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The Lefora Admin

Good morning everybody and welcome to the Lefora Talk Show. I'm your host Danielle Freedman, the director of special projects here at AMN Healthcare International, where we are the only company to have both staffing options through O'Grady Peyton and direct hire options through Connetics USA. Today we have a very exciting show. I am very, very excited about hosting this one. We are going to do a meet the love for admins, who are the people behind the curtain, we're gonna get to know them. We want to hear all about their journey to the United States, why they decided to become low for admins, and any advice that they have for you. So please put your questions in the chat. Anything you want to ask our admins, anything you want to know and we will be taking questions from the chat. Also, please let us know where you're watching from we love to see where our viewers are watching from. So I'm gonna bring out my co host for the today a very, very special Paul. Hello how are you? 

Good morning, ma'am. Thank you apologies for the wait I'm so excited to do this show with you then. Yeah, I know it's been a while but your face and we are so excited. Yes, ma'am. Can you give us a little bit of an introduction about yourself, Paul? Yes. So well, my name is Paul in social media. It's a Dr Nurse Paul but I am based here in Houston, Texas, working currently as a nurse practitioner, as many of our guests today and many of our audience from AMN I am an immigrant nurse. I migrated here in the States seven years ago and enjoying my life here. And we're excited to serve stories to you guys today. Okay, very nice. Well, we are very excited to hear about your journey. I didn't realize you'd been in the States for seven years. 

And fun, right? Yes, ma'am. Yes, Danielle all right. Well, let's bring out your other love for admins. Let's know everybody let's see who's here. I see all the smiling faces, good morning I'm gonna hand it over to Paul to introduce everybody. All right. Well, welcome Anna welcome Marvin, Jasmin and Kaye, I think we're gonna go around the table to have them introduce themselves one by one. Let's start with Anna.  Hi, everyone good morning. I am Anna I am based here in New York. And I've been here for nine years already I arrived. I thought I'm in a nursing home. But I'm really an or nurse and I'm here I have a problem I find you've never taught me. I have a one point you are willing. Yes, and I think Kaye would go next. Hi, everyone good morning, good morning team. Just want to say hello to everyone. My name is Kaye Mendoza, pretty much known as to travel nurse hacker. And I've been a traveling nurse for 16 years, or seven years in the United States almost 20, almost 20 years now. So I think I'm one of the longer than you're in. And I'm very, very happy to be here to share all the knowledge and wisdom that we have in the form to our incoming versus all right now about Jasmin. 

Hi, everyone. Can you guys hear me? Yes all right. Good morning. good morning, everyone. So it's nice to be here. Just to let you know, my name is Jasmin Tan. I've been here like seven years, started working in a skilled nursing facility. Then I'm working my way up currently, I am the Director for CME strategic programs for Optum UHC. You know, it was so you know, the my pathway here and the sake it wasn't that easy. It was tough. But you know, just always have hope. You know, anything could happen if you want to pursue that dream. 

And of course, our nurse model Mr. Marvin. Hi, everyone can you guys hear me? Okay, thank you so much. I just want to confirm because I'm just using my phone. So yeah. So good morning, everyone. So my name is Marvin so I am based here at San Francisco, California. So been a nurse for about 19 years now. I've been in the US for about more than like eight years now. So I started at a small community at Tyler, Texas as an ER nurse and then I move all the way here to San Francisco. So we the admins have left for are here to help you. Filipino nurses fulfill your dreams and help you every step of the way. Again, my name is Marvin. And then just want to acknowledge real quick that Jasmin is actually one of the pioneer founding members of Lefora Facebook group, and we have not seen near her in any show but I'm so happy to Jasmin is able to join us she opened up there for I think 2015 I didn't join till 2016 and of course we have nursing why not one of our first influencers nurses to introduce yourself. 

Hi, good morning everyone I'm Nurse Juan I'm an content creator for the Philippines. I also work in the United States. I'm originally based here in Kentucky. How can I say I've been here. I've been here for almost five years now I'm about to do the citizenship in few months. So I'm working on their timeline so fast. That is one of my I came to the United States is because I really wanted to have a cleaner life or better life. Ever since I graduated, I really wanted I was expecting to come here right away. I didn't know about the retrogression everything. So I graduated from 2007. And ended up coming here to the US in 2019. So it was like, more than 10 years of waiting coming here. Sounds like you didn't lose hope nurse one honestly, I did lose hope. You're getting your citizenship. Yea I weren't in Singapore for five years. And they thought, no, that was it. But the workload made me realize that I have to do something else. So that's why I went to the US afterwards. 

hearing all about your journey, we're gonna do a 10 minute interview of all of the admins and our veteran admin, Jasmin, I did not know that you were our veteran admin that you started before. Back in 2015. Thank you for going no, it wasn't just me. It wasn't just you and others. Yes, of course and of course, was the one you know, help us do. And we decided, you know, what, start making it building one forum for the for a team. So yeah. It did. It was unbelievable. Well, we're gonna hear all about it when we do your interview segment. Thank you all for today. I know lots of viewers are watching from all over the world and are very inspired. You're all inspirations to the Filipino community. So thank you for being here today. If you have any questions, you guys can put them in the chat. We're going to do an interview with each of the four admins. So you can ask them all your questions that you would like whatever you want to get answered, we're going to hear about their journeys, we're going to hear any tips that they have for us. So I am very excited to get to know you guys. Before we get started, I have a little announcements that I wanted to make for myself. So I'm going to stand up and you're going to kind of see congratulations you can see my mom there, Tanya Freedman. I know you all know her.  

So I have been hosting the show for about maybe like a year now. And I am actually going to be having a baby he's due on July 4 So my family's originally from South Africa we're very excited because July 4 is Independence Day in the United States. And my mom always used to say when she came to the United States it started her true independence. So you are going to be seeing some familiar faces hosting the four talk show while I am out but I just wanted to give everybody a heads up that I am going to be taking care of my baby and taking a little bit of time off and I will see everybody at the end of the year but thank you guys all right, well, let's get started we're gonna go in alphabetical order to make things fair, which means our lucky a Anna is going to be lucky number one. 

I asked my mom, why not yell? Hey, once people heard, right. Yeah, all right. Kaye, you're up. You've been volunteered the alphabet all right. Well, we're gonna bring just Kaye out and the other four admins are going to step backstage and everybody's gonna get their turn but we are going to focus on the lovely Kaye Mendoza so this one goes first. Don't mind it.  The longest you have the most experience right? Kaye well, it's quite yeah. All the experience that I have to go through a lot to teach and a lot to say. So we are very excited to hear about your journey. So why don't you start by telling us about your journey to the United States and why you decided to come to the United States. Thank you so much, Danielle. The first really step here, when I, when I accidentally put the wrong course code in my college of nursing. So I was supposed to be going for biology, but I when you're young and just being silly, sometimes you don't pay attention too much in the small things. And I accidentally put the wrong code. But then I said, you know, it's the same university, I can use this as a prerequisite for medicine.  

So I'm going to go nursing, because they have a lot of available slots back then, during that tear a lot of Filipino, I would say that talents, I mean, students are entering the it force. But there are a really a small amount of nurse graduates, senior graduates that are going to nursing. So I said, you know, I want to go to healthcare, I want to become a physician, a doctor. And this is a good stepping stone. And I just went into nursing. And I was told by the administration that you can switch after six months to a different course, that will support my goal for medicine, which I really didn't do it anymore. Because I was having fun in nursing. I loved the professor, I loved the training program. And after a year, there was a huge demand for nurses to the United States. So I stayed there. Because again, a lot of my friends saying that there's opportunities abroad, which I really never thought of it. I was mine to staying home. But then when there was an opportunity, I said, you know, let me try, it's not a bad thing to do. And I think it will, it will have good implications in our family as well. So cutting the short story short, I was hired after my nursing degree and NCLEX. And in visa screen, I was hired by a New York employer in a very quick way.  

I didn't expect that usually, the process for international graduates will be like about two years. But during that time, my visa processing was really, really quick. I think it's a also a recipe that there was a, you know, when all the Swiss cheese holes aligned, it's like having all your things ready. And then the employer came. And then the agency was very efficient as well in filing my documents, because again, everything was all set at the beginning, ready to go. And there was a, you know, huge demand and short supply of nurses coming to the United States. So it was really expressed what happened and I got my visa in less than a year. So I landed in New York, I had three years contract, I finished it and all the way I stayed there more than 666 years. And after that I became a traveling at the same time towards while I'm still there. And they allowed it my boss was very nice. And she allowed me to do some things on the side. So I mix the mix my six my three years contract and my travel local travel contract at the same time.  

And you know, everybody thought that it was like a crazy move. But actually I call it like mostly my adaptation because when I'm here in the United States new there's so many things that comes to my mind. I miss my family, I get homesick. So one of my coping mechanism was really do something, keep myself busy. So that was my journey. And then I just started traveling. And it gave me so much flexibility to come home and see my family a lot.  Paul, you're on mute I can see you're about to ask a question. Sorry but thank you, Gary. Thanks for sharing about your journey and your family. But where do you live? Tell us about your city. And now did you discover Lefora? 

So I was in New York City when I landed and I discovered the flora through you call in and I have no idea that before existed since like, just said that it was filled since 2015. I never heard of before. The only time that I've heard of before was Poland and talk to me about it. And that was like after the start of pandemic that was 2018 2021 End of 2021. So I'm pretty new and before two I would say not really new, new but one of the newest there compared to a lot of people that's been there for years. And when did you decide to become an admin then Okay I'm very picky, Danielle. Sometimes, you know, because I for me, I think, you know, position comes with responsibility, and I don't gonna be put in a position that I will just take everything without really analyzing what the responsibilities are. So I joined the fora and I said I'll observe it first and see how I can contribute to the organization, or group. And I see that those are there were a lot of information that's being exchanged. And most of the most of the topics that have a little bit knowledge was mostly on the transition program, transition to the United States, getting acclimated to the culture getting acclimated, you know, financially.  

How about the legal jargon of your contract? So I said, I think this is the topic that is least talked about, and there's less information. So I said, Okay, I'll join the admins. And I think that I can try to contribute something. Sorry my phone actually broke down this morning. But why do you believe that Lefora is important for nurses. It's, I think before it's very important, the nurses, the frontliners will feel safe to talk about, you know, how they feel or based, were comfortable to express their opinions without being judged in a biggest win, win a lot of discord nurses go into LinkedIn and see a lot of people in LinkedIn are very high professional like, academically achieve people. And sometimes there's a hesitancy for younger generations to reach out to the people who has the most knowledge because of that feeling of you know, they're unreachable, or sometimes we call it the doors are closer. No, they're not easily approachable. So I think having a community that they're accepted in a way that, you know, that they will live with or concerns and they're not being judged. I think it's one way to, you know, to help nurses, that is okay to speak up. It's okay to be assertive and ask your questions without being judged. And we all know that Facebook or social media sometimes can be very brutal. 

I think that's a good way to put it. Okay that forum is a is a place where it's a community, it's a place for sport, I see a lot of different questions. I see nurses asking for advice, I see our nurses asking about where they should move to. I see all kinds of stuff. And Lefora is there anything else that you think nurses should know about Lefora? Or what kind of community do you hope to kind of foster and Lefora as you continue as an admin, the mission of lift four in the Valley of California is to be able to bring I would say objective opinion, I mean, objectives or objective way of giving out your insights. So I always share to everyone if you see something in social media, or if someone telling you keep your keep your ears and mind open, be receptive to those information. But you have to make sure that you use those information in a way that you will see yourself and apply your own situation. Because everything you see in the fora does not mean that it's applicable to you. But there are very good points that are being shared by a lot of people, and you keep your eyes and ears open. And that's how you will grow a lot of people that I've met here in the US, it's been here for a long time, and it's not exposed to different facilities, because they've been working in one location for 10 years.  

And they always say, this is always how we did it. And the mission of the forum is you know, changing the status quo, that it does not mean that you've been doing this for many years. And it's that's the best way. So if we keep our ears and eyes open, we can break that status quo that, that saying that this is how we do it, because that's what I was told before that this is how we do it, and it actually was wrong and I just followed through. This is the way that we're gonna make this community, the nursing community in a better way, when we exchanged and collaborate information to make things better. I love that. Okay I think it's really what I think to sum up what you're saying it's all about education. Right? Yeah. It's about taking what you've learned, and sharing that with others. And I feel like that's really the goal of before and that's what you're saying is what you're hoping the mission is that right? Correct yes I kind of see Paul nodding his head like this.  

And I think he shared a great deal of information of I mean, the essence of why we have left or as a community so mainly, it's a community for people with the same mind you know, would say mindset and say, coming to the US and we love that gays there because we bring so much to the table for it's so big, it's still under 20,000. Members, Danielle, so everyday just struggled to manage the group, all of us are volunteers, but we love gay because of everything that she brings to the table with the spirit influentially as a she was able to, you know, bring up all these issues up to the people that are actually leading the nursing industry. 

Thank you all and I appreciate all the kind words and we all work together. And it's great to have different, you know, different specialties and people with open mind. Right well, it sounds like it's definitely a team effort. And I know as a bystander, I really appreciate seeing everything that you guys do and how you guys are managing the community, and educating and providing support. So thank you for that to nurse Paul, and, and Kaye and all the rest of the admins. I'm excited to keep learning about all of you. Okay, before I let you go, I loved looking at all of those different pictures of you in the US living your American dream. Can you tell our viewers maybe one of your favorite things to do in you're in New York right now, right? 

So I'm moving around and yeah. So where are you right now but I will just say for us, just to be on the Northeast coast, because I just love the North East Coast corridor. I love to yeah, so my best travel would be I would say, we travel with my family, because my American dream is not for me to see America alone. For me, being in achieving your dream is sharing with your family. You know, I can travel alone before when I was younger, but the best feeling there was to travel with my family, you know, to be with someone. So actually, you know, to see the world with someone. And that was my American dream is also to uplift, of course, the status of financially of her family, to be able to say my American dream is not buying a big house, my American dream is not buying the fanciest, fanciest car, although I love cars. But I would say my American dream is being in a position, financially stable, achieving my, you know, non material goals, and to be able to share them to other people achieve the same way. So that's my American dream. And to be able to do it without thinking and worrying about how am I going to feed my family, and doing with my passion is.  

So again, the balance of being able to do what you love the most being in a financial situation that you don't have to choose between your work and your morals, and to do the things that you love the most. That is my American dream. And I'm achieving it. Thank you. Thank you, America. I love that que thank you for sharing that was really that's really beautiful. And I think the goal for everybody when coming to America is to gain that independence and enjoy the labor of your hard work with your loved ones. Whether they came with you or whether you found them here. So thank you for sharing. Kay, that was really special. And we are very thankful to have you on here with us today. Thank you for sharing about your journey. It was great to hear about it. Then, okay all right we are going to bring out Jasmin next. We're going out of alphabetical order, but that's okay. Jasmin, and we have a little I'm sorry. 

I have a little one. I know how it is. And who is and who is this little one. What is this is Jared he's 19 months old. Hi Jared hey, Jared so cute 18 month old her name is Emma around the same age and I'm here in front of my door so that she didn't barge in today. Oh my gosh I know exactly. All right, Jasmin well, thank you so much for being with us the original one of their original for admins. We are so lucky to have you on today thank you for inviting me. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey to the United States and why you decided to come here as a nurse my journey to going to the United States was that really, you know, it was tough. You know, we had to go through hoops we have we had a lot of retrogression. It took me actually 10 years to come here to the States. But you know, it didn't stop me. You know, I always pursue this dream. I decided to be a Nursing. It's just you know, it was my father's dream really, you know, I really want you to be in the states and work there. Your brothers or sisters are there so, you know that's why Yeah, so that's why I'm here right now. 

Nice 10 years yeah, I waited nine years but thank you Jas for sharing your story. I think it's timely because of the retrogression. Tell us tell us where you live now your city, your family. So, my family we're living right now here in LA. Our city is near the San Fernando Valley you know I started working up north I was you know, that was my first work away up north is really a remote area. You know, I stayed there for two years finished my contract and that's it you know, after that I went outside to leaving my family and friends to be close to them. Yeah, very nice. I actually was in Los Angeles myself. I just moved down to San Diego. Yeah, we're both on the California coast not too far from each other. And how do you like living in California is great you know I love it here food is great. You know all the I think the amusement park that I wanted are here too as well parks that are here. What else families here and everything all the food Filipino stuff? It's like the hoping so you can see Filipinos everywhere in the stores. Right? So I feel like I'm in the Philippines too so I'm just glad I'm here in California. 

That's amazing. A very beautiful diverse community in Rn so did you come by yourself? And then your family followed you? Or was your family already in the United States? So my husband and my kids. I brought them here with me when I came seven years or eight years ago. So yeah, there they are. Beautiful family pictures. I've seen yet so cute. And I saw the Universal Studios picture sounds like you guys like arcs. Okay Jasmin here's my question to you. What made you establish live for? Because a lot of people are asking this what is live for? Right? Who named live for? How did it get created? So we're not going to hear it from the OG admin. Okay, so this is how it started. You know, when you go through something, and you're trying to figure out things, and you want to be with those people you want to you seek answers, right? You want to know what you're gonna do? What are the next steps? You know, it's the fear of unknown. So what I did was I Googled something about and just was waiting for their PD things for your day, things like that. And when I Googled it, look for others. I don't know, years ago, there was a live for a forum, really, the forum that you can ask questions. So I typed there. What do you do when you're waiting for PD? The visa bulletin is like this thing like that in this people.  

I met them like Anna now and some nurses I met there who's waiting for their priority date to. So we ask questions, we share what we need to do before the interview, things like that. That's how it all started. Then after that, I asked my now I think it was another retrogression. So I asked I was we were really sad. It's the point like giving up our dream and we were like, you know, depressed somehow that is depression, I guess, the waited for 10 years what's going on? I thought it's our turn. It did not happen so this builds a forum, a Facebook, and we could communicate and have some games who can predict the priority date, things like that it was fun. And we can help other people. Once we finish, we can pay it forward and help the other nurses as well. And I think that is how it all started. You know, when you have this need for someone like being social, like socialize with other people what you're going through, look how it did look, how did it pan out? It turned out really well because the intention is good, right? Helping other nurses and not just other nurses, you know, other people was going through the same phase going to the US. So yeah, that's all aware how it started. And I'm glad it's still ongoing and helping other nurses. 

I love that paying it forward. I think that really sums it up helping others reach their American dream just like you and sharing your journey. You've learned here and educating others. That's definitely seems like that's the goal of Lefora. Yes good. I have one more question for you, Jasmin. Why do you think before it is important for nurses? I think it's a community where you can share your thoughts, right. And also, it is helping a lot of people when we started this Facebook forum, or this forum or a community, you know, I asked my sister, you know, what is really the purpose of this? This forum, right? So as you can see in our description, you know, we want to help nurses go through seek, you know, get advice, things like that. That is why it's really important that we have this and, you know, what, just piece of advice. Anytime that you get information, you want to make sure that you validate that information, right. And with that information, a lot of people have been helping, I mean, have been helped. And if you help one person that's going to help more people, you know, that you just have to trust that person that he's that person is going to be helping other people as well. So yeah, it's really important for the for the other nurses out there. 

Helping each other I think that really sums up what you guys it's about helping the community sharing what you've learned, and paying it forward. Like you said definitely. All right. Well, thank you so much for joining us Jas, it was great to meet you in person and not just see a name, and we're so happy to have learned about your journey and get to meet your adorable kid he's busy. All right, well, thank you so much for sharing. We're gonna bring you back at the end to share some final pieces of advice. And we are going to have Anna up next. Hello everyone. I'm back. Hello Anna welcome back. I like the tagline create a life you want. 

Yeah. No, I've never I love it very inspirational. And I can you tell us a little bit about your journey to the US and why you decided to come as a nurse. I resigned nurse coming in US me home got it. Back home from the Philippines and I graduated there I thought look for a job but if I have a problem, I am born with a cleft lip and I have a hard time communicating. It took me a while look for a job like during my interview but eight for me you know we're looking for someone replacement for him out and you're right. And I always ask them what do you mean I'm not going to miss universe or any 1000 Calm is my big problem has nothing to do with my license or 100. Anyway one I'll make awesome formula one partner I always want to say her Mrs. Maria Ramos, really friends. They hired me and they put me a war but working or group three one problem or being discriminated being underpaid and overworked no Ben and myself, if we go like that I want for the women above or if I want to have a family, I will not want to leave on a $200 a day every month.  

So I worked in the Philippines for 12 years. And I have something I want to go hummer  where I can be well that really can be read or earn more. I would love to have benefits live in you know more conducive environment now for me but or my family for a lot of my main goal. Why apply for UN but it was hard of I was abandoned twice by my English. They left me hanging I waited eight year for retrogression. And finally when my priority was made by me I have a hard time with my I hear my speaking. I failed. I time for birth always proud for the rich American dream. But nevertheless aside from both problem, I also have a family problem like my robber Camilla Rita help problem with my parents. It was my evening personally and professionally but rather than I'm here now wow and oh my gosh failing the English five times and getting abandoned two times. How did you stay motivated? 

A lot of crying and crying while praying I am not gonna lie. I never thought giving up. I own a domain. If you really want to have a better life you really want that life that you want for free giving up it's never an option. You can try all you want o'clock is a limit on I will tell you when Danielle and I'm imagining I have my interview in in Oman. And I haven't got my visa green alien my speaking class. I think the examiner know me by now. Hey, you were here? oh my goodness. Yeah it was it was really fun. For me I pray a lot for novena may even not even pray for them. Like I did everything that I planned. I even enrolled in the class. And all of my classmates were like, 12 year old younger than me, And then why are you here? You're already too old I was like, yeah, I mean, I need more help with my speaking and he helped me. You know, I also want to say thank you for my speech therapy. You know, it's been a while. Great every girl groups and new persons are people that can help you upcoming of your year where you got me will never give up. 

I love that, Anna. Well, thank you for sharing your story and sorry about what happened to your brother. But thank you for motivating nurses by sharing and sharing his story and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. And that tell us about where you currently live right now what city you're in. And tell us about your family I'm in New York right now. I hated when I came here nine years ago. I hate going for cold. But later on I fell in love especially women small the oftentimes the freezing of polar and I realized that how my life is I pray for right from being you know, offering prodigal now you're blooming for beautiful leaves for flower so I'm in New York. Finally we are home we bought a house math year. And I think we're gonna crap on here. I've been married for a year for a very wonderful for one guy named Ryan has also another very quick word about me. So I never, I never reflect on you know, you need to have a partner in your life. The one who's very important, and I have a daughter who's going to be 14.  

And I have full Pomeranians I'm with me I love planners I love going to Concord. I love eating. Yes, I'm a freak. And proud of it right? And when I can bite me I'm here now we're in and for now you don't have to worry about Yeah, you don't have to worry about money, but there are so many jobs. I remember about them before I can able to buy a car. I have about I have a mind built for me for coming in the US, man ease me that all work. I always tell people I'm working. Am I too late? Am I too old? No, no, no. You're never poor all never for me. But never move up whatever I have right now. I'm grateful and thankful I met wonderful people like all you know, paying for admins and all for your mom, and networking. You know, friends even me personally, but we only communicate. I think that's another blessing. God I've got no well, I'm very inspired by your story. And I know everybody has had their own journey and everybody has their twists and turns. But that is a lot of twists and turns. So that is very inspiring to hear how you just continued on and you just didn't look back. You just push through. It sounded like you was just like, there's no option. I'm doing this. It makes me happy. Which is so inspiring. So thank you for sharing your story. I want to ask you, how did you get involved in Lefora? 

Well, let me be honest, my aura was paying or nine, but I became a member from 12. Going, but I don't know. And who for me? No, no, no, no Instagram. We call it the aura blog forum. Now wherever named aura premium, I don't really know. I often when I was Googling, how will they know how priority war how will they know what to expect when it comes to the US? So Grasmick says earlier about putting on a priority. I was one of those people who love preferably, I think we have 20 or equal class members. And every month, I always upgrade me. And then I will create a payable of or you're going to be met, or you're going to be involved in human quality time. You know, we were all born really imagine a year right? I've learned how probably come once per unit, we will always come back, hey, my priority is making sweets and I've got him and Eric qualified up for two months, I may have an interview for this amount of X weeks for what I mean was I ain't got plenty of room and I probably our priority, or from our implementing, and most of the original members from love for our revenue in the US have a but somehow we're holding, some of them became an MP. But we're still you know, once in a while help and then who am from seen when I arrived in the US? I got so big when you were new, like, get me in jail brass meme, homecoming, or an aura or a smoke. The Army Corps right? 

If you listen to stories of Jasmin, and because all of us here including Hawaiian and Marvin with the exception of gay because she's been here 16 years, all of us were a product of retrogression. So if you think about this now and people would hear this that we actually waited eight years for some nine years for me 10 years for Jasmin they would think we're work crazy because they're just waiting for two years and they're like ah I lost my American dream already I want to quit but oh my god guys he can't believe how long we've waited but for now here in front of you talking talking about before it's talking about all the great things that have there been since but and and what what made you join live for a while you talked about the original blog before it became the Facebook group and then the Facebook group blew up and now it's 220,000 member Why did you choose Live for how did you become an admin to this live forum Facebook group well I received from Africa from a hey man Are you an admin going to Florida oh we have an aura ace book now for me.  

I was so happy for someone for 8am and you know I've been clearing my life my morning from my regret from my struggle after my speaking problem and when I started my nursing home and living with him and or nurse and maybe I'm a traveler so I have a fairly my real life story no Huebert coding and then I have a lot of member be asking a lot of questions on Mar pro you know misdemeanor labor and new guys and you can pay we are going to bring me more admin like new who will enter and approve all spring members. Now don't regrowing Small Biz. And I've been playing for I've been quiet once in a while. My school. But now I'm graduating so I'll be back stronger. I'll make up for the last time that I was not able to really post for that quarry. And thank you guys for joining me on the one you're in. 

Wow. Well, thank you for sharing all about that sounds like everybody had their own different journey of how they kind of came to the fore but all kinds of similar. Everybody was trying to share information and trying to find information and wanted to find that community. So that is the beautiful thing about having an online community. Doesn't matter if you know Anna's in New York, I'm in local I'm sorry, nonlawyer I'm in San Diego and Paul, you're in Chicago, right? You're right, you're in and Paul's in Houston, we can all connect virtually so that is that is the joy I have the internet. I see lots of comments here. About you, Anna, I see Omar seeing such an inspiration American Crime Story. And we're seeing a lot of people lay loose saying, Wow, Anna, so inspiring. So I think you're definitely inspiring people. Worry. So thank you so much for coming on and sharing and sharing some words of advice. Create a life want it really is just about sticking to your dreams, sticking to your goals. You're gonna you're going to experience hurdles.  

You know, there's all experience hurdles and experience hurdles. I didn't come to the US as a nurse, but I was an immigrant myself. There are going to be hurdles. It's not necessarily an easy, smooth journey, but it's well worth it in the end. So thank you for sharing. Anna, it was great to have you on. We are you gonna bring on nurse one next? This is so great. Paul, I love learning about everybody, you, Baris I, Nurse one. Hi, everyone we brought you back. We we've kept you away. And now your journey hi, everyone. My name is Nurse Juan I'm based here in Kentucky right now, the reason why I came to United States is mainly the same reason for most Filipinos. It's because of your aunties, your uncle's from us, and encourage your mom and dad to be a nurse here in the US. So that's really how it started for me, too. So my journey wasn't as good because I'm part of that 10 year progression period. I graduated in 2007. Then I started working, then I was really hoping to come to the US as soon as I could. But the Lord has other plans for me. So I didn't have I ended up working in five years in the Philippines, then I decided to go to Singapore to work since us was not an option that for me. A few years in Singapore, I was thinking it will be the best place for me to grow and live. But the workload was like getting so bad, I decided to do something else. And thankfully, one of my close friend before Danielle Bruno, he asked me to if he wanted to come to the US and during the same agency that he went through, unfortunately, I didn't know before then. So I just took whatever, like the chance brought me to, so I grabbed an opportunity through a staffing agency. So I didn't know before then, then after which, pushing forward 2019 This is I came here to the US.  

Windows. So coming to the US was a struggle for me, it was really, really big struggle, because there were a lot of things that you wouldn't expect when you're here to us. I became a member of the board in 2016, also added by my friend. And I was searching I was getting a lot of information as I was really happy with all the information they gave me from Lakota. Unfortunately, for me, I felt like it was still not complete, I will still have to do the YouTube to find other things. browse online. So that's, that's one of the reasons why I decided to create a YouTube account or Facebook account or create a content. Sorry, with regards to coming to the United States process in order to show more under than, for whatever reason, like visual pictures, I'm going to put in some videos. So that's one of the reasons why I started and I think that's one of the reasons why I became an admin is because they were like, I was contributing a lot through that particular part. And, and the speed for us is the same we deliver water which is paid for system. So I'm really thankful and I'm super blessed with electron.  

Especially just knowing these very, like small things can lead to like something great, so I'm really thankful. Just thank you. What else? Yeah, I think that's it. So coming here to yes I live in Kentucky that will work for two years, two years plus, then I started travel nursing. Then until now I am a travel nurse but I'm doing law travel now in Louisville, Kentucky. I bought a house I'm here for almost two years now. So I'm getting settled. So it's a nice, small city and honestly prefer a small city versus a bigger city. No traffic less. I don't know. I would prefer something like simpler so that's one thing I'm liking here in Louisville, but I do have plans of searching interfaces. I'm still waiting. I'm still waiting for orders. some opportunities are low for now. It's like what you're having a meal. So we are dying. We're dying to go that route right now. So that's where we're settling here in Louisville first. Yeah I saw nurse Paul going like this the whole time. I feel like he really resonates with your journey. It sounds like a lot of you experienced that really long tenure retrogression where I don't know how you guys did not give up hope. But somehow you didn't give up hope. And you actually made it here and now your work as a nurse. You're living in the US, you're living your American dream. How did you stay motivated? Nurse Juan what's your advice to nurses who are watching and feeling really discouraged right now by retrogression? 

Okay the main reason why I like waited because I had a choice. And this is because I was really suffering in Singapore, my back was hurting so bad, I had to get to the point when I had something like electricity running to my back. So that's how bad it was for me. So I really wanted to do something else. So I just pushed through. And with that kind of working conditions, I was really motivated to get out of Singapore, one way or the other. So that really kept me. Wow and thanks for sharing your story. And I love that you kept going, even though you felt at one point that the American dream is too far fetched, or it's not gonna happen anymore? Sure I think all of us went through that cycle where yeah, I'm gonna go to the US. You know what, I'm giving it up, because I can't wait that long. And then we're like, oh, no, I'm gonna, I'm gonna go because it's my priority 10 years first, for a lot of people, I think. We don't understand the breadth of how long it is, unless you've actually lived it. So it's a long time. But the commonality is a lightweight in the ones that I moved to the US, but now I have a hous now I can choose the job that I want. Now of work life balance, I can create contents for my followers. So they can you know, they can have information when they need it. I like that part was the one and that's why I'm also one of His followers and fans. Thank you nurse, one for your social media channels. 

The workload here to us I'm super, like, relieved and happy that I wanted to share to everyone that how easy it is to be a nurse during the US versus other places, especially like Philippines. Yes. So yes, traveling in the US is really one of the simple joy here. So I'm so developed places for the last five years. And that's one of the things I really enjoy coming to the US is learning a lot of cultures, places and visiting other nurses in other states. So So thank you, thank you for having me. And thank you for having me as one of your admins. I love that nurse Vaughn. I love seeing all those pictures of you enjoying your life really living your American dream. A lot of hard work to get here but sounds like it was well worth the wait a hard time. What's the name of your channel? So anybody who is interested can follow? 

Nurse Juan so if anyone is interested to follow me, I have some links on my YouTube and some Facebook accounts as well. So I'm sure to help you because most of the things are based from whatever we're getting from Nevada. Well, thanks there's one if you want to check out nurse one's social channels. I'm sure he gives some good advice. I know I'm gonna go check them out. He shared the information and anybody can go look up all of that information. So thank you for sharing about your journey Nurse Juan very inspires. I can see there's lots of people in the comments commenting how inspiring Rainer saying inspiring journey Nurse Juan Carlos saying I hope and retrogression should be lifted soon. I think we all hope that for everybody. Lots of viewers watching from all over watching from Zimbabwe. We got Arlene watching from Jamaica, Rhonda watching from England so a lot of people watching you and very inspired by your story. So thank you so much for sharing Nurse Juan. 

Welcome happy to be here in trading. All right, we are going to bring out our last love for admin. Last but certainly not least, we have Marvin alright, and we want to hear all about your journey to the United States and why you decided to come here as a nurse. Okay so my journey started my nursing journey starting in 2005 when I graduated from my BSN, and then my focus there is to help my family and actually to be a doctor. So I wanted to be a doctor during that time. But during those times, scholarship was not actually available because like, the US economy was in retrogression during that time, so I was forced to look for work. So eventually, I found an agency that sponsors scholarships, and at the same thing work while I am the US I'll be versus I'll be having education, master's degree, a dual master's degree and MSN and MBA plus I have with this liberty of getting a job while studying, unfortunately, retrogression hits 2006.  

It was also the year when I pass NCLEX. So when the retrogression hit, I said like I'm something needs to be done. No, I went to unpaid volunteer work. So I been a volunteer staff or for a local hospital, without any pay, I worked there for almost a year. And then I did some odd jobs. I even do a VA indeed, like, every and represented the country as a good ambassador, because I wanted to I love my country, Philippines, I want to represent my country. First I want to share the culture that's why I've been a good ambassador, soon after the program. I told myself I need to help my family because like, we're not that rich, we need to work. So the only available job during that time was to be a clinical instructor. So I went to my alma mater, a became my clinical instructor, and I was there sharing my knowledge, sharing my experiences. And then I really love to teach. And that's my passion however, that's what my friend was saying. Your passion cannot pay the bills so I was forced, again to look for opportunity to opportunities abroad.  

So I asked for permission from my for my agency and said, hey, can I go to the Middle East? A while waiting, because it's been during that time, I had been waiting for like five years already. So nothing, no movement, so can I and they allowed me and they said, just informed them. So I did. So I went to Abu Dhabi high to SK MC, I went to Abu Dhabi, I went to the biggest hospital there, which is Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, I was an ER nurse. And that was my first international job. So it was excited, happy and at the same time and choose what's going to happen because that was my first time. So in there, I experienced everything, like advancement in emergency medicine, meeting a lot of people from different cultures. And then while waiting there, I also did a lot of like trips. And then eventually, when the door opens for United States, I told myself, maybe I can have that dream again, and restart it. So they did their reCAPTCHA. Eventually, in 2014, or 15 I step here in the United States, actually, I started in a small community called Tyler, Texas, either. Hi there everyone from Tyler so I was only initially I was the only Filipino nurse in the department. But I never felt different I never felt like segregated or something like that. I felt the support and love of the community. So in there, I tried to grow myself I know during that time I have a hard accent, I was very aloof. But you feel the love and support coming from your charge nurse from the people and also the Filipino community. And that inspired me to be better. So from then I motivated myself to improve. That's why I did I got my master's degree and I started my certifications or certifications after certifications. Thereafter, I was able to get eight national certifications, because I was inspired by the people are around me because they motivate you to be better. And then soon after, doors open when I was here, I was able to do some volunteer work for the Olympics. And also bet American games even World Cup. So once I'm here I realized you can be who you who you mean you can be who you want, who you want it to be. Just follow your dreams and just make it happen. So eventually, in the in the years that I've been here, I realized that one of my dreams also just got my breath and modal. So I didn't realize that that thing to happen. So in 2000, in 2022, I was invited by one of the, one of the famous like, scrubs, so I became one of their endorsers. So it was a very fun experience. Like, I waited long enough, like, I think I waited like eight years. But when I step here, it's all worth the wait. And then Oh, and one advice to all Filipinos who are waiting, especially right now for education is that wait wisely, it doesn't mean that you need to stop any you need to stop whatever you wanted to do in life. But rather, you need to move forward and upward by developing your skills and talents. And then by the time you are here, you realize that there's a lot of things that you can do, you can even reach your fullest potentials. Just trust the process. And that's my story. 

Sounds great, Marvin, thanks for sharing all your journey up. I wish people are listening so they can get inspired. Despite the long wait. There are so many opportunities to do here. Like I can hear the commonality now is work life balance, you know, like you work, you also get to do things like modeling for fangs or going through World Cup as a volunteer. I think that's a dream, right? Yeah. But tell us where we currently live the city where you live your family, or what are you doing right now. So actually, I'm living here in San Francisco, and work. I'm working as an ER nurse still at one of the best hospitals in the world. Actually, I'm at work right now. As you can see, I'm still wearing my scrubs. I'm still wearing my scrubs. So I just like step off from the work from, I just informed my charge nurse that I have an important meeting. So um, yeah, I'm hearing it here in San Francisco. And still, my family is in the Philippines. But my parents weren't able to come here. They like it. They just want to visit but they don't want to stay. Because like they have the like their lifestyle there in the Philippines. I respect that. So I'm all by myself here. But so far, life's good and then the only thing that I can say is I am grateful towards whatever challenges that have been facing or we will be facing. 

Wow, Marvin, that was amazing to hear about your story and everything that you've been able to accomplish, said, certifications, you've been a part of that takes a part of the World Cup. I mean, that is really like living the true American Dream amazing things. Wow and I love what you said about I'm going to use this weight wisely I have such good advice. It's all about making sure that while you're in this waiting period, you're bettering yourself. Yeah, that when you come here, you're ready to get started. True I love that so tell us how you got involved with Lefora how did you become involved in? 

Actually, I was invited by my friend to be in this group. So I said like, what's this group all about? And then oh okay and then I was just like, signed in? And then after that, there were a lot of questions. And then I'm not really sure how did happen. So I was like, reading some of the questions like being thrown by the members. So like, I want to answer this one I want to give them like, my experience some factual information. So it started there, I think 2017 When I became a member, and then so every time that I tried to reply, a lot of people were actually liking my reply, because it's balanced. And at the same time, it's factual. And also it's based, it's relatable. And then, in 2019, or 2020, Dr. Paul one of my idols, so messaged me and said, okay, can you be an admin? And first I said, I think I'm not ready yet. Because like, this is a big group and a big growing group. And then he said no we will teach you we will be there. And then I even asked other admins, like, hey, do you have a crash course for being an admin? Because like, I know, it's not that easy, because like it's a volunteer work you need you need time for this, you need also time to reply to screen new members to screen the post. But eventually I said yes to that, because like, you learn to fly so I became an admin, I think, in 2020 or 2019.  

And then after that, I learned a lot, especially becoming from sharing the experiences and also giving positive comments. And one thing about the forest values is I mean, includes information, information, empowerment. And then inspiration, and education. So those are the things that I see and I think aligned with my values. So as far as the admin, I want to capture beautiful stories coming from members, so I can share it to them. And then so while waiting, people will be inspired by beautiful stories, like stories that they think that's impossible to get here, and it's possible to be recognized. But there are a lot of beautiful recognitions coming from Filipino nurses, wherever they are. So I'm trying to share them. So this is what not, I mean, we will continue to motivate them and to keep pursuing their American dreams. So that's my actually the goal is to hope to get more beautiful stories to share to them that everything is possible here in the US. 

That's a wonderful story, Marvin. I think that's, that's the main essence of this show. Danielle, I remember starting this show with Tanya, four years ago, we were conceptualizing what are we going to share what what is not out there that we can talk about. But I'm happy for all the admins that supported us today. But at the same time, I'm happy that look forward to talk show as has gone on for four years with multiple seasons and brought in hundreds of speakers experts of the field. So this is really something you know, refreshing, because every week every month, you're you have something to look forward to. And now we have all the admins talking about their life story, what, what could be better than that? 


It's very inspiring stuff. For sure. Very inspiring stuff I mean, the amount of time that you all had to wait in comparison to what our nurses are going through now. It's very interesting, parallel and very inspiring, I think for others to hear about your struggles, and about how you all overcame, and now you are all thriving, living your American dreams. All right well, one last question for you, Marvin. Yes why do you think before it is important for nurses, I think, comparing it with my comparing it to my previous experience, knowing that I mean, during my time, therefore it was not existing. So it's just like, we do things on our own. And sometimes we can make mistakes, like what agencies to go what agencies to stay away? And then what are the important steps? I mean, especially in the US process, especially when we, especially with the forums, there are some questions that you need to answer or they need to ask questions before during my time was not existing.  

But I think for nurses, I believe for all our Filipino nurses wherever they are, who has like an American dream, therefore, it would be a safe laminate, a haven of information for them to know I mean, based from experiences based from factual information. And aside from that, I am hoping that therefore it would be a safe place for nurses to express their concern, especially for those who are already made to be quiet, because we admins, we want it to be an advocate for them. We want it to be their voice, especially the voice who can I mean, especially for those who cannot speak for themselves. Like, we want to prevent you from victims of human trafficking victims of unfair treatment. Because like, we also experienced that, and we don't want you to experience the same thing. So it is, for me very important that Filipino nurses who have American dreams to be a member of fora does this to make sure that you are not alone in this journey, that there are 220,000 people who are also cheering and aspiring to make your dreams into reality. And I hope we can be able to hit a million within hopefully within the next few years. But I know we a lot of work, but I'm hoping and pray that our love for our means will not be tired of helping inspiring and like empowering Filipino nurses, especially for especially with those who have American dreams. 

That's so nice. The safe place I really liked that, Marvin, I'm everything that you're saying. I'm just really resonating a safe. A place where you can get inspired, you feel empowered. What else did you say? You said get information and get education. Yeah, that's really the goals I'm hearing from all below for admins. They want to be your voice they want to be for those who can't speak up for themselves. They want to be able to provide you with information and inspiration. So I think that is so wonderful. And my goal is also for you guys to grow to over a million let's not limit us that a million. Yeah, let's do it. Well, thank you, Marvin for sharing. Really, really interesting, really inspiring stuff. We are going to bring out all of the admins now to share one last piece of advice. And this is a special nurses month is show, as we know in the US may is nurses month, it's a month that we take to thank all of our nurses for all of their hard work for all of their dedication, their love and their passion. So Happy Nurses Month, all of our nurses who are watching both in the US and around the world. I know I speak on behalf of myself, and all of these before admins who have shared their inspiring journeys, that we are very thankful for all of you. And we appreciate you taking the time to come here and listen to us today. And hopefully you've learned something and you've been tired. So before we say goodbye to everybody, I wanted to give each person a chance to share one final piece of advice for any nurses who are thinking about coming to the US and they're looking to Lefora for support. What's your last words of advice? So we'll go in order of when we when we did the interview, so okay, we'll go with you first. Okay, thank you, everyone. So as you see in my in my banner work smart, not hard. And when you educate yourself and listen to all the people that's giving you advices and tax advice, it brings you forward. And it brings you way ahead to the point that your starting point will not be the same starting point. And, again, just to get people coming in all of us be in a better future and we can update the nursing profession. Beautifully said Kaye, thank you so much for sharing. Jasmin, we'll go with you next.  

Hi thank you first and foremost, I want to thank everyone specially the admins I know I have not been active compared before years ago, but I'm so thankful we still have admin years to continue. So I'm really appreciative probably to the first one who really created this before a group probably very appreciative of you guys doing this. My piece of advice right now it's you know, never lose hope. Hold on to that dream it took me 10 years so what is just two years it's nothing really to be honest. You know, just be patient continue. Master your skill while you're waiting for PD, things like that. There's so many things to do in preparation for your coming here. It's not going to be easy. Okay there's going to be hurdles like what Paul said, but you're gonna be okay. Trust me, you are going to be okay. All right well said Jasmin, don't lose hope. I really sums it up. I think for all of you. None of you lost hope. You made it through. You stuck with your path and now you're here living your American dream. All right, so let's go with Anna next please. 

Okay my other co admin from Lefora I do homework and for a life you want my mouse moving up, okay your inevitable it's meant to me retrograde from real common go grab for your dream. It's all going to be worth man I mean, I am so grateful that I forgot I'm here. If I gave up if I failed my first IELTS then I might be so suffering in a built in so no matter where you are welcome free from what we from you're currently on you have a problem. Personal problem that was a problem me please, please never ever give up and read that light but you want it to everyone happy. They're great happy mothers day thank you. Thank you, Anna. You know, I think as Anna said, there are plenty of reasons to not do something. You got to focus on the reasons to do something and why you want to keep going and why you want to push through and why you want to get here and create the life you want. So very, very well said. All right, Nurse Juan, you're up what advice for all nurses out there. Before coming to BTS. I would just like to tell you guys you have options.  

Okay. Get all of your options coming to the US and see which is the best one. There's a lot of ways to come here but of course you want to choose the best one. So just get your options. If you can get the best option that will be good if you're not qualified to be on that. Better move on to the next one but importantly you have to get adoptions. Okay, so I think that's it. For advice. Happy Mother's Day, Happy Nurses Week and congratulations for all the new Filipino nurses. We just had a result yesterday. So, God bless everyone well said, Nurse Juan, thank you so much, Marvin. So by the way, thank you so much Danielle for having us here today this morning. So, again, wait wisely word. My advice is Wait wisely. Again, retrogression is not a dead end of your dreams. But this is the best time for you to appreciate your time with your family, with your friends, and the time for you to develop yourself to be better. Okay. The four is here to inspire, inform, educate, and to end power, your American American Journey. Now, always remember, you're not alone in this journey. And we are here for you. Again, Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Happy Nurses Week. And then congratulations, Danielle. And then congratulations also to the newly registered nurses of the pivot PNL II of May 2024. Again, thank you so much for having us today. 

Love that, Marvin. I'm stealing that line such a good one. All right and last but certainly not least, my wonderful co host. We want to hear from you I have two questions for you. One I see we have some questions in the chat. We have a question from Omaha today. Malala is asking is love for only for Filipino nurses. Can you know you said originally for Filipino nurses. But we have so many international nurses that are joining live for now. So please join live for we are the biggest international nursing group so far in Facebook. And it's all about coming to the USA. So please feel free to join majority of the members are still Filipino, but majority of the posts are also in English. So you might pick a thing or two from the group. And Google's got that nifty little translate thing so I get all the stuff when I want to see the answers. All right well, thank you, Nurse Paul and I wanted to give you a chance to share some final pieces of advice. I know you've had quite the journey yourself. And now you're doing some pretty amazing things. So please share what you're doing.  

And please share some advice that you have for international nurses who are watching to with us today. First of all, I would like to thank AMN Healthcare International, Danielle Luciana Melanes for doing this show. Thank you to my co admins and Marvin Kaye Jasmine who won and all the others that are not here Yanni, Jean Louise because they're all working. I would also like to say Nurses Week is done. But I mean, this is still nurses month, Happy Nurses month to everybody, thank you for all you do for our patients, their families and the community. What I love to share about my US journey was it was not an easy journey, just like my colleagues here. It was a journey full of obstacles, full of challenges full of despair, full of frustration. But you know, one thing that I could share today is all of those are behind me already. What's important is I always remind myself until these to my nurses, to my students, to the people who follow me, everything happens at the right time. As long as you keep the dream alive in your heart, you're going to get there. So keep the hole burning, keep that passion burning.  

Alright, whatever challenges are placed in front of you get through it. But know that towards the end, there's a prize waiting for you. And you decide if you want that price or not. For me, American Dream is being able to provide for my family. I grew up as a very poor person, to the point that we don't have electricity in our house, I was studying nursing under other burning candle and when the candle runs out, I'm done studying because I don't have any more candles. We struggled for years without to dinner plates. And we have to literally beg for relatives. But now I'm happy that I'm able to provide for my mom for my family. And I'm using that motivation to share to the other nurses that are wanting to go to the US that you know the dream the dream is real. You just have to work for it you just got to desire it. And you just have to push through all these obstacles. retrogression it's just temporary. But you're gonna get there. But thank you so much for everyone who's joining us today. I almost cried by the way, and I don't know, you've all had some really, really inspiring journeys. And, you know, you might say we took eight years, 10 years, nine years, and you just kind of say it, but that's a long time, eight years of your life waiting to reach your dreams, and you all stuck with it. 

So it really is some very, very inspiring, inspiring stuff. It's not easy to come to the US, I came to the US in 2020. It was not an easy journey. There is definitely ups and downs, but it's worth it. In the end. As you can see by all of the faces here, we see Jasmin's child, they're, you know, an American born child. That's truly what the American dream is. Paul's talking about supporting his family, you know, being able to give back really paying it forward. So thank you all for sharing. Paul, you did mention your students. I wanted to just ask you, what do you mean by your students? What are you doing with your? Yeah, well, I teach NCLEX. Basically, I own Aspire RN I teach nurses, for preparation for the NCLEX. Virtually we have students from over 40 countries and over 40 nationalities, as one of my instructors been doing this years as an experienced teacher, but that is passionate, like the first struggle to get to the US actually batting the I devoted my time and my life to ensure that through that first who can reach the American dream. sent me a social media. Right here, right here at doctor nurse. 

All right, well, there you have it, if you want to take your NCLEX prep was nurse Paul, I know he does an amazing job. He's helped so many nurses pass the NCLEX you can follow him on his social channels, and join his amazing program. So thank you, Nurse Paul, for sharing all about that. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what it is, during all of your stories has really inspired me here today. Thank you all for being on here today. Thank you to nurse Paul for sharing his story. You know, I know my mom has met a lot of you in person. And she always used to talk about how inspiring you all were. And I hope that I'll get to meet you all in person. Oh, there we go I remember her telling me about that. Very cool. So my mom, Tanya Freedman, who used to host the show and has passed the reins down to me, has met with some of the love for admins. And I hope that I will have the pleasure to meet some of you in person as well, someday.  

But thank you so much for sharing your beautiful, inspiring, empowering stories. And thank you for your work as the four admins, you all do this as volunteers as a way to pay it forward and give back to your community. And you are truly doing that. And special thank you to my co host, Nurse Paul, I appreciate you going through this this last hour with me getting to know your other admins sharing some words of advice, sharing some inspiration. I know the journey has not been easy, but it is really quite amazing and inspiring to hear how you are giving back to your community to your family. So thank you all I really, really appreciate it and it was so nice to meet you all. 

Thank you Danielle. We are going to share our future show schedule. So we have our upcoming onwards and upwards show on May 17. We are doing an Immigration Q&A. So this is on the am in healthcare international at 7am Pacific Standard Time. So California time. Also we want to hear from you hat do you want our shows to cover? What do you want the Lefora Talk Show to cover? What do you want the onwards and upwards show to cover? Please put it in the comments. We'd love to hear what you want to see and how we can best help our nurses because like every admin has talked about on this show. It's all about paying it forward. And that's what we want to do as well. So thank you to all of you I appreciate you all. It was great to meet you all and onwards and upwards everybody on to greener and better pastures always. Bye bye.