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Steps for Nurses Coming to the United States

What a nurse can expect when they're looking at coming to the United States? Okay, well, first of all, that's going to be a challenge, because Catherine made me cry, that can evolve, there is just so much, but let me try to hit the highlights. Obviously, you'll come through our recruitment team, we prep you prepare you for interviews with hospitals, we walk through your contract and offers with you, then we once you accept an offer, you will start working with our immigration team who partner and liaise with some of the best attorneys in the country, and work alongside you, we have access to what we call a relied portal, which gives you a lot of information about your process of immigration, because it can be so confusing. Like Katherine said, you know, we do virtual calls with your attorney with your employer. We tried to do that quarterly. So you so you can, you know, just kind of get an idea of what's happening. And get a lot of questions answered by your attorneys. Oh, my gosh, I feel a lot of pressure, right. 

Let's put the success path back up again. Okay, hold on. All right. So the NCLEX , we do again, like I said, preparation for the interview of the visa framework, getting your immigration paperwork put together, being with you every step of the way to help you through that process. And that challenging process, the gameplan, again, just doing virtual calls with your attorney, with your client, with your case managers on the initial calls, and with our team to try to answer all the questions we can for you and to keep you know, kind of relaxed while you're going through that. Your arrival that onboarding, the Connetics, clubhouse circle of support, there's so much, but we are here to give you all the support possible to make you so successful in America. And that is the goal for all of us. I don't think that any of us here at Connetics, do this. As it's not a job to us.

This is this is just who we are and part of our genetic makeup. I think I can thank you, Lisa, we want to we want to help we really want to help and we want to make a difference. And that's really one of the make one other comment that Katherine brought up. God bless you, honey, is that everyone's journey is different. I tell nurses all the time, you're like snowflakes. And there's not one that's a like, so always remember that it may you may hear that your friend went through one thing and your situation is different. But yes, my Well, every situation is different. So thank you for bringing that up. And I just know that we are going to support you through every single challenge you have or if that's your process, you have to so respect that. 

Thank you, Catherine. Thank you, Lisa. And if anybody is confused on the process, check it out on the Connetics USA Nursing Agency website on the website