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Saber Healthcare Group - Careers at the US Healthcare Employer

Good day, everybody. Thank you for joining us. We know that you hear a lot about hot large hospital systems within the US. Amy and I are here to present a different opportunity to you if you have the desire to serve the elderly, as well as some special populations where you can establish longer term relationships with residents, our patients or families, then we're an organization for you to look into. First, I'd like to introduce myself, I am Kelly Ray back. I am a member of our talent acquisition team here at Saber healthcare. I've been very blessed to enjoy a rewarding career and serving the elderly for 32 years in a variety of different positions. And I would like to have my partner here, who I know is Amy introduce herself as well.

Hi, um, I mean, that's a  short form of my name is Amy. And I've been working with saving when I first came to the United States, I worked with Saber briefly for five years. Then I went on and to for the carrier's, but then of course, I came back with Saber because they are one of the best with the taking care of the elderly and I decided to come back and work with them started off as a unit manager. And now I'm the director of nursing in one of the safer communities. Thank you. Go ahead, Kelly. Okay, so we have presented, we're presenting a little bit of a slideshow and visuals for you. If you can go on to the next slide. Just a little bit of information about saber health care. We were founded in 2001. Around Cleveland, Ohio. We since 2001, we have grown into actually 130 facilities and growing we're growing this summer in purchasing additional communities within the state of Pennsylvania. Currently, we're in seven states. We're in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Delaware. Our main goal is to develop an innovative approach to senior care by giving the patient's personal needs and attention that they deserve because we know everybody has a little bit different needs and whatnot. We have about 10,000 employees within those seven states. We feel that we are in partnership in serving the elderly by providing high quality care that helps improve for our patients and their families lives, so we take it very, very seriously. And we do offer a variety of different services. I'm sorry, can you go back a few slides back to the map.

So this is a map. We're mainly on the Eastern Seaboard, as well as part of the Midwest in the United States. We have one facility in Delaware, one in Florida, two in Indiana. We have 25 in the state of Pennsylvania, a lot of them along between Scranton in the Philadelphia area, but some scattered throughout the state. We have 29 in our state of origin is the state of Ohio, 32 in North Carolina, and 34 in Virginia. And again, we're adding more buildings in Pennsylvania this summer. So there are a lot of different things that make us unique compared to other organizations. First of all, we have a single owner who's very involved and accessible. We believe in personal growth, we always feel that if somebody comes on board with us, and they have the desire and passion to grow and learn, we love to support those opportunities. For example, we over the years we've have seen somebody who has come in to be a weekend, come grow into a unit manager role, which is a supervisory role over one particular unit. And then going into positions and good director, nursing or administrator. We even have regional roles, be in clinical roles or operational roles as well, that support the buildings. Our company, as I've mentioned, our company is growing. And we're acquiring 20 new buildings this summer. In the state of Pennsylvania, we do offer a lot of different programs. To our staff. Like for instance, we have what's called the leader, Leader Program, which takes individuals who want to develop leadership skills, and we provide them with learning opportunities to become leaders within our communities.

We also have things that we have scholarships for individuals who want to further their education. We also have our own staffing agency. So if somebody would like to work in multiple facilities, we do have opportunities there. If somebody moves on to the director of nursing role, which is the highest clinical role you can maintain, such like Amy has, in one of our locations, there is a deal and council director of nursing Council it's called it supports and asked for input by directors of nursing. Our overall company culture is ones about development, caring for those who care for our patients. We do innovative food opportunities. We also do themed activities on at our facilities. We're in the middle of around the world type of where there are different activities and different cultural experiences. One of the things that we're most proud of is our Impact Award, which is a monthly award that really recognizes people in our employees in each of our locations that really are stellar and show integrity, motivation, passion, ambition, caring and teamwork. With that, I am going to run a short clip about this program that gives you a little bit more information okay, we might be having some technical difficulties, are you able to run the video? Okay, well with that. So, Amy, I am going to turn over to my counterpart, Amy who's going to go over some of our clinical capabilities and please know that each one of our locations, we do have different acuity levels with such as Vance, dialysis wounds and IVs which Amy can speak about.

Yep. In most of our communities, we do take care of people with wounds, G tubes, tracks and of course, some we have we do have dialysis in some of our facilities or some of our communities and they'll take care of anything that I'm You've done I mean, nothing like I say clinically, it's international, you do the same things that you do internationally, when you come in here, that's the those are the same things that you do the right way clinically. And any professionalism, the professionalism, of course, is part of it. And we come in here and we take care of the elderly that we work with in this communities. Thank you, Amy. This kind of goes over the next few slides kind of goes over what Amy shared with us. We even have some of our facilities that have that serve the behavioral health type diagnoses as well. If we can go to the slides, I go to our locations, just to kind of give you a high level overview of our locations and the things that they can offer. The state of Ohio has anything from if you like outdoors, to cultural events, to sporting events, we have a lot of sports teams, to different amusement parks and what not, the state of Pennsylvania, if you could go to the photos, I'm on the state of Pennsylvania now, it's a little more have really some rural areas, again, cultural and activities. Like the state of Ohio, Pennsylvania has four seasons. So if you want to experience the four seasons, be it fall, winter, spring and summer, these two states in particular experience that Virginia is very close to our nation's capital DC, as well as other states. It's around like Maryland and Delaware and whatnot.

North Carolina, North Carolina is lovely, you've got the beaches, and you've got all kinds of different opportunities where water exist, and some historical, more laid back North Carolina's in the south. So it's a little bit more laid back than a couple the Philadelphia area, for instance. So we have a lot of different opportunities attached, or we also included a few testimonies from a few of our current staff members. I don't know if we'll have time to go over it. But here we have a gentleman who is in one of our facilities in Virginia, he says that 95% of the employees leave there always come back because they're working for a family and great place for new graduates. We also have another person who started out in housekeeping but now she is training to be a nursing assistant. Wow, that's so impressive, Kelly and me really, really fun to hear about Saber health care. I know that it is. There's so many opportunities here so many locations to choose from really such exciting opportunities for those who want to work with the elderly, the more senior the senior community, really, really awesome facility. And we are proud to partner with Saber and thank you to Kelly and Amy for joining us today and for sharing one thing just to point out that I noticed both army and I know the other person who came on to the testimonial said, we even if we leave we come back to say that.

That says a lot everybody. So if you're interested in working with the senior committed community, please apply to the Connetics USA international nursing agency website. Our team will be on hand to speak to you more about the opportunities at Saber. Thank you so much for joining us, Kelly and Amy. Thank you, Tanya. Thank you. Bye.