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Steps To Working as a Foreign Nurse in the US

Are there any basic requirements that they need to do before applying to work in the US?

You have to do your NCLEX exam, which is the Nursing exam in the United States, you have to have an English exam. For most countries, there are some that are exempt, but that you can find out about, you know, as you process through the program, but you also have to have a visa screen certificate. So those are really the key items that you'll be obtaining too good to get further in the process. And with your basic requirements, I would say you know, really be open. We strive to find the best place for you. So really working with your recruiters and giving them the information you want to make your dreams. Okay, great. Thank you, Meg. And are there any requirements in terms of locations or specialties? Or how does that work? Yeah, so for the direct hire. You know, we have to remember, we're coming to the United States, because we do have a shortage of nurses here. So not all hospitals have all specialties available. So that could vary by location, you would find your location, your specialty in locations that are offering that opening. And that's, you know, maybe how you would determine your ultimate arrival location, but all of the different facilities would have different qualifications that they are looking for different specialties open, and you would just have to see by facility what is offered because they are different. 

Okay, got it. Thank you, Meg. So sounds like for anybody watching, your first step is just going to be to take that NCLEX and that's what you really need to apply. And I'm not going to get too much into it today, because we have a special show next week on retrogression, but my big takeaway that we are going to talk about next week is we can file you. So if you have taken your NCLEX please apply. There is a delay which we will discuss next week, but we can file you so apply again that website is If you are interested in applying to O'Grady for staffing, You can find information on Both companies there.