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Staffing Agency for International Nurses | O'Grady Peyton

What is the staffing model and why we're better together, Sinead?

Perfect thank you. So as you probably already know, the direct hire model is when healthcare facility reaches out to Connetics USA and says we are interested in bringing international nurses directly to our core staff when they arrive in the United States. So the direct hire model, the healthcare facility, is your employer and the sponsor of your immigrant visa, in the staffing model, upgrade to paid an international who you know, through the staffing model is your employer and also the sponsor of your immigrant visa. So those are the two key differences between direct hire and staffing. In both models, there are benefits bonuses, competitive pay rates. So we're going to show you the similarities today, just so you see how we're actually very similar. But then also, we'll call out the differences. The key differences without repeating International, of course, is that we offer you a shorter commitment terms. So we'll dive into that a little bit later as we look at the slides, but very excited just to give you an overview of direct tie on the set. And Holly will give you a deep dive in there. And then Dierdre myself will do the deep dive into stuff and really want to get your questions in the chat today, because that's how we can answer your questions directly. As Tanya said, I want to say more than 100 years of experience here today. So want to make sure that you get your questions answered by us. So drop them in the chat. The team will feel them to us as we go through the similarities and the differences between the direct and the staffing models. 

Thank you Sinead. That was a great overview of the different models. And if you are joining us right now, please and you're interested in coming to the United States, please apply to and our team on both O'Grady and the Connetics side are waiting for you to help you to find you the best fit to come to the United States. Remember, with retrogression, it doesn't stop the process. All it means is that we delayed