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Reasons To Choose PTE Exam Over Other English Tests

In your experience, have you seen nurses taking advantage of taking some of these alternate exams now that they're acceptable. What's been the trend that you've seen? 

What I've noticed is people think that  easier just because the band score equivalents for PTE are not the same for the band score equivalents of IELTS and OET.

That's why earlier, it's more of a relief when I heard Mukul talk about the possible changes of CGFNS. Such that for IELTS, the record band score and speaking is 7, for all at the record band score is B or 350. And that's exactly the requirement. That's the same equivalent ofIELTS but for PTE, it's 50. So if we're going to look at the equivalency, isn't it the equivalent of seven in IELTS and be in OET is a 70 instead of 50? In PTE.

So I'm like what I've said, I'm interested in the past in the announcement of possible changes of CGFNS if they want to have the same barometer the same yardstick for 3 English examinations.

So does that mean maybe that's sort of the word on the street and why some people might be more interested in PTE is because they're thinking it could be easier, Scott?

Yes, that's certainly one reason in that the PTE passing scoring requirements are currently lower. So therefore, ergo, it is easier to pass because of the requirements being not universal, but that is likely going to change much develop upon that as well to the perception that PTE might be easier, and might be a psychological aspect in that candidates feel more comfortable doing a test on a computer with no human interaction, because one pretty intimidating aspect of an exam, especially with speaking is having to speak to a live interlocutor. Whether it's doing a three stage interview process for the IELTS speaking exam, or going through an OET speaking roleplay, it can be quite intimidating for a candidate. So that's why they might opt for that the use of your approach, you kind of think about how the world's going these days, we're doing everything online, we don't want to pick up a phone and even put in a food order.  

For example, let's use an app. And I think that psychology is also starting to occur with the English language fields, as well. There might be a few other aspects as well. But I think that those two are the most important are the not the universal scoring requirements being the same, and also the psychology of speaking to a computer versus speaking to someone in the speaking exam, as well as the other aspects of testing that the Pearson Test is different to IELTS and OET.

So in the comments, I'm seeing a couple things I want to address, I'm not going to read each individual one. But just in general, if you're wondering what a state accepts, or what kind of scores there are, I'm going to give you a little personal tip, it's always best to verify with the state board that they are currently actively accepting an exam, looking on certain websites can get a little bit confusing and sometimes even inaccurate, having experienced that myself having been contacted by a state board, about one website saying they accept that their board accepted it. But when you go to the Board website, and it doesn't say it there and you verify.

So I think you have to be careful. I think you also have to be sensitive to something we talked about when Mukul was on wishes, there are changes coming, there are states all the time that are voting or preparing to vote or preparing to enact changes to accept different exams and different scores maybe from what they currently accept. And every board has their own process for how that works. So if you're uncertain, I recommend you always look at the board's websites first. If you still think, Hey, I've heard something or seeing something somewhere else, especially if it happens to be an exam website itself, like the PTE or the OET or whatever. Take that website, if you don't see it matching up with the board's information and be like, hey, is this Is this accurate? Who's out of date? Because otherwise, you can you can get set up to have a little bit of a problem.