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RETROGRESSION: Pass Your NCLEX and Get Your I-140 Filed!

When we talk about get in line, we're talking about the I-140 filing, that's the initial filing with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and the minute it's filed, the day it's received, which is the next day, that's the received data at USCIS, which is your priority date.

It becomes active as a priority date once the I-140 is approved. When we file an I-140, our nurse gets a priority date the next day and that's set in stone, and so that she's now in line to go through the process.

So pass NCLEX so for those of you out there who are listening who haven't started the actual qualification, which is passing NCLEX that's what you need to do to be able to get in line. Pass NCLEX! Once you've passed NCLEX, we will file an I-140 and set you on your way.

We'll get you through the whole process of paying your fees and doing your biographic information for the Department of State and then you'll be ready for your embassy appointment by the time your visa numbers available to you. That's what we mean by get in line - have an employer, file the I-140 for you.