for the visa screen process for immigration. We also do that for licensure through the CES program that we have, in both cases, either for immigration or relationship, we're looking at your credentials, including your transcripts, your licenses, a test of nursing knowledge, like the NCLEX with a qualifying exam. And of course, we're going to talk a lot about today, which is the qualifying exam.

I also mentioned in the intro, one of the divisions of CGFNS that I'm also served as the director of is the Alliance for ethical international recruitment practices, which is the division that ensures that nurses and other health professionals coming to the US are treated fairly by their recruiters. And, of course, I'm proud to say that both Connetics nursing agency and O'Grady Peyton our long standing certified firms who are committed to abiding by our code of ethical recruitment. 

Thanks, Mukul. That's very helpful.