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Methodist Healthcare Hospitals in Tennessee


Tanya Freedman, CEO of Connetics USA International Nursing Agency: Nikki, tell us a little bit about the hospitals and about the unique culture, the power of one culture.


Nikko Polis, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Chief Nurse ExecutiveSure. One of the things that Jill talked about is that we really serve all corners of our community, and we're very proud of that.

So, you can see on that map that's there that we have six facilities, and they really surround this area, Methodist University, and that's where Linda and Jameson's work is a hospital that has some special things that go on there. It is our hospital that does transplant, solid organ transplant, and they do the Neurosciences there. So that's one of the things that two of the things that are really unique about Methodist University is that those are the things where they serve specifically serve patients. Now, they have all kinds of services. They have a medical and surgical ICU. They have a CVICU for cardiac. They have MedSurg, and they have step-down. They have operative services, which is where Jameson works. So, we have all of those things

Our Methodist South Hospital, again, is in our south area, and that serves our community in the Whitehaven area, which is really right by Graceland, and again, they have all of those services, Med/Surg, Critical care, Step-down. Operative services, a lot of procedural areas. And they have labor and delivery and NICU at that facility. You'll see our North Hospital and you'll see that magnet banner. All of our hospitals are on the magnet journey and I know many of you work in hospitals that are on magnet journeys, or our magnet designated.

Our Methodist North Hospital, which indicates in the north part of the city, again, is our first community hospital in this area that was designated as a Magnet hospital.

Methodist Germantown, which is where Linda lives, and so does Jill in that community. We have our Methodist Germantown Hospital again, they are on the journey for magnet, but they have one of the largest obstetrical services in the area. They have labor and delivery. They have antepartum They have postpartum. Very, very busy operative services, including doing a lot of CV surgeries there.

Methodist Olive Branch is the fifth hospital which is in our system. It is actually in Mississippi, and it's our newest hospital. They do Med/Surg, Step-down, Critical care. They have a very busy Emergency Department, and they have perinatal services there. So, they have OB services there as well, and then, as I mentioned, six hospitals surround the city.

The last hospital that I'm going to talk about is Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, again, magnet designated. Le Bonheur and University are very close geographically. Le Bonheur, 255-bed freestanding children's hospital again with a full range of services. They have a level four NICU as an example with 60 beds. They do heart transplants there and they just did the 50 a heart transplant there because of how important it is to serve this region and we serve nationally as well; they are building on enhancing their cardiovascular and their NICU services by adding more rooms, more beds.

So that talks about our hospital system we have another slide that I'm going to ask them to put up that really talks about what sort of a compilation of all of our facilities and all of the services that we have so we have 1600 beds but again, those are spread over those six hospitals. We have 12,000 associates. That's what we call our staff. We have six hospitals. I mentioned that but we have other things as well in our community and that's that. We have physician office practices. We have diagnostic centers, and we have 69 of them. We have outpatient centers where we do surgery. We have post-acute care home health equipment, home health services. So we do home nursing and we have a residential Hospice and a home Hospice program and I mentioned all of those because again, one of the things that we're interested in having you do and I talked about that, in the beginning, is professionally grow with us.

As you can see that we have a lot of opportunities not only within our hospitals, which is where for the most part, our international nurses start but as you develop your career, you may want to go to home care as an example or go work at our Hospice. So that's really one of the value-added benefits of working at a method of mono healthcare Is that you have a lot of opportunities to grow and a lot of places where you can contribute.