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North Dakota Weather


Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA Nursing Agency: Okay. So let's talk a little bit about the weather. North Dakota is known to have four seasons. It's known to have a climate where you're going to have snow, where you're going to have a white Christmas. How have you adapted to the weather?

Ruby, RN: After six years or even before for me, I think it's fine. But sometimes you get tired of it after six years, I guess. But I remember my very first year. You're so excited. I am so excited. Like, December 25 blizzard and I'm like, yoohoo.  Are you serious? I'm like, yeah, I'm so excited because this is a new experience for me. Yes. I worked in Middle East, so I experienced a sandstorm and now here is snowstorm.

So, I really drove. I bought a new phone just to take a video of my driving. But it was fun to experience and since I have a good car, so it's really okay. So, investment in a good car, all-wheel drive and then another thing my friends like, it's so cold there. But I'm like, well, you're not going outside naked. Yeah. You just need to bundle up.

One thing I really learned every day or a day before you need to check the weather, watch the news, check the weather so you know what to expect and to allow time also to go to a certain destination because it might be snowy, sleeky, or if it's okay and also how to dress or what to wear. Layering up if it's chilly. Sometimes it's snowing, but it's not too cold. Sometimes there is no snow. You look out the window, it's so friendly, but it's so chilly. Like, negative 20, negative 50. So, it's more on just bundle up, just dress up.

Otherwise, if it's summer, also, it's very hot and windy. So, like me, I like to wear dresses. It's really like if it's windy, you cannot wear dresses. You'll be holding up.

Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA: So, it sounds like your first Christmas was very exciting. But over the years, you've kind of adapted and got used to the weather.

Ruby, RN: And here's the thing. It is not all the same. Like when they ask you how's the weather I really cannot tell you guys because 2016, it's really like after long years, that's the first time again, the experience such a Blizzard.

Carla, RN: Yeah, I was told that, too.

Ruby, RN: It was one of the worst blizzards back in 2016. It's pretty like welcoming us. And then a year after that, it's just okay and then two years after, it's not so bad. Sometimes I don't know, what year was it? It's just cold, not so much snow. So, it's really different.

Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA: Itcan be different. Carla, what about for you? Because you're saying you've been there also for a few years. But it looks like even if you were to move to Fargo, you're still going to stay in North Dakota. You've adapted to the weather.

Carla, RN: So, the weather for me here, it's like what Ruby said, it's really unpredictable. Like even on a day-to-day basis, like let's say yesterday it was like negative 10 or negative 20 and then the next day it will be positive. So, it's that crazy that it gets warmer and then suddenly so cold the next day.

So, it's very unpredictable and I think today it was snowing again for a few minutes. But I think this last holiday is 25th, 26th, 27th, I think we accumulated about maybe twelve inches between twelve to 24 inches of snow for those three days.

But the thing here is there are emergency snow roads that the government make sure that it gets plowed right away so that all the vehicles can use that road and then get to their destinations or get home. So even if they close, like the I94 Express in a day, the next day is fully functional, unlike what happened with Texas. It only snowed for like a day. and roads were closed, electricity was out.

So, I think in my five years here, I only experienced an outage of electricity for about 2 hours, tops and that was it. Yeah. and that was way back when I was in the apartment. I think somebody tripped the lines or something like that. But it heavily snowed the night before and then that's what happened, just 2 hours and then the power was back up.

So, the government is really ready. The people are also ready. And then when it's spring, summer, you can already see people wearing dressing down here. They're already wearing tank tops, shorts. And then when these people go to other States while it's still snowing there, and then they are being seen just wearing tank tops or sleeveless. Are you from North Dakota? Oh, yeah. Compared to North Dakota weather. I have a friend tell me North Dakota is like a continent of itself.

Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA: That's interesting. But it sounds like you adapt, right?

Carla, RN: Yeah, it was very easy to adapt. It kind of scared me one time when I was driving and the tires in my vehicle actually skidded. So actually, because when I stepped on the brake and then kind of like turned right away. So that's one of the causes for skidding. So just be very careful. And we suggest that you buy a vehicle that's all-wheel drive, even if you don't have a four-wheel drive, at least it's an all-wheel drive vehicle and just be very careful because once I stick to the road, that's when it really starts to get very slightly and slick and will cause accidents.

Ruby,RN: Just in addition to what Carla said, like the government here are really amazing when it comes to if it's snowing, they clean it right after no stop, they will clean it so the roads are all passable and then they will pour some sand or whatever.


So, it's not that you will be afraid to drive like sleeky, but they are so onto it another thing like 2016 if it's like the blizzard thing so the hospital will send somebody to pick you up. That is also the time. Like I heard some doctors they drove their snowmobile or ski going to work but for me I tried to really drive but otherwise the hospital can pick you up.

Carla,RN: Oh, wow. Never experienced that getting picked up.

Ruby,RN: Yeah, and then some nurses also stay in the hospital if they cannot go home but they will pick up staff. I did that once they picked me up and then another thing like for me, I practice like in front of our apartment there is a huge parking lot so I practiced driving when it's winter like snow. I tried just to get the hang of it like how to break,how to learn. After that I got used to it and so far so good.


Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA: Okay, good. Those are really good tips though because those arethings that an international nurses especially when you come from a warm climate you've never experienced before. So those are really good tips about the driving and getting a good car. Invest in a good car but at the end of the day it seems like you guys are there five and six years later.

Carla, RN: Yeah, yeah. Who knew.