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Resource Library > Video > Ochsner Health Recruits International Nurses
Resource Library > Video > Ochsner Health Recruits International Nurses

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA International Nurse Agency: So, Lee, why did Ochsner decide to recruit internationally educated nurses?


Lee Youngblood, Director of Strategic Recruitment Programs, Ochsner Health: For several reasons.

Obviously, as you can tell by our

organization, we're very culturally diverse, and that's

still always a big initiative of ours. Right.

So we took this opportunity to

really go global with our workforce.

We're very into diversification and inclusion and very

excited to add literally, as I interview all

of you guys, I feel like I've been

around the world in like two days. Literally.

And this is a credit to all of the internationals is

that they do have a passion to be in the States.

They have a passion to learn something and

really tune their skill set because it's something

that we can offer them to.

Not only can we offer that as far as growth

personally and professionally, but they've been able to come in

and really partner with us and help us.

We wouldn't be able to do a lot of

what we are currently doing right now without them.

They are a major part of our workforce,

and we're very excited, highly-skilled, as you

can see with Ganga in Junu

I mean, just great people in general.

And we really embraced our culture,

just like we've embraced them.

So very happy to move forward and to grow our

international program here at Ochsner and growing it is.

My goodness, leaps and bounds.