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Delays in Kenya US Embassy for Nurses

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA: There's been some talk about the Kenya consulate. Can you shed any light on that? Because I know, there's been a lot of delays at that particular consulate.

Atty. Chris Musillo: Yeah, we've seen the Sub-Saharan in particular Kenya get backed up. I was on a conference call with the US State Department maybe 10 days or so early last week. And they're aware of it. And I know they're working on it. But as with a lot of things in this process, you know, I doubt, it will be resolved anytime soon. And then, of course, you know, the next six weeks, eight weeks or so. I think Mike would agree with me. It's a time of the year when things just generally slow down. People are taking vacations and therefore there are fewer embassy appointments available, but I'm hoping into the new year that Kenya in particular, and some of the other places that have not moved up like, for instance, the Gulf countries and Manila have, I'm hoping that they will get going there.

I know Kenya specifically, the embassy had made a focus on a family-based immigrant visa. So like green cards, like Mike was saying before if a US citizen marries a foreign national that a green card holder of a US citizen marries a foreign national, they can get a green card or permanent I know in Africa, they were prioritizing those because for two years or so during COVID those cases just sat. But my sense is they're almost through that backlog in Kenya and so into next year, I hope we'll get to a more realistic processing time.

Okay, good. So good news for anyone else from Kenya.